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2/8/2012 5:16:35 AM

How do you tell this to your parents? Gifted comprehension

So I am 13 years old and in 8th grade. And I am gifted. For those who know what I am mean, I am seriously gifted to a level. I wrote this because i was mad and the reason is stated. And i believe this is accurate, but if it is not, tell me how it isnt and i will agree or disagree. And also how would i fix it. I dont want to win this fight, i just want to reach a compromise in understanding with my parents. Anyways, this is something I want to tell my parents, but how do I? (Also if your gifted, say) Ok here it goes: Parents were never teenagers 2/7/12 Why the F do my parents care about my room? It's my room, so why do they care? They have never given a care about my room. Dad said in 6th grade to clean my bed and set it every day. And hasnt told me since, even though I never set my bed. Or clean my room for that matter. But all of a sudden, they start caring! Why do you start caring? You yell at me and have done so for the last week because I never set my bed. I NEVER DO IT! Same thing with the floor! What is up with this inconsistency? WHY DO YOU CARE?!?! I also gave my parents a Jazz Band form for shirts and an information packet that is to be turned in tomorrow. I was given the packet a week ago. Then they yell at me for not giving it to them right away, so now I have to pay $20 out of my own money. The truth is, I always do this, because I am forgetful of stuff like this. Stuff like this I always give my parents at the last moment. Want to know why? Because my main-priority of the day is not the fricking sheet of paper! That is the last thing on my mind! I have so many expectations from people everywhere, left and right everyday, that they expect to be fulfilled at the fullest of my ability! I have to worry about friends and a social life, which uses time, something I don't have a lot of, so I am pressured to do a lot such as Airsoft, and book club, and theater, and the park, and video games, and Jazz band, and money, something that I don't have a lot of but I need to save up. I also have grades to worry about! Why do my parents ride me on grades still! They have already instilled the importance of good grades on me in my early years, so why do they care? I have enough incentive to where of I get a 'B', I will fix it ASAP! Expectations are put on from everyone when you are a teenager! I am expected to join clubs, such as Jazz Band and Book club and NJHS! I have grades to worry about everywhere! Science, Math, History, Language, Reading, Tech, P.E.! I have social expectations to live up to! I have to have a girlfriend, I have to have a lot of friends, I have to do a lot of stuff, I have to look well, talk well, walk well, smell good! I have to be able to talk to everybody in the grade, from the bozo's to the populars! I have to give everybody full, undivided attention! I have to Airsoft! I have to go to the park! I have chores to do every day! Clean the litter box, set/clean the table, apparently clean your room and bed, vacuum, put my school stuff away, do homework, check grades. And these are brought up by my parents while I am hanging out with my friends, which, is half-force, half-will! AND MOST OF ALL: I have to excell at EVERY. SINGLE. TASK. Simpily not to be yelled at, ostracized, given more expectations and/or be put down. And what the parents have forgotten is how stressful this is. What it is like to be a teenager. What it's like to have these problems. And I'm sure they have problems such as this too. BUT WHY I AM SO MAD, is that in their decision making about punishment and expectations, they never, NEVER seem to take this into consideration. The problems and expectations. And that's why I am aggravated to such an extent. Carter Goldsworthy I am pretty sure there is stuff I missed. Such as brothers.
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