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2/28/2012 3:25:19 AM

343 Ruined Halo Reach.

The new maps suck, and so do the ones they've edited and so do the gametypes. Armor lock is under-powered, the Magnum is OP, and they've almost ruined Alpha Zombies. Sword Base is a shell of it's former self, and ALL of the maps they've edited, to be frank, are the -blam!-iest things I've ever played on. They are either not able, or not willing to make new FREE maps, are killing the maps that exist, and are slowly killing Halo. Their biggest mistake? Listening to you guys. You don't know anything about game developing, but they chose to listen to you. Big Mistake. The game was FINE, until 343. Alpha zombies was the only thing good added to the game, ever. And everyone online sucks anyways, because everyone that used to post here started playing halo. I play the game for Alpha Zombies and Custom Games. It's very, very sad that this has happened. Expectations are low for Halo 4. Anything else you want to bring on the table? inb410yearoldwantingto1v1me inb4whatsyourK/D inb4reachtards inb4callingmeafloodtard EDIT You idiots have been bumping and arguing in this thread for almost six months. So I'll go ahead and edit the OP with DETAILS It took me less than five minutes to write the OP It's been some time since I originally made the OP And I have come to the following conclusion The Title update sucks :O The maps suck You guys suck 343 sucks And what's left of the Halo Online community sucks :0 The Title update killed Reach. [u] WHY I DO NOT LIKE THE TITLE UPDATE [/u] The hitboxes are stupid The grenades are mini-nukes The DMR is basically a slightly-less powerful sniper rifle Armor lock The maps suck, even if they're not directly linked to the title update It is going to remove several playlists I enjoy (At least I wouldn't have to play those god-awful maps if there was a COMMUNITY playlist) It HAS removed several playlists I enjoyed Pistol is OP Armor lock is HORRIBLY Under-powered The duration of Armor Camo was reduced Shield Bleed through (WTF) Bloom was reduced (DOUBLE WTF. I'm tired of getting spammed by pricks with the DMR) They Removed Sword block. melee beatdowns require 3 full blows Zero Bloom is horrible. It completely throws off the balance of the Halo Reach sandbox. The DMR becomes a full-blown power weapon, and the Needle Rifle is even stronger. Personally, I still find that 85% bloom causes all the same problems as Zero Bloom PLEASE don't talk to me about "REAL Halo" (2001 vet reporting in) Also, if you want to Have Halo Reach be like Combat Evolved or 3.. THEN PLAY MOTHER-blam!- COMBAT EVOLVED OR 3 Because if you -blam!- and moan about Reach, and view Halo 4 as a solution? Then quite frankly, you are stupid. [Edited on 08.11.2012 11:29 AM PDT]
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