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These little entries are meant to be read as audio diary's. Please be civil with you comments, no need to be mean. I will add more to it when I can. [b]__________________[/b] [b][u]1: Kaitlyn Dougluss. DATE: July 4, 2025.[/u][/b] Our little underground shelter is growing smaller by the day now. My father and I have spent over 6 years down here, our food is nearly gone, the air is growing stale. When we first came down here, it was an old fallout shelter during the Cold War. Now it is our hideout from the invaders. Nobody really knew how it happened, but one day people just started; changing. My dad tells me that it was an unknown gene inside of us. Like a time bomb, it just counted down until it's time to strike. Everything about them, and the way they looked changed. Like some sort of rapid mutation, I don't know how to describe it all. I have never seen one before. "Kaitlyn! Where are you?" I'm in my room dad! I'll be out in a minute! I will explain more next time, bye for now. [b][u]2: Kaitlyn Dougluss. DATE: July 5, 2025.[/u][/b] From what dad tells me, and from what I read in the old papers. All across the world, people fainted all at once, and then violently thrashed around. Some of them died on the spot, but the others mutated. Once picture showed one of them; it's skin was scaly like a fish, and it lurked around like towering man with giant muscles. Within 2 days they whipped out what was left of humanity. They were the ones who obviously did not have that gene. My father, and myself included are the last ones alive that we know of. I have not seen the sun in years. We both have no idea what is happening above us. I'm not sure that I even want to. We are down to our last box of rations. We are going to have to go out there eventually Maybe we can prevent that as long as we can! But it will happen eventually. [b][u]3: Kaitlyn Dougluss. DATE: July 8, 2025.[/u][/b] Something is out there! An air pipe started shaking in our kitchen, we pressed out ears to it and we heard something scratching around. Like somebody, or something was digging. My dad grabbed his old rifle and has been watching the main hatch for hours now We only have 2 bullets left, I hope that he does not have to use them. Sometimes I see him hold them in front of his face. Just staring at them, I heard him say once, "Can you do it? When the time comes?" [b][u]4: Kaitlyn Dougluss. DATE: July 10, 2025.[/u][/b] It's still out there! The digging sounds are ringing through the shelter like an annoying bell. It's driving me mad!!! Will it just stop! Dad is trying to make a periscope out of our bathroom mirror and some old pipes. Hopefully he can see what it is that's out there. In a way, I am glad the mirror is gone. When ever I look into it, I don't even recognize myself. My hair is falling out, my face is grimy with dirt, and my nails are rotting into nothing. I'm dying. But this is sooner than I have hopped. [b][u]5: Kaitlyn Dougluss. DATE: July 11, 2025.[/b][/u] He finished it! I cut out the bottom of another air pipe so we can stick the periscope through it... I can still hear the scratching above me. Reminding me that something is there. But, when we finally got it through and looked. We saw nothing. Nothing at all! Just dust and darkness. How can these sounds continue, and yet we saw nothing! Am I loosing my mind? [b][u]6: Kaitlyn Dougluss. DATE: July 12, 2025.[/u][/b] We caught a rat today! It was hiding in our sewage tank this whole time; normally I would never admit this. But we ate it; roasted his tiny, hairy corpse on an open flame. It was the first real meat that we have eaten in a long time! Everything else was just processed, and fake. To get rid of the fowl smell, we drowned it in a bowl of bean sauce. Did not get my mind off of the fact that it was still a rat, but it helped me with the taste. Shortly after we finished eating, my father looked through the periscope again. Once again, we saw nothing. I have been trying to tell myself, that it was nothing. Your mind is playing games with you! How so, if my father heard it too? [b][u]7: Kaitlyn Dougluss. DATE: July 13, 2025.[/u][/b] Something is wrong with dad! He woke up last night screaming and throwing himself around in his room! He is in there still, but he seems to have settled down. I don't want to go over there, what if he is dead? What if He changed? I'm going! I have to see for myself, I will leave this thing recording. Dad!? Are you ok? *knocks on door* Dad, answer me! "Kaitlyn! Don't come in here, stay back! Don't come any closer!" Jesus Dad, just tell me what's wrong!... Dad?... DAD!!! [B][U]8: Kaitlyn Dougluss. DATE: July 14, 2025.[/u][/b] Dad is gone. Not gone as in left me; gone as in he has changed! He is locked in his room, and a barricaded with everything I could find... How could this have happened? He has gone on for years, and now he changes? I.. I thought he was immune like me! I need to get out of here. The sounds of him screaming and banging around in there are too much. That's my father!.. He's gone, there's nothing here for me now. [u][b]9: Kaitlyn Dougluss. DATE: July 15, 2025.[/u][/b] My world is gone, absolutely nothing remains. What was once grassy plains, is now a vast desert, the trees have all fallen and rotten away. The sky is cloudless and the Sun beats down on the Earth like an oven. Not one drop of water remains on the surface; maybe it is all underground or it just dried away. After walking for several miles, I came into what was once Beaumont, Texas. All around me where desolate buildings, gas stations, and an old movie theater I remember the last time we went to there as a family; when I was little we saw the last Harry Potter. I did not understand it then; but now I think I do. Right now I am taking shelter inside of the theater. I actually found a little food; scattered popcorn seeds, and a box of Milk Duds. When I first walked in, I saw somebody's body bent over the snack counter. His clothes were still one him along with his nametag. It said; Seth. I don't know how Seth died, who he was, or who he was with. All that I do know is that he died in his workplace. [u][b]10: Kaitlyn Dougluss. DATE: July 15, 2025.[/u][/b] Something is out there! When the sun went down; I heard the scratching and digging again. It kept coming closer and closer; a rat ran by me and into the darkness in front of me. I then heard it squeal like it was in pain. Then I shined my light on where it came from, and there it was. The rat was ripped in two and each half appeared to have bite marks in it. Every light that I have is on and laying all around me. I hope they don't go out! [u][b]11: Kaitlyn Dougluss. DATE: July 16, 2025.[/u][/b] It's finally day break! I did not even sleep last night. Just to be sure that the lights did not go out. What ever is out there, it seems to only hunt in total darkness. I cant stay here, I have to find someplace else; to get away from this monster. I wish Dad was here! He would know what to do.. I miss him so much already! I'm alone, nobody to care for. Nobody to satisfy, nobody to keep going. [b][u]12: Kaitlyn Dougluss. DATE: July 17, 2025.[/u][/b] Well, I didn't get as far as I had hoped to. I am now inside and old hotel. I ran up the stairs and broke into a room, the bed is still there! Not rotted, not covered in ash or anything... It's as if this whole room was never even touched. I lay it like it was the most wonderful thing I have ever felt. Only to discover that this place has running water! That feeling of warm water splashing against my skin felt like magic. The feeling of real soap, and shampoo and all of the grime and dirt running off of my body, almost surreal. [u][b]13: Kaitlyn Dougluss. DATE: July 18, 2025.[/b][/u] I slept like I have never slept before! The softness of the pillows, the warmth and softness of the sheets all reminded me of a world that existed long ago. I think I will stay here another night, I feel pretty safe! Early this morning I had a look around and found more food! All cans; peaches, yams, spam, beans. If there still is a God, then he is smiling at me. For once in a very long time, I feel.. Normal. [b][u]14: Kaitlyn Dougluss. DATE: July 19, 2025.[/u][/b] It's back! The scratching at my door has been going on all night! Every light that is left, I have on and circled around me. I can feel is crawling around me now; like it's watching me. What is this thing! I'm here alone, why doesn't it just take me? [b][u]15: Kaitlyn Dougluss. DATE: July 19, 2025.[/u][/b] It just knocked out some of the lights! I.. I dont know what it was, but it had no body. It was like a shadow just suffed the lights and took them away... Calm down Kaitlyn, there is no such thing as a shadow monster! Your mind.. Is just loopy right now. Just lay down, and go to sleep. Ok, ok. It's nothing! It's all in my head. *echoing moans* AHHH, ITS NOTHING! ITS ALL JUST A DREAM!!!! SOMEBODY PLEASE WAKE ME UP! PLEASE!!! [b][u]16: Kaitlyn Dougluss. DATE: July 20, 2025.[/u][/b] I'm ready for it this time. I found some old candles in an old house, a working spotlight, and torch. If this thing wants me, it will have to fight for me first. I felt it touch me last night. It felt like sharp blades peircing me skin every time it made contact. When I looked to see what was touching me, nothing was there. I still felt it crawling up my legs, and drawing blood from them. The scratch marks still burn. Blood rushes from them when ever I dont put pressure on it. I'm going to loose a lot of blood soon, maybe die from it... It seems that I have a choice; die from the monster, or die of blood loss. Not the way that I thought of going out, but its better than being eaten! [Edited on 07.26.2011 2:46 PM PDT]
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