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12/15/2011 9:16:06 AM

Halo 3: ODST: A new way to play

Hello there fellow ODST's! As we all know, Halo 3: ODST's campaign is awesome, but many consider it too easy. Well, I have some awesome new ways for you to play it! [b]Mombasa Streets: Legendary, No VISR[/b] This is one of my favorite challenges as it not only tests your skills, but it brings in a feeling of stealth associated with ODST's. New Mombasa comes alive with no VISR; the lights you see on buildings really stand out, and the Brutes look awesome. Be warned though; if your not stealthy you will be ripped to shreds. This is a very fun way to play. [quote][b]Use only the ODST Weapons[/b][/quote] A simple but fun way to play, try and beat Mombasa Streets with only the Silenced SMG and Silenced Magnum. This will add a feeling of stealth again. This makes you work out better tactics and makes use of every piece ofthe enviroment (i.e Cover) for you to use. [quote][b]Play throughout the game on Heroic without losing once[/b][/quote] A devious challenge which requires a skilled hand and a fair bit of experience to even [i]attempt[/i]. All you Greenhorns who wanted to battle [i]real[/i] Covenant, this is your chance. [quote][i]Submitted by Treasure Island[/i][/quote] [quote][b]SLASO, No VISR, without deaths[/b][/quote] A difficult challenge for even veteran Halo players. If you've beaten Halo 2 on Legendary, try this challenge for the next level of gameplay.[/b] [quote][i]Submitted by HoleyMoley[/i][/quote] [quote][b]Play without the right thumbstick on Default[/b][/quote] Difficult. Very difficult. Even on Easy. Face it, you've already given up. [quote][i]Submitted by Insane Monx[/i][/quote] [quote][b]Trapping the enemy[/b][/quote] A fun way to play, the goal is to set traps (Such as moving Plasma Batteries) into specific areas on Mombasa Streets (Legendary) without being detetcted. You must kill enemy patrols without being detected using these traps. Examples of traps would be the Ghosts lying around (As they havn't exploded) or the Covenant Pylons (They create a small explosion when destroyed). You can even shoot at grenades lying around. [quote][i]Submitted by CTN 0452 9[/i][/quote] [b]Lost[/b] The Goal: Get around Mombasa Streets without using a map. An insanely hard challenge for he beginner, this challenge requires a great memory and a fair portion of luck. While you're at it, why not try and find all the Audio Logs? [quote][i]Submitted by Omega2293[/i][/quote] [b]Fist Fight[/b] Fists only. You can use the end of your weapon, but that's about it. Normal or Heroic. [quote][i]Submitted by SteroidKloud[/i][/quote] [b]Be the Rookie[/b] Set difficulty to Heroic. Play through the entire game as if you are actually the Rookie, meaning no deaths, at all. If you die, start over from square 1. Primary objectives and secondary objectives must be completed; That means main story events and you have to collect all the intel. Tertiary objectives include helping save as many AI police/marines as you can. You may only use Human weapons and vehicles, unless Covie vehicles are mission-critical(see:Phantom Escort Chapter). Feet first into hell. [quote][i]Submitted by Cpl Shepard[/i][/quote] [b]Assassinate[/b] Anyways, I'm here to introduce my brand of gameplay. In CE, I would methodically exterminate or assassinate every Elite I could get to (notable examples: SC, AotCR, TB), whether it was by stealth or by devilish manipulation. Ever since H2, assassinations are just too easy because you can just go around them when they melee or do that reverse melee. So here's the challenge. Should be done on at least Normal due to the way things are and how a Brute's melee can push you back some distance: Assassinate every Brute, preferably giving them a whack in the back of the head instead of the back for good measure. You must take out the last remaining Brute in an area by crouch jumping over him when he melees and assassinating him. For hammer Chieftains, engage them normally but if he activates his Invincibility, avoid him until it wears off. Then get him to do his leap melee and time it so that you jump off his head like [url=]this[/url] (I'm not sure if this works in ODST). Then you can kill him in any way you want. For best results, try to assassinate him subsequently, like [url=]this[/url]. Complete this challenge and you'll be a certified plumber. :3 [quote][i]Submitted by Sliding Ghost[/i][/quote] [b]Nega-Switcheroo[/b] Heroic, no switching weapons. That includes picking new weapons off the ground. Also Steroid, join ODST City again. That's about all I have but if you have some you want to share post below and they will go up! Thanks guys! [Edited on 05.18.2012 8:27 PM PDT]
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