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10/20/2011 8:22:35 PM

panzie saves the flood pt-25(John Cena)

[url=]Previous chapters[/url] Gamerz kicked a small stone into the abyss below. The rock fell, hitting a jutting outcrop before being flung into the raging waves crashing into the Cliffside. She pulled her binoculars from her small tan satchel and searched the opposite side of this new ocean. After scanning the landmass for a few seconds, she caught a glimpse of what she was expecting. Far across the rabid sea the rest of the mountain path was hewn out of the mountains facing them. She stuffed the binoculars into her pack and turned to mister math. "Do you know what is going on?" Mister math shrugged. "I wish I knew, this path is an old one. It's as if the land justdisappeared" Gamerz pulled the binoculars back out of her pack. "Actually, it's more like it was pulled apart." Math seemed to be confused, so Gamerz handed him the binoculars. She pointed him to the small cutaway in the mountains on the other side of the gap. After viewing it for several seconds, he lowered the noculars. "I have to go." Gamerz watched him go hurriedly jog to Garland's truck far toward the rear of the convoy. She turned and inspected the edge of the cliff. She picked up a small granule of dirt and crushed it between her fingers. She watched grains fall through her fingers and onto her dark black biker gloves. A scuff of dirt announced her protégé Erunner kneeling beside her. "How do you think it happened boss?" Gamerz turned to erruner with a partially apprehensive face. Erunner was still a young man, with a bit of life still left in his dull eyes. Some would call the short, light skinned, dark brown haired floodian ugly, but the guy more than made up for it with a bit of a sunny personalityand a pretty good shotgun arm. If she were younger, wellShe turned her attention back to the ocean ahead. The sun had just risen over the mountainside and was casting a red glow over the crashing waves below. A strong gust of wind whipped her hair back. "I can't say for sure, it's as if the land itself just ripped apart. I'm no geologist, but I wager this has never happened before." Erunner grunted. "Maybe it was the earthquake." Gamerz nodded, it seemed to make sense. She stood and stared at the crashing and dancing ocean below. Another wet, salty wind blew into the crowd of viewing floodians. "I need a cigarette." Gamerz and Erunner returned to their truck to await further orders. Several hours later, The radio squaked out orders to turn around and head the opposite direction. They would be using the northern path, the one they had passed the night before. Gamerz swore she Could hear the collective groan that passed through the convoy. Erunner seemed surprisingly cheerful at the news. "At least we finnaly get to leave." He seemed to be a tad cheerful. Gamerz frowned. "Why in raptor's name would you want to go up there?" Erunner furrowed his thin brows. "What do you mean?" Gamerz sighed. "you'll figure it out." Erunner grunted an acknowledgement. He knew when "the boss" was done talking. She chuckled to herself and punched the accelerator when the truck in front began moving. The trip felt even longer than before, but they eventually made it to the midday sun drenched crater they had spent the night before. The northern path was just as unassuming as it had been earlier. The line of trucks roared up the path like a gigantic snake. This path was rockier, and tilted the trucks back and forth with every bump. It was also thinner, and the rocks eventually formed into a grey slate of near-tumbling rocks as apposed to the blacker ones further south. The weather was also getting even more frigid than the land before. As rough as the road was, the trucks made it through well enough, although a few reports of trucks breaking down along the way persisted. Fortunately, they were repaired easily, or simply abandoned. The road did eventually become smoother as they rose into the highest reaches of the mountains, a touch of snow covered the ground in a thin blanket that gave way to an almost choking deep wall.. The trucks still pushed onward at a snails pace. Gamerz slumped forward slowly as she fought off the incoming cloud of sleep. Night was beginning to fall, but she knew very well why they weren't going to stop. She shook herself back awake. Erunner was slumped against the side window, when a sudden smash sent his head into the dash. Gamerz jumped from the truck with a pistol gripped in her hand. The screams of several floodians carried over the hills as rocks tumbled into the center of the line of trucks. Shots rang out as a large group of green, armored warriors charged down with wicked, dark steel swords. Erunner kicked open the door to the truck and brandished his auto-shotgun. But as his armored boots hit the icy ground, he realized just how hard his head hit the dash and he fell in a slump with the world spinning. Gamerz charged a pair of the green-clad warriors and stabbed one in the chest with her mini spear. Blood sprayed from the wound, but he inched his green face toward her and roared. He was extremely masculine, with miniature tusks poking from the corners of his mouth like a pig. He ripped the spear from his chest and swung his large black saber at her. Her shock was short lived as she ducked under the slash, then stabbed the spear upward through the base of his jaw, cutting through the bottom of his skull. She yanked the spear out and let the nearly seven foot wall of muscle drop to her feet. The second one grabbed her from behind and began to squeeze, but a loud bang and a scream later and it fell to the ground dead. Far behind her, erunner slumped against the tire of the truck with a smoking shotgun in his hands. His head was bleeding profusely. "boss, I think we've got trolls." The legion of trolls were pummeling the flood soldiers with rocks. Fortunately, several blue clad warriors were fighting their way up the sides of the mountains. Panzie's soldiers, erosians. She had heard they were great at mountain warfare. Panzie was heading the charge upward. Unfortunately for her, the troll forces were still charging down the mountainside at her. Several floodian soldiers were beside her, and erunner had found his feet. He was busy fighting a pair of trolls. A very small troll, swung at her, and she retaliated with a strong shunt kick. The troll retreated a few steps and gamers jammed her spear between its ugly yellow teeth. The troll spewed a spray of blood and fell into the crimson snow at it's feet. A last troll kicked several flood soldiers away, but one, a woman named sapphire, stabbed her shorts sword through it's throat from behind. Blood blossomed from the blade and the creature fell. Several more trolls charged down in a kind of phalanx, with eyes ready to rend the small group of floodians to bits. A loud horn echoed through the mountain path and the trolls slowly stopped charging, then turned and ran back up the hill. Gamerz searched the area until she saw that the group of eros soldiers had made it to the top of the path's side and through a cave. She grabbed Erunner and sapphire, then proceeded to the entrance to the cave. Outside of the cave Panzie held a troll still. He was several feet taller than the armored terrorist. The troll was speaking to a very pissed off harlow. "Umad harlow?" Harlow growled as gamerz and erunner sidled nearby him, ready to charge in should the need arise. "John cena I presume? Still up to your ways I see." The troll smiled a very toothy grin. "You know you love me, why don't you just let me go and I'll get you some candy." Several trolls were beginning to exit the entrance of the cave. Harlow ignored them and pulled out a knife. The troll laughed. "aww, I thought we were having fun, why would you kill me mr harlow, I only want a hug." The troll would have been convincing if he weren't hiding a chuckle. "no, john cena." Harlow hid his knife and extended his hand. "I'm here to ask for your help." The troll seemed to be legitimately stunned. A smile crossed his face and a laugh echoed from deep within his ogre like body. He extended his hand and shoot harlow's. "I have just been trolled."
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