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7/9/2012 5:26:14 AM

[novel]A New Generation.

So, hello there, I've been wondering whether to post this or not for a while, but since I am in desperate need for reviews and constructive criticism in order to improve my writing, so I decided to post the story I've been working on for...a year? Maybe ten months, not sure. Anyways, this is a story based on a Spartan of my creation whom was part of Alpha Company, it is as close as canon as I can make it so while still allowing me to work...So here we go, hope you enjoy it. [b]CHAPTER ONE: BIRTH OF A NEW BREED[/b] [quote][b]0600 HOURS, DECEMBER 18, 2536 (MILITARY CALENDAR) \ SECTOR K009, ABOARD UNSC HOPEFUL \ MEDICAL BAY[/b] *Beep, beep, beep* that was the only sound that could be heard throughout the room as the more than 300 teenagers laid on individual medical beds. Each single one of them had been accepted into the SPARTAN III program, directed by Colonel James Ackerson of the United Nations Space Command. Not only had they been accepted but also, they had been fortunate enough to all make it during training. It was their chance to take some revenge on the aliens that had ruthlessly taken it all away from them, family, friends, everything. Near the entrance, a tall uniformed man could be seen, he was the one charged with training the next generation of SPARTAN soldiers, being one himself, this man was Lieutenant, Junior Grade Kurt Ambrose, once known as Kurt 051. Kurt had been preoccupied by the wellbeing of his soldiers, no, his family. He had seen them as they grew up and turn from mere kids into efficient soldiers in just six years, it seemed like yesterday he had seen them arrive to Onyx as scared little boys and girls and now they were in the same situation where he had lost most of his brothers and sisters twelve years prior. He was pulled out of his thoughts as one of the boys shifted in his sleep, looking down at the tag besides his bed, it read "Jun A266". All 300 of them were currently sedated; they had to be in order to avoid any complications in the ongoing augmentation process. PROJECT CHRYSANTHEMUM; as it was called, was an improvement upon the SPARTAN II's augmentation procedures that had taken place twelve years before, current technology had advanced and with the improvements, the survival rate would go from forty four percent to a hundred percent. Sighing, the Lieutenant lazily rubbed his temples in a futile attempt at easing his worries, he knew what type of complications could happen; deformed bodies, permanent spasm attacks among other things. He just hoped that his SPARTANS would be strong enough to withstand the chemical cocktails currently being poured into their veins. He shook his head in resignation and turned on his heel, heading towards the door, they still had two days left until the augmentation procedure was over. He stopped just before the door and looked back. "Good luck Spartans." He told them, before leaving the room, letting the medics and machines do their work in peace. [b]1500 HOURS, DECEMBER 20, 2536 (MILITARY CALENDAR) \ SECTOR K009, ABOARD UNSC HOPEFUL \ MEDICAL BAY[/b] Numbness, that's the only thing that Carter could feel as he slowly woke up from his weeklong slumber, he was glad that the pain was over, during seven long days he, alongside the other 299 trainees had been suffering unimaginable pain, it felt like they were breaking their bones and pouring napalm unto their veins, but now it was over. He blinked several times, waiting some moments for his vision to adjust to the lightning before slowly sitting up. He could see the rest of Alpha Company still on their beds, some were stirring, some were still in a deep sleep but they would wake up pretty soon. He continued to inspect his surroundings, spotting several medical cabinets full of medicine and tools, automated robot arms to apply any medicine or drug necessary, doctors in the far end of the room discussing something; apparently oblivious to the fact that he had woken up. He carefully set his feet down on the floor, flinching at how cold it was before groggily standing up, he felt the numbness slowly fading away but now the stiffness of his joints was taking over, protesting about a week without major movement. He began to make his way to the doctors, clumsily falling over on his first step; the loud thump was enough to alarm the medics whom immediately ran over to where he was. "Reaction time has increased too much for you to handle at the moment." One of them said while they helped him up. "You need to rest, the procedure just got over and your body is still adapting to the changes." The second doctor told him, taking a small flashlight and pointing it at his eye. "Pupils are reacting just fine; effects seem to be happening just as expected." He commented, typing it up in a TacPad he had on the pocket of his lab coat. "Subject 259 is reacting well to the chemical solutions; further studies will be needed however." He continued to type before saving the work and returning the gadget to his pocket. "Alright, 259, you should return to your bed and wait for the rest of the subjects to wake up, once that happens, you will all be taken to the mess hall to recover energies." The doctor concluded, adjusting his glasses with one finger. Carter nodded in understanding. "Yes sir, I shall wait for my brothers and sisters then sir!" He said, carefully returning to his bed, barely avoiding falling over in the process.[/quote] To be continued below...
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