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6/1/2012 2:04:48 PM

NEW Halo 3 easter egg; Rec Room reached! (Unbelievable!)

This one is as hard as heck to get. How did anyone know to do that in the first place? I hope it was not through trial and error. Rec Room | [url][/url] Pretty much, how would one bring this to the attention of Roosterteeth in the hope of them trying to get it themselves? That would be a wonderful sight to see. EDIT: Video changed twice, it is now the original. [quote]Video Description: [u]Published on May 27, 2012 by TenaciousTricking[/u] Well boys and girls, this is it! This is the peak. It is all down hill from here. This trick has been in the making for years now and took a ton of people and way too many hours of dedication to complete! It was completed by Duelies and Sekela from TenaciousTricking and it truly is a work of art. I turned it in to a tutorial so you guys can imagine actually doing it yourself! :D Subscribe to our channel, we have more epic tricks that are coming out soon. EDIT: Well because of all the "drama" surrounding the completion of this glitch, i'm just going to copy and paste a reply from a previous thread by one of our filmers... Physics Remastered is the group responsible for all of these glitch videos that have been posted recently. They have been doing glitches for some time now Carnage A51 was recruited later in the groups life-cycle to film and edit videos Since he was posting a majority of the videos, he was given the password to the Physics remastered youtube account to make posting easier. The password was shared between him and L337 PWN4GE. Carnage then changed the password to the youtube account so that he was the only person that could sign into it. He refused to give it to anyone else. He recently did what everyone feared he would. Him and a few other members got into an argument, and he "Kicked" them out of the group. The problem is that he kicked all of the good glitchers out of the clan including IXI Duelies IXI. One of the last great glitches of Halo 3 was getting into the rec room on the level "Crow's Nest". People were closing in on it but no one was able to complete it. Finally, Duelies and supersekela were able to complete the glitch and (obviously) kept the film. Now came the question of what to do with it. I was sent the film a few days ago and they asked me to make another glitch video (Similar to "The Waterfall"). I am going up to Boston on the 21st, and they said to try and get it in before I left (But there was a chance that I would be able to work on it while in boston and they were fine with it). Other than that, there was no time limit for me to finish the film. It would also be appreciated that you spread this around as much as you can. There are multiple examples and proofs that he stole this. We would like for you to call him out, comment, and dislike the video. We may have our differences, but stealing someones hard work is just not right. Read over these 3 threads and you will understand. [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]. Now obviously me explaining it in the description is not enough. If you have any shadow of a doubt that Tenacious Tricking did not do this, then I highly recomend you read those threads. It explains alot more than I can in 1 description. You can read it yourself and make up your own mind.[/quote] [Edited on 06.01.2012 7:48 AM PDT]
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