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===Section 2: Group Tools=== [i]In this section group information, group news and group administration will be covered.[/i]. [u]_________________________________________________________________________________[/u] [quote][b]Section 2 Contents[/b] I - Changing group information II - Posting News III - Admin Tools: Security Role editor III : I - Admin Permissions III : II - News Permissions[/quote] [u]_________________________________________________________________________________[/u] [b]I[/b] - [u]Changing Group Information[/u] If you wish to change group information you'll need to use the Group's "[url=]Group Settings[/url]' Page. - Quick Linkname: Here you'll be able to set up a 'Quick Linkname'. If you look at [url=]this image[/url] it is the 'halowars' section of the url. You will only be able to choose link names unused by other groups. Link names cannot include numbers unless the number matches the group's ID number (the link name by default). Special characters are also not permitted. - Description/Motto: [url= ]See this image[/url] - the section that reads: "A group where Halo Wars discussion is permitted unlike the public forums", is the description. The group motto appears below, in bold. - Membership Open/Closed: The option "Open/close Group" membership is important. If a group is closed people who attempt to join will go into a queue awaiting acceptance or rejection, rather than becoming members. An admin (or user with accept/reject permissions) must go to the "members" page to manually accept them into the group. If you have membership set to closed make sure you check regularly. - Theme: A theme changes the way a group looks. There are presently more than 40 themes to choose from. Manually selecting each theme in turn, to decide which fits your group best, can be a painful process. Thankfully [b]ARBITOR 5[/b] was awesome enough to compile all the available themes in one place. I strongly advise using this excellent resource, which is available [url=]here[/url]. [u]_________________________________________________________________________________[/u] [b]II[/b] - [u]Creating News:[/u] All group members (by default) have the ability to submit news, this can be approved by users with the appropriate permissions using "admin tools". BB codes cannot be used in news stories, instead a HTML editing tool is provided. It allows text colour to be modified among other things (youtube videos can be embedded; see section 4 for details). Please note that formatting will not be in the forum topic attached and that only users who can "post news directly" can link stories to the forum via a "Discuss" link, as seen in the Bungie Weekly Updates. Creating a news story is simple enough, where it appears on the frontpage is more complicated. When creating a news story you can choose whether it is "News" or an "Announcement". Whether you click "Submit News" or "Submit Announcement" on the frontpage has no effect on where it appears, the location is dicatated by the news category: Selecting Statement or Memoranda adds the article to the news listings, while Declaration or Directive adds an announcement. This is illustrated by [url=]this image[/url]. See "[b]III : II[/b] - News Permissions" for insight into how to give out news controls. [u]_________________________________________________________________________________[/u] [b]III[/b] - [u]Admin Tools: Security Role Editor[/u] If you look at the nav bar as an admin you'll see a link titled Admin tools, this part of the guide will look at the tools available, explaining how they can be used. Most admin tools are self explanatory, however it will help if you understand the specifics of each and how to assign different tools to members in your group. This generally comes under the [b]Security Role Editor[/b]- {[url=]See Here[/url]} [b]III : I[/b] - [u]Admin[/u] [i]Modify Group Settings - Edit this group's general settings (* caution!)[/i] - A user with this power can alter quicklink, motto, location and open or close the membership. Generally there is no reason to hand out this power. [i]Edit Security - Edit any user's assigned security role except for roles that have Full Control permissions. (* caution!)[/i] - Users who have this power may promote any account to any role, aside from those that have full control permissions. They may also demote anyone but a full control user. This could be used quite creatively... [i]Full Control - Perform any action in this group, including kicking you out of it. Be careful who you give this power to! (* caution!)[/i] - Gives any user the same powers you have. Be extremely careful handing this out, there really isn't a need to hand it out at all. [i]Approve Members - Approve or reject members that wish to join this group. (* caution!)[/i] This power is only needed if groups are set to "Closed Membership", this grants a user the ability to approve or reject people on the member queue. [i]Kick Members - Boot existing members from the group for any reason. (* caution!)[/i] - They can boot anyone without full control, be careful or all your group members might disappear over night. [b]III : II[/b] - [u]News Permissions:[/u] [i]Post News Directly - Post news directly to the front page, bypassing the news submit queue.[/i] - Be moderately careful or you may have a frontpage of nonsense. Note that this power is essential for linking a discussion topic with a news article. [i]Edit News - Edit and delete news stories, either in the submit queue (if you have Approve News Permissions) or posted to the front page of the group.[/i] - Users with this power can delete news. Back up important files. [i]Create Resource Entry - Create new entries in any of the resource repositories[/i] this refers to the "Articles" section the "FAQ" section and "Group Links"- Articles and FAQ entries are text resources which allow BB codes. They can be useful for storing information, like a group's rules and affiliates and explaining the purpose of the group. Resources can be visible to non-members, unlike the forum. [i]Edit Any Resource Entry - Edit any resource entry visible to them (even if they did not create it)[/i] Edit the above; be careful, back-up important files. [url=/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=34357838][b]Back to Navigation[/b][/url] [Edited on 03.10.2012 12:41 PM PST]

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