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4/24/2012 11:09:33 AM

dolphins are great! (idk why but this might offend some sort of prude)

>Is it a right to get a sex change, it is also a right to change his species. If I want to operate a fin constructed of cartilage from the elements and yet is a resistance in the water, and skin from my back (if possible), then I'll do it. We believe that people and DHB: ers can live in peace, but we realize that not everyone is as open-minded and that extensive work will be required to speak, reprogram those who are against us. When the Bestiality (-blam!- contact between humans and animals) is allowed, it can be seen as a sign that the Swedish government encourages species to experiment. Some of us want to do this with the dolphins, but the association has no official position on the issue of tidelags be or not be. To molest, or otherwise harm the dolphins, we believe, of course reprehensible. Intersection, by means of genetic engineering, or perhaps in another way, between humans and dolphins, hoping one day lead to a new species, a hybrid between a human and dolphin, sees the light. Until that beautiful day comes, we can only hope to get all the sympathy and encouragement along the way. Artbyte is one step closer to our utopia. Source: (Literal translation by Google Translate) More facts that make dolphins superior to females: -Dolphins are capable of manipulating their -blam!-l muscles to provide maximum pleasure. Women cannot. -Dolphins excrete a substance which allows you to endlessly ejaculate as long as your -blam!- remains in her -blam!-. Women cannot. -Dolphins cannot cheat on you as they do not form lasting, intimate relationships. Women not only can, but enjoy doing so. -Dolphins don't mind you being intimate with another dolphin. A woman will kill you if you're with another woman. -Dolphins don't mind if you ejaculate inside either. She won't force you to pay child support for 18 years like a woman. She can't even get pregnant. -Dolphins won't leave you for another dolphin with more money. Dolphins do not have a standard of currency and aren't consumerists like the majority of women. -If you are a submissive type, dolphins can be aggressive, and far more convincingly aggressive, not like a 140 pound girl who won't scare anyone. -Dolphins do not expect you to spend exorbant amounts of money on them. -Dolphins give it up easily -Dolphins do not demand superior rights to men. -Dolphins do not organize Dolphinwalk -You can ride a dolphin through the ocean -Dolphins, generally, are smarter than women. -Dolphins don't complain about "equal work for equal pay" So tell me Flood: why haven't you turned to dolphin? [Edited on 04.24.2012 3:21 AM PDT]

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