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8/23/2006 4:18:29 PM

The Flood 2!

[b]The Coronation.[/b] “And I swear to lead this great Nation with honour, and bravery! I will fight the pall oppression [i]The Ninjas[/i] have brought unto us all! The Republic Of Flood land will be a Free Nation!” Cortana5 finished. A Royal servant lowered the crown onto her head, and an explosion of cheering erupted from the crowd. Pieces of Confetti tumbled down from the clear, blue sky, and Church Bells rang. Cortana gave a bow in her purple, flowing dress to her adoring people. “I’m Pika Ownage, reporting live from this joyous occasion. Cortana 5 has just now been crowned Queen of The Republic. People are cheering everywhere, safe in the knowledge Cortana will protect them from the tyrants that are [i]The Forum Ninjas[/i].” As Pika Ownage mentioned [i]The Ninjas[/i], a crash of thunder sounded across the land. “But that’s all from me, however, we’ll keep bringing Live updates to you soon. Back to JAVA at the studio.” Pika finished, and the screen switched to a rather disturbing man in pink. “And now for some news on Colonel Corbec’s [i]fabulous[/i] new story, Spartan 3-” He slammed his fist into the hard, mahogany table and closed down the Wide Screen he and the others had been watching. They sat around a semi circle, mahogany table that looked in on a Wide Screen TV. But for overhead lights, the room was as black as their uniforms. “This woman is a threat.” He said. “Agreed.” Said another, the hard glare of the lights glinting off his bald head. “What do we do?” Asked a burning man, seemingly undisturbed by the flames that consumed him. “Do we finish her ourselves?” Asked another. “No. To do so would have these idiots stand up in anger to us. If we killed her, then there would be a rebellion. We don’t need that right now.” Said another one. “Then we have a Private Party to kill her.” Said the first, he pressed some buttons on his remote. The screen flashed into life, and cycled through some images until it reached one of a man with the markings of a Colonel on his shoulder boards. “You called?” Said The Colonel. “We would like to make an order. Cortana5 is endangering our stability. Kill her, but do it fast. The longer she stays in the throne, the worse it will be. We know you hold no love for The Republic.” The first speaker explained. “Go on.” “Cortana will be at a wedding tomorrow, one between GezaB and OC Girl. That will be your opportunity to strike.” “I will be well paid, yes?” “Yes you will.” “Good, have the money transferred to my overseas account. And as usual, no-one finds about this, correct?” “Correct.” “Have the Intel sent over to me and I’ll see what can be done.” The Colonel said, signing off. “We should send in another in case he fails.” Said the bald one. “Alright then.” Said the first, and they cycled through images until they reached someone who blazed with flames and looked like a shark. “Pyroshark, we would like to make an order…” [Edited on 8/23/2006]

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