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11/30/2011 8:51:41 PM

The forums need more Dragons.

Why this hasn't been done yet is beyond me... Really, when you think about it, it is merely a fact of simple science. Everything is better with Dragons. Let me explain: [b]Navigation:[/b] Instead of clicking links and opening threads, you mount said Dragon and fly to the topic of your choice. That is assuming the Dragon does not incinerate you. [b]Locked Threads:[/b] Instead of locking threads, they can burn them. [b]Banning:[/b] Instead of banning people, they can eat them. Well alright, I suppose if it is a short ban the offender will simply be forced into the Dragons mouth, whereby the Dragon will close its jaw, shake the offender violently back and forth, suddenly releasing the individual from it's grip and sending said offender flying through the air. Now for taming... Of course, the Dragons may step out of line from time to time, and so I think it is only appropriate that certain members be given the ability to "Shout" at these creatures. Each "Shout" will be a series of three spoken words, that when screamed will cause the Dragon to become calm or to submit. And in case you're wondering, there will be time to expand on what sort of "Shouts" could be further utilized down the road for different purposes. After all, safety is a priority. DeeJ and Urk will become Dragon whisperers to ensure that, for the most part (minus the odd slip-up) the Dragons obey the orders of each member, to make visiting this site and navigating, a smooth, seamless, and easy task. But like I said, Dragons are... well, temperamental. So, we'll need protection if we want to add this amazing feature to the site. So I've done some serious brainstorming on how each member will interact with the Dragons based off of the ever important title system... [b]New members:[/b] They need to be protected. They're new, scared, cold and uncertain about how to navigate around the site and how to interact with this ferocious yet cuddly creatures. So they will be given a stick. [b]Heroic members:[/b] They are Heroes, heroes fight with their minds and bodies, no sticks. Their sticks will be taken away. [b]Legendary members:[/b] People of Legends, or "Legendary" members need to be full fitted with armor carved from the flesh and bone of Dragons that tire and or die over time. They will also be given the best sword in the Universe. Or a lightsaber. [b]Mythic members:[/b] They'll have some sort of magical powers to fend off an riled up Dragons... I'm really not to concerned about that. Moving on... I think it's important that the site also be spiced up by way of news stories. Sure DeeJ is here and he's doing a fine job keeping up with the Community and its people, but we've been extremely dry on the news front the past several months and so I've volunteered one of our older more wise and well-spoken Dragons to provide us with some exciting and fresh news stories to keep us excited and entertained. Here is what he had to say upon being given this position: [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] Dragon ROAR. GIVE ME VILLAGE PEOPLE TO EAT. [/quote] You'd be amazed at how many computers we went through to have him successfully type that without crushing it. So, once again... I've done my best to contribute an exhilarating and fresh take on what could be added to the site in terms of features. I will take no questions, further ideas or alterations to ideas. If you attempt this, I will click the "Unleash Dragons" button. You've been warned. [Edited on 11.30.2011 3:01 PM PST]

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