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Surf a Flood of random discussion.
7/12/2011 9:14:31 PM

A short story...

Lost in the wilderness One time in my early childhood, I was walking through a forest with my parents. While walking down a narrow dirt track covered on all sides by thick foliage, I found a small lighter on the floor. As I was a child I didn't completely understand what it was, I was of a very early age, and when I picked it up and pushed on the gas-button my father quickly took it away from me. Telling me that I shouldn't play with things I didn't understand. He put the lighter in his pocket though, and I did not see it again for years. It was alothough very recently, when my father died, that I saw this lighter again, amongst other random items in a box under his bed, the box was the only one that looked recently opened, as it had a hand-print amongst the dust on the lid. It seemed to be filled with items that you might pick up off the floor, there was a bent 2 penny coin, a unwound key-chain, a length of chain that must have been a necklace and the lighter. I had never seen any of the other items before but this lighter was a fond memory of the time I went on a trip with him. I thought to myself that this lighter could be a keepsake, to help me with the passing of my father and took it with me when I left the family house. Now I am ashamed to admit it, but soon after he died I started smoking, and used the lighter when I was out. Now, I am always very careful with my lighter as it is all I have left of my dad now, but once while I was out one of my friends asked to borrow a lighter to smoke his ciggarette. I willingly gave him mine, but while he was using it he burnt his hand, not badly but with a notceable mark on the joint of his left index finger. The next time I met him, his finger was all swolen as though infected, it looked very bad so I told him to get it checked out by a doctor. He did and they said it was a benine mark, nothing to worry about as it would heal with a almost unnoticeable scar. Unfortunatly my friend died within about a week of getting the burn, from a car-crash. I wasn't there when it happened but apparently he was walking along the pavement when a car went out of control at a red-light and skidded onto the walkway. He was crushed between the car and the wall. I didn't make the connection with the burn and the death back then but, recently I was having a ciggarette outside my work during break, when I dropped the lighter on the floor and it smashed leaving a flaming liquid on the floor. This liquid unfortunatly burnt my colleague's foot, badly enough that he had to be taken to A&E. He got an infection in his foot later that month, and tragically died. I was devastated for both my friend and my lighter, and I took a few days off work as I didn't feel up to it, me and him were close. Now, I have a nice boss, and he knew the significance of that lighter to me, so while I was taking my friend to the A&E he took the pieces of the lighter that were left. As a coming back to work gift to me he gave me the lighter except it was repaired. It also had a few new nifty items added on, including a torch and a keychain. I was amazed and thanked him, my day instantly brightening up. But before passing the lighter to me, my boss lit the candles on a small joke cake they had gotten me. Early this morning I was woken by the light on my lighter shining into my eyes. I normally just dump all the items in my pockets next to my bed before getting changed and going to sleep. I got up to turn it off, but when I pressed the buttong it did not turn off. I decided that it was jammed and that I would have it fixed in the morning. I covered the lighter with a book and went back to sleep, but as soon as I had closed my eyes the phone rang. It was a call from work, I didn't have to come in today as there had been an accident with my boss. He had been trapped inside his house, when it caught fire. He had been in the basement and had not realised the house above had caught fire. This news was not the best to receive after having two close friends and your father die in a matter of six mothes. I fell to the stress and decided I was going to have a ciggarette, I strugled in the small light of the torch from the lighter to smoke a small roll-up, I had made the day before, in the dark. I accidently burnt my hand lighting the roll, and it has gone a strange purple colour. This made me realise that every person who had been burnt by the lighter had died so far, and my father had probably used the lighter recently before his death as the box had been handled soon before his death. I am afraid...
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