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8/11/2006 10:08:34 PM

The Flood Cookbook!

We all like to eat. We all like to invent and experiment with recipies. Share your own creations, or those you really enjoy, here. [b]Romatic Hot Cocoa[/b] - An easy way to impress a date with mad cooking skillz [i]From the Hershey's cookbook (some of it, at least)[/i] This'll make enough for medium portions for two people. Mix up: 3 tablespoons of sugar (granulated) 2 tablespoons cocoa a dash of salt (it brings out the sweetness of sweet things) in a medium sauce pan After you get that mixed up a bit, grab 1/4 cup of HOT water and throw that in there. The hot water will help dissolve everything together faster than cold water. Right after you put the water in there (you don't have to stir it up first), put it on the stove on medium to medium-high heat. Bring that to a boil, and boil for 2 minutes, stirring constantly. I reccomend using a wisk, but whatever you have is cool. The boiling blends everything together and makes it taste awesome. After the 2 minutes of boiling, get 1 1/2 cups of milk, 2% or higher is best. Throw that in the pot with the other stuff. Start heating it all up again (the milk will cool it off), but [b]do not boil[/b]. Boiling is not milk's friend. After you add the milk, or while the hot cocoa is heating up, add some vanilla extract. Add, maybe a half or quarter tablespoon. It's for taste, and it wasn't in the original recipe, and I don't measure, so go with what tastes good. Make sure to add the vanilla after the boiling, or it will evaporate. Beating the mixure with your wisk (or ever rotary beaters, if you like) during the final heating process wouldn't hurt. If you beat it a great deal just before you put it in the mugs, it gives it a pretty foamy look. After you get it in the mugs, have a ball. You could put some mini marshmellows in there, big marshmellows, marshmellow whip, maybe, to be romantic, some cinnimon sticks. Okay, time for the optional spices. This recipe is very flexible. Add any of the following things in with the sugar/cocoa/salt at the begining. Some tasty things to just mix it up [u]Cinnimon[/u] - Gives it a nice spice, good aroma. Goes with whatever [u]Nutmeg[/u] - Pretty much the same as cinnimon. It can go with cinnimon [u]Cloves[/u] - Pretty much the same as the other two. It can go with the other two. [u]Cheyenne[/u] - Makes it spicy (like, hot spicy, not the festive sort), brings out the chocolate flavor. Use a VERY small amount. Like, a quater of a small pinch, and that even gives it some spicy flavor. It's for the daring. use by itself, though maybe with Cinnimon. [u]Almond extract[/u] - Gives it an intesting flavor. Use if you like Almond extract. I like it myself. It could probably go with the first three, but I believe is it best enjoyed alone. Anyways, have fun with it.
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