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5/21/2012 6:14:35 PM

Science is fake!!!

Science is fake!!! Want prove? Science says that heat rises right? Then why does ice form on the top of water first? And on the same point *if the earth is filled with magma, why is the ground so cold? *Eijsvogel2 Brian OA Well, Science, if we're facing a food crisis on several countries, why can't we bring cheese from the moon? TheHawk62; Since Oil floats on top of water, how come If I fill my shows with oil, and leave small holes at the bottom of my shoe, I don't float? YOU GOT SOME EXPLAININ' TO DO SCIENCE. [i]Matter cannot be created nor destroyed[/i].. Then how did it get here? Asplain that one, [i]science[/i] BitesizeCrayons Why doesn't a cat with some toast taped to it, buttered side up, spin in the air? Neither can do what science says they'll do. A cat must always land on its feet, and toast must always land buttered side up. Science is wrong once more. EnragedAUSTIN11 If matter can neither be crated or destroid than how come someone can just pull a quarter out of my ear. I KNOW I didnt have one in there and the guy said he didnt have one in his hand UNTIL he pulled it out of my ear! EXPLAIN THAT RedXRulez Hey, here's one for you science! [i]If nothing can go faster than the speed of light, how come when I run with a flashlight the light goes as fast as I do?[/i] Rahm Emanuel If gravity exists then explain bubbles. OPs Dad Why can't I put torches (Flashlights) on the back of my car to travel at light speed? sargent shade; How does the moon glow if it doesn't run on electricity or have a power supply? If the earth isn't flat how can I place a marble on the ground and it won't roll? Assassin 11D7; How come when I pee it's yellow? I never drank anything yellow! Since says that plants run on electricity but that's fake we all know that plants run on magic. Captain Richards; If evolution is true how come my testes are located outside my body? bagan bodies 2; If the moon has no gravity, how did people walk on it? HOW DO WE KNOW PEOPLE WALKED ON THE MOON???? RECON828; So, [i]Science,[/i] why is it that glue doesn't stick in the bottle? Don't get comfortable, [i]2nd law of Thermodynamics,[/i] I have a question for you, too. If everything tends towards disorder, why is my room always so tidy? bagan bodies 2; If the Earth isn't the center of the universe, then why does everything revolve around it? Did you know there is no actual proof that there was color before 1910? Before 1910, everything may have been in B&W.( MyNameIsCharlie) Modified Bear; If magic isn't real then how did Harry Potter do all that stuff? If the universe is over 13 billion years old then why is it only 2012?(Modified Bear) If the Earth has a magnetic field, why don't my magnets stick to the ground?(bagan bodies 2) If there's no oxygen in space then how does the sun burn?(Modified Bear) "Gravity' says that what goes up must come down. Well let me tell you a story. Once when I was a child, I had a balloon. One day I accidentally let go of it in a supermarket, and the balloon floated up to the ceiling. I waited in that store for three whole days. The balloon never came down. The balloon never came down.(SonOfTheShire) Another thing. When I put the bag in the "Microwave" it magically fills with popcorn. I can see the bag inside, no one is in there putting the popcorn in. Where does it come from? Answer me THAT science.(Thank you 'My name is Charlie') Hey scientists If Darwin was so smart how come he's dead?(Modified Bear) BIGGEST PROOF TO DATE The amount of water on Earth is 1.386 x 10^21 litres Let's assume that people will only use 2 litres of water per day. This is less than people actually use but we'll just use the optimal drinking volume for simplicity. there are 6 billion people on earth (it's more like 7 billion now but let's be generous to the scientists). This means that we drink 12 billion litres if water per day (12 x 10^9 litres). The bible says that the Earth has only existed for 6000 years. In that time we would only have been able to use 0.0012% of the world's water supply. Compare that to what scientists say - that life has existed for around 3 billion years. This would mean we would have drunk [u]9.5 times the amount of water on the planet![/iu] This is obviously impossible since our oceans are not empty.(Modified Bear) YOUR MOVE SCIENTISTS The truth, it just spoke to you. [Edited on 05.21.2012 6:53 PM PDT]
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