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2/3/2012 12:45:53 PM

Community Joe Interview - Rokit

[quote][url=]Rokit[/url][/quote] Another Community Joe is here, the second of 2012! Is he a man from japan? Does he work for NASA? Is he man or machine? Do you ponder what Rokit is? Well strap yourself in as we're headin' for the moon! [b]So, just Who are you and what do you do?[/b] My name is Rokit, I'm a 21 year old student at the Institute of Business and Medical Careers and I'm also working for my family owned Heating and Air Conditioning Company. I'm studying for my Business Administration and Accounting Degree where I graduate this October and will be a driving force behind my family company. We're currently based out of Longmont, Colorado; with the five to seven year plan that i've layed out I hope to expand the company into parts of Idaho. [b]Whoa, so are you in charge of your family bussiness now then or is that something you plan to do later?[/b] Definitely something I plan on doing as I don't have the field experience nor the real world business experience I need to take on that large of a task. So I'm getting them done at the same time, I go to school in the mornings to get the business side of experience, then follow it up with working out in the field with my father. So, I'm shooting for my graduation day to say the least ;-) [b]Awhh, I bet its nice to have some 'father - son time'. If I wasn't interviewing you right now what would you be doing?[/b] There's nice, then there's borderline annoying! haha, it's okay though, he's one of the few HVAC Tech's in my area that've past our new field tests for liscensing, so I'm learning from one of the best (and proven!) Hmm, I would probably be playing InFamous on my PS3, I picked it up the other day and I haven't been able to put it down. Something about games and focusing on climbing and parkour.... [b]Parkour is awesome, i've tried it a few times.. and failed! What can you do so far? Gaming on the other hand i'm alright at, speaking of gaming how did you get into that?[/b] Not a damn thing ahaha, I've got the body strength for it, but I'm too much of a wussy when it comes to stuff that could potentially cause bodily harm. God I'm such a nerd >_> As for gaming i'm trying to think back that far haha.... One moment. [b]Thats what old age does to ya ;)..[/b] I know right? Really though, if I could stay 21 for forever, I would. Okay, I know our first gaming system was a Super Nintendo, but I can't for the life of me remember any games on there. So, runner up, would have to be Super Mario 64 on the classic N64. It was rather long and very entertaining, oh and Zelda; damnit, now I'm all nostalgic. [b]Ahah, I never played on the old Nintendo's, I had Sega Megadrives and stuff. What got you from Zelda to Halo?[/b] Halo was one of the few launch games for the original Xbox, being lucky enough to get an xbox Halo was somewhat inevitable. Stayed up all night to beat the story, so it's definitely the story. [b]I remember my brother saving up for his Xbox and the day he bought it, getting it out of the box, it looked awesome. That was the black one, I bet the halo edition was ever better! At this point had you started lurking on[/b] Nope, my Bungie.Net experience didn't start untill the early months of Halo 2's release, that little "Bungie.Net" by the name just kept taunting me and taunting me! [b]Haha, so one day you decided to look at their website, created a profile and to go by the name of 'Rokit'? Wheres that name come from?[/b] To be honest, I still don't understand where it actually comes from as far as meaningful purposes. It originated from my old gamertag M3 Rokit which my father and I created. I, for whatever reason, wanted "Me" in the name and he apparently for the same reason as I, wanted "Rocket" in the name. So I butchered them both, threw them together, and here we are. [b]Why didn't you put 'M3' your bungie account name?[/b] It's a rather extensive story, so I'll just take you back in time on the day that I made [url=]the decision[/url]. I dropped the M3 because it was already in use, and most people just called me Rokit anyway. [b]Ah, sounds logical. So what other websites do you visit in your free time?[/u][/b] Do you want me to be honest? None. Sad right? Bungie.Net is the only one I frequently visit, any other website I just drop by while doing research ( is a given and has been excluded). [b]Thats not sad, I don't really visit any other websites either! It's now 1AM in the UK and 6PM in the US and I feel hungry, whats your favorite snack?[/b] Beef Jerky, Bison Jerky, Turkey Jerky, Twizzlers, Fruit; you know, the good old five majore food groups. [b]Ahaha, jerky 'nd fruit eh. Is there anything you feel like you should tell us whilst you have the oppurtunity?[/b] Thanks for taking the time to interview me and.. uhm.. yea.. [b]Well, thanks for the awesome interview, is there anyone you want 'shout out'?[/b] Everyone? I don't like excluding people but I also don't like not remembering some people. So yea, you go peeps! Next Community Joe: 17th of Febuary 2012 [quote]Interview by Arbitor 5 | [url=]Community Joes[/url] | Co-Joe[/quote] [Edited on 02.03.2012 4:57 AM PST]

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