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7/3/2009 7:06:45 PM
===Section 4: Tips and Tricks=== [i]Here some tricks have been complied to hopefully make your life a little easier.[/i] [u]_________________________________________________________________________________[/u] [quote][b]Section 4 Contents:[/b] 1.) Linking to a Specific Post in Groups 2.) Unlocking auto-locked threads 3.) Adding Youtube Videos to News [/quote] [u]_________________________________________________________________________________[/u] 1.) [u]Linking to a Specific Post in Groups:[/u] First you need the forum link for posts - retrieved by copying the url from one of the group's topics and removing the numbers at the end.                                                                     ---------- [b]Groups:[/b] [u][/u]{quicklink}[u]/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=[/u] [b]Public Forums:[/b] [u][/u] - can also be found from "more posts by this user" link.                                                                     ---------- Once you have this link you need the correct post ID. The easiest way to get this is from copying the attached "message user" link or "reply" link. Here's an example: [url=]message user[/url] [url=]reply[/url] * [i]If you wish to link your own post the topic must be unlocked as the reply and edit links are the only way you can view the post ID.[/i] In the link you'll see this[b]postID=[u]34263370[/u][/b]&act=reply The underlined section is the part you need. Once you have the number (34263370) add it to the forum link detailed above.                                                                     ---------- You can also link to a specific post without opening a new window, like the navigation links within this thread. Rather than using "" you instead use [url]/fanclub/299903/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=34263370[/url] as your link (removing ""). [u]_________________________________________________________________________________[/u] 2.) [u]Unlocking Auto-Locked Thread[/u] Threads automatically lock after 60 days of inactivity. Unfortunately using the "Unlock" moderation tool will not open an archived thread. The only way of getting around this is the pin thread tool. First pin the thread, and then unlock it. Pinned threads do not auto-lock so you will now be able to post within the thread. After having posted unpin the thread and it will have been bumped back to the top of the forum. [u]_________________________________________________________________________________[/u] 3.) [u]Adding Youtube Videos to News[/u] Something that is not very well known is the ability to embed youtube videos into a news story. Below is an image walkthrough with a supplementary commentary.                                                                      ---------- [b]NOTICE[/b]: [i]Embedding videos currently only works in Internet Explorer based windows.[/i] 1 ---- Press submit item on your group homepage to go to the news submission screen. 2 ---- Next add hyperlink (seen on [url=]this image[/url]); it will open a black box that contains several options. 3 ---- Now go to youtube on another tab/window and find the video you wish to embed. Beside the video you should see a box that says "embed video" with HTML inside. You need to copy the text highlighted in [url=]this image[/url]. *Update* [url=][b]You must use the old embed code.[/b][/url] 4 ---- Now you have the HTML you need to [url=]paste it[/url] into the URL box on the Hyperlink manager box. Then hit "OK". 5 ---- The video should then [url=]appear[/url] (to reiterate [b]this only works in Internet Explorer[/b]). There will however (for some bizarre reason) be 2 identical videos and "'>" inserted. Delete the excess and hit submit. You should now have a news story with the video attached. [url=/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=34357838][b]Back to Navigation[/b][/url] [Edited on 12.21.2011 11:32 AM PST]

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