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7/7/2012 1:51:37 AM

[Novel]Through thick and thin[Chapter 1]

'We have a new order from the Prophets,' the Jiralhanae captain said to his Unggoy pack rather smugly, looking pleased. 'The elites. We must hunt them down and exterminate them. We, the brutes, now lead the Covenant, and you shall give us your allegiance!' Yayzip felt sick hearing those words. The proud and noble Sangheili, the military leaders of the Covenant, had literally just had a genocidal campaign started against them. Most, if not all Unggoy respected the Sangheili, and most Sangheili treated the Unggoy with far more respect than the Jiralhanae did. The Jiralhanae were brutal and bullying, and loved taking advantage of their physical dominance to torment and intimidate the Unggoy. A number of Unggoy deaths had resulted from this brutal treatment. Covered by the sound of the phantoms engines, murmuring soon spread through the Unggoy pack. Some thought this was the result of the Jiralhanae getting their way. Other thought it was corruption amongst the hierarchs. Yayzip turned to his friend, Weypee, who looked back with a worried and scared expression. Weypee did motions with his hands to tell Yayzip he wanted to go home and not harm anybody. Due to a birth defect, Weypee couldn't speak, and he was also much smaller than the average Unggoy. This hindered him from being able to combat efficiently, and as a result, he had never been promoted from minor. Yayzip replied. "I don't think we'll have a choice. The brutes will tear us apart if we attempt to defect, and if we don't, we'll be forced to battle the elites. Either way, we're in a situation no one wanted but the brutes." he said. Weypee grabbed Yazips arm and held it tightly. He looked up to Yayzip, as he had been promoted to major rank, and through out their lives, Yayzip had stuck by Weypee and supported him. Their phantom passed over the Holy City of High Charity. Down below, Yayzip saw that fighting had already broken out, as plasma bolts, spikes, grenades and fuel rods crossed paths like busy traffic. Up above, banshees and phantoms engaged each other in dogfights. The Jiralhanae captain turned to the Unggoy pack. "Ready your weapons! We're about to land!" he said. With regret, the Unggoy drew their plasma pistols. Yayzip couldn't believe it. They were actually going to do this. To jump out of this phantom and kill Sangheili. That is, if the Sangheili didn't kill them first. The drop ship flew down to the streets, were some fighting had already started. Already present were a Jiralhanae chieftain and a couple of Kig Yar. The bodies of fallen Jiralhane lay in the streets. "Go go go!" the Jiralhanae captain commanded, and he and the Unggoy pack of seven leaped from the drop ship. Yayflip and Weypee were the last to jump out. '[i]I can't do this[/i] thought Yayflip has he prepared to aim his plasma pistol around the corner of the building. Then he looked up at the Jiralhanae, and thought about how much of a favour he would do these bullying, nasty tyrants by doing this. He lowered his plasma pistol. [i]I won't do this[/i]
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