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4/13/2012 5:48:24 PM

Community Joe Interview: Lobster Fish 2

[quote][url=]Lobster Fish 2[/url][/quote] He is an active member in both the public, and private forums. He has been a huge part of the community for quite some time now. You probably know at least some things about him, but there are a lot that are probably still unknown to you. [quote][b]Q: Okay, just to get this interview stated, lets begin with a basic question that will help people get to know you. Who are you, and where are you from?[/b][/quote][b]A:[/b] Some know me as Lobster Fish 2, some know me as Generalocity, and a select few know me as John. All of you willing to read this now know me as John. I am a Freshman in my second semester at Fordham University at Lincoln Center in New York, New York. I commute to school and live in a neighborhood called Rockaway, which is located in Queens, New York. Feel free to find me [url=]here.[/url] [quote][b]Q: That's great. It is always nice to see someone pursuing a college education. You mentioned you go by two aliases, one being your username, and the other being your Gamertag. What is the story behind this? How did each of them originate, and what is the reason for them being different?[/b][/quote][b]A:[/b] It's actually a very complicated and convoluted story, and it all starts with an online jerk. My original account, of which I did not have a set gamertag or "alias," was hacked back in the primitive days of Halo 3 (I was a General). I was unable to get that account back, so I made a new account and chose an Xbox 360 assigned gamertag, Lobster Fish. Like all try-hards (I used to be a try-hard, immature jerk) I was unhappy with the Halo 3 stats I was accumulating on my account Lobster Fish, so I made Lobster Fish 2. That is this account. On a whim, one night in 2009, I decided that Lobster Fish 2 sounded ridiculous and wanted a new gamertag; something I could be known by. If you've been reading this long, PM me the word Turkey and I will be amused as well as surprised. I went with the gamertag Generalocity which is a mixture of the words General and my favorite killstreak medal, Killtrocity. There you go! Generalocity. [quote][b]Q: That is quite an interesting story. You stated that it all started in the early Halo 3 days, so was Halo 3 your first Bungie game that you played, or did your interest in Bungie games start earlier than that?[/b][/quote][b]A:[/b] Halo 3 was the first Bungie game that I played in bunches, and I mean BUNCHES, but it wasn't my first dabble into the Halo franchise. I definitely have to admit I haven't played Mtyh, Pathways Into Darkness, Marathon, or Oni (Don't slap me Ken) but I did play some Halo PC and Halo 2 for Xbox with my friends. Never online with Halo 2, I was more of a sports-game oriented gamer in the early Halo days; lots of baseball, football and basketball games mixed in with some SSB, Legend of Zelda, and Mario. I didn't get online until NBA 2K7 and Halo 3 was the first game I played daily online. Lots of my life for the past ~5 years has been dedicated to Bungie, and I wouldn't be the same today without it all. [quote][b]Q: So you say you like sports games. Do you play any sports in real life? Also, other than video games, do you have any other hobbies that you take part in? [/b][/quote][b]A:[/b] Yes, I have always had a propensity towards sports, and later once I became a gamer, sports video games. I no longer participate in any sports but throughout middle school and up until my Freshman year of High School, I used to play basketball and baseball. I was a very sound baseball player and I certainly do miss playing. Maybe I will be able to find a softball league that I can join up with when I get a little older. I decided to take my life in a different direction though, and now I only play pickup games of basketball and football when I have the time (usually in the Summer). Other than video games, I write a little, nothing too serious just some poems, and I eventually want to start working on a short story. I also collect Pokémon cards and play the Training Card Game, and my collection is quite magnificent, while my playing card decks are lethal (yes, that is a challenge to anyone who plays). That's about it for my hobbies, hope it wasn't too boring! [quote][b]Q: Quite the contrary, it was actually very interesting. On the topic of hobbies and stuff you do on your free time, what is your favorite place on to spend your time, and why?[/b][/quote][b]A:[/b] When I first came to the site it was the Halo 3 forum, then it became the Halo: Reach forum, but now that I have come back from a hiatus that ended around November, I mostly frequent the Community Forum. Big time. That is where anyone, if they care to look, can notice me. I currently have a thread that is and running and pretty active right now about Supporting Bungie's game, Halo, through Emblem Avatars. Overall, I have to say, I love the Community Forum. I visit the Flood semi-frequently and I pop in to the various other forums periodically, but the Community Forum is my public mainstay. I also visit private groups in which I am an active part of. Groups such as Café, Bnet Regulars and We Hate You as well as some groups that I lurk in from time to time. Altogether, my favorite place to spend my time on is in The Community Forum. [quote][b]Q: Where else do you go online other than Are there any other communities that you are a part of?[/b][/quote][b]A:[/b] I would say that a mainstay for me on the internet is easily but I do have other places that I venture to. I have a [url=]Facebook[/url] and a [url=!/Generalocity]Twitter[/url] (Feel free to add me/follow me) but I don't spend a lot of time on these websites. My other mainstay on the interwebz is a nice place called YouTube; I am an avid viewer of many channels. Some of my favorite YouTubers include Wheezy Waiter, Charles & Alli Trippy, Shay Carl, Smosh, Fluffee, RayWilliamJohnson, Freddiw, The Gradual Report, The Philly D Show, The Key of Awesome, and many many others. I won't plug my YouTube because I don't use it to upload anything ;). I also visit sports sites like ESPN, MLB Trade Rumors, and, and Google is always my master. I am a dedicated lover/dweller of the internet and there is no denying that. [quote][b]Q: Okay, in an attempt to bring this interview full circle, lets talk a little more about your college, and work life. What do you plan on majoring in? Where do you one day hope it will take you?[/b][/quote][b]A:[/b] As for work life, it is minimal in the sense that I only work during the Summer because I am a student. Though, this is good practice for what I plan to do in the future. I am planning on declaring my major sometime next semester (First Semester of Sophomore Year for me), and my major will be English. I am looking to take more of a writing-intensive curriculum and go on to graduate school looking for a Master's Degree in Education. Being a teacher and a freelance writer may not be the easiest thing coming out of the gate, but hey, if I'm good at both things who knows where that will lead me? Referring to working in the summertime, I will have to do that as a teacher because I will have summers off, and will need to make some extra cash. In the grand scheme of it at all, I hope to be wealthy enough to sustain a healthy and enjoyable life full of love and happiness. Nevertheless, the future is an enigma and anything can happen. [quote][b]Q: Wow, so you want to be a teacher, as well as a writer, that is great! What persuaded you to want to take this path of life?[/b][/quote][b]A:[/b] Well, I have always been the type of person who is very in-touch with their emotions and the inner-workings of the mind, so I find it very easy to write. I am a sentimental human being, and I value things like love and kindness, and I try to be as intelligent and professional as possible. This professionalism is what led me to the idea of becoming a teacher. I very much enjoy working with people who I can have an influence on. The ability to educate and shape the youth who are going through very impressionable times in their life (whether they know it or not) is something that I hold on to with great value. If I am able to leave some sort of, lasting impression, whether it be profound or minuscule, on every student I am to come into contact with as an educator, then I will be fulfilled. The amalgamation of all these factors is what has brought me to this life path. [quote][b]Q: That is very profound. You truly sound like the kind of person who would be a fantastic teacher. So, this has been a great interview, but I think it is time to wrap it up. Normally, this is where I would ask you if you would like to make any plugs or shutouts, but seeing how you already plugged you Facebook and Twitter, I don't know if you will have any, but please feel free to share if you do. Thank you again for this great interview. [/b][/quote][b]A:[/b] Well, in terms of shout-outs I don't really want to be the guys who shouts out a few members, and leaves a lot of people out, so I am not going to do that. But, I will shout-out one group that I am a part of and that is [url=]Café[/url]. Come on in, enjoy yourselves, sip some joe if you aren't already! Thank you very much for this opportunity and I hope to see you all in the community spreading the love the way you guys do. "A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge" as Thomas Carlyle famously said. Thanks again, and goodnight! :) [quote]Interview by insaneAssass1n9 | [url=]Community Joes[/url] | Reporter Joe[/quote]

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