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===Section 1: General Questions and Answers=== [i]This section intends to answer frequently asked questions and offer tips on recruiting members and joining and creating groups.[/i] [u]Groups, a Brief Summary:[/u] Groups were originally brought in during the pre-2004 build of the Bungie website. The main purpose was to allow Halo: Combat Evolved players to collaborate in order to find local players to participate in LAN (Local Area Network) events. This was because of the absence of Online play for the Halo franchise at this time. While the original purpose for groups has been almost forgotten their scope for nation building remains. Groups have their own news feed and access to their own private forums. You are free to use these however you see fit (groups don't even need to be Bungie related). [u]"Wait! I don't want to found a Group, I want to join one!"[/u] Most users don't want the hassle of maintaining a group. While there is a [url=]group search[/url], it is quite limited. Instead you might want to consider using The Classifieds; [url=]check out this thread for tips[/url]. Alternatively you could look under the groups of likeminded users in the public forums, by clicking the "groups" link to the top right of their posts. They may be part of groups relevant to your interests. To join a group look for the "join this group" link beneath the motto on a group homepage. You can be a member of up to 25 groups in total. Note that this includes groups you are in the membership queue of ("groups membership requires approval"). Be wary of joining inactive or exclusive groups. [u]Founding a Group[/u] To found a group [b]you need to have been a member of the site for at least 14 days[/b], after this period you may visit this [url=]link[/url] to create a group. Groups may break away from the public forum rules, within reason. However, your group must not violate the [url=]Code of Conduct[/url], or [url=]Terms of Use[/url] that you agree to upon making an account. Don't jump into the process, take some time thinking of a good group name and purpose. Once you've hit submit the name cannot be changed, not unlike your username. [u]Sixty Days Probation? Help![/u] Upon founding a group you will get a warning message that says you have sixty days to reach minimum activity levels or your group will be deleted. Don't worry! The minimum activity level is a mere 3 members. If you can't get 3 members in 2 months you can be certain something is very wrong with your group. The database does 'scans' at intervals. Often daily. This means you might have to wait a short while for the error message to disappear. If you have more than 3 members and the message is still showing on your homepage just be patient. [u]How can I make a Successful Group?[/u] One frequently asked question is "How can I make my group successful?". For a group to be successful over a long period of time it needs something to separate it from the crowd. What is most crucial is creating an environment people want to return to, this is usually achieved through a common purpose or goal. [u]"I have something great but I need to recruit, what can I do?!"[/u] Although a large member base doesn't indicate success -sometimes small tight-knit groups are more enjoyable - a healthy member base is usually vital for activity. Once you have everything set-up you may want to try these recruitment techniques:       1.      [url=][b]The Classifieds Forum:[/b][/url] Post a good, well laid out, informative advert every few days and eventually somebody who is generally interested will see it; this type of person is much more likely to be active as they sought the group out of their own interests. [url=]See here for tips[/url].       2.     [b]Private Messages:[/b] This is the best way to get lots of members quickly, however it can also be somewhat annoying. The best thing to do is create a polite message which is concise yet informative. Don't make it too personal, you seem insincere and desperate. Also avoid sending users more than one invite, or else they may block PM communications with you.       3.      [url=][b]Private Groups Spotlight:[/b][/url] This method is out of your control but everyday 10 (semi)active groups are selected at random. A bit of luck and a bit of activity may benefit your group here.       4.      [b]Affiliate your group with other groups:[/b] If you find a group you feel could complement your own or think would be a nice community to be friendly with (or rivals for humpdays) then consult the group admin(s) via private messages and try to work something out. [u]How do I delete my group?[/u] Feel a fresh start would be beneficial? There is a way of deleting your group but it isn't as simple as finding a "Delete group" button. The only way to delete a group is for every single member to have left. A founder can remove people manually on the "Members" page before leaving themselves. [b]WARNING:[/b] As soon as the last person leaves the group will be gone forever. If the founder leaves but there are still members in the group another user (the oldest member in terms of group join date) will be given full control. This transfer only occurs every database 'scan' so there may be a lag time of a few days. [url=/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=34357838][b]Back to Navigation[/b][/url] [Edited on 12.21.2011 11:04 AM PST]

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