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12/7/2011 4:45:56 PM

The cure for hunger.

Hunger is a physical plague that affects millions of human beings every year. Unfortunately the most effective way of combating this problem has been hotly disputed by supporters of "animal rights", The united states fish and game administration, and just about every other group on the planet. The answer to the problem is to allow the hunting and killing of any animal, and the encouragement of needed animal killing. As international law stands, there are species of animals protected from hunting for their pelts and meat. This is apparently because Most of these protected animals are either nearly completely extinct, or in danger of becoming so. This proposal to allow the killing of said animals regardless of population status would allow us to have a quick source of food and sport in the form of the "barbeque of epicness" and "hunt to end all hunts". Thus, it is imperative that we either kill every animal on the planet except ourselves, or kill every animal on the planet except ourselves and save those we deem tasty for its own food industry. Some groups are taken aback by this proposition, stating that animals actually have rights. The worst of them are the so-called official Game and fish commission. They imply that all animals have a few basic rights, or that killing all the animals will ruin the environment. Even worse than the Game and fish commission, hippies, Say that we should respect nature. They imply that nature is a good thing, regardless of its obvious hatred for mankind in the form of hurricanes, tornados, and the occasional wind blown cow fart. If this is the nature we should respect, then the hippies can softly lick the bottom of my shoe. Think about it, Without those pesky animals, we will no longer have anything to worry about attacking us. Animals kill more humans than any source to ever come in contact with man. Some will present so-called facts that humans kill more humans than animals, but these facts are actually utter hogwash. Any animals not dealt with by the "Hunt to end all hunts" and subsequently grilled in the Barbeque of Epicness should be allowed to be hunted down in either the most heroic or hilarious of ways. Like killing a water buffalo with a vuvuzela. On a side note, industry will flourish under the new lack of animals. Without animals, they will no longer have to worry about so-called Environmental protection and get back to work, as well as no longer having anything to compare human "suffering" at the hands of "unsafe" materials too. Yet again, animal rights activists and various animal-focused government organizations maintain the thought that animals still have a few rights that should not be infringed. This ancient way of thinking should be removed. It weakens the accomplishments of humanity over the slain bodies of billions of animals, and forces those without food to simply die of hunger. Those who agree with this thought have obviously never been hunting, or eaten meat for that matter. Perhaps if this strategy is seen for the genius it is, then it will be adopted and the world may flourish because of it. Maybe if we are becoming desperate and the original plan fails, We could be able to enact a second plan. Under this second plan humanity will be allowed another previously illegal food choice. Long pork, A.K.A human meat. With new international laws allowing the hunting and cooking of human flesh, the world population will both receive an excellent source of food, and a well needed culling of number. Plus, the drug corporation society could benefit by the sale of anti-rickets medication. There could even have safaris into small towns and third world villages for hunting and picking out the most succulent humans available. Even the kids can get involved when the humans are either beaten half to death, or both of their legs are broken. This will help tomorrow's children learn both how to properly maintain their weapons for the upcoming zombie apocalypse, as well as give them a nice confidence boost and hearty meal. In the end, we can only hope to combat the plague of hunger. It does not matter what strategy is used, we cannot rid ourselves of this very real problem. All we can simply do is to fight it any way we can, and hope that we manage to put a dent in it. We must not suffer the illogic and reasonless plight of those who would see us hungry. They do not deserve to be heard if that is their prerogative thinking. Agree on the killing of all the things, because that is our ticket to prosperity. [Edited on 12.07.2011 8:46 AM PST]
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