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6/26/2011 3:26:27 PM

panzie saves the flood pt-19(Dawn over ponyville)

[url=]All previous chapters[/url] Three years later Kezia cracked open his eyes to a redish bloodshot darkness. He slowly turned his head to get a picture of his surroundings, ignoring the vast waves of pain and confusion coursing through his body like a river. He groaned, knowing the dark around him was absolute, and the only light for miles was the burning inferno of ponyville nearly a mile away. Behind it dawn broke the blackness with a sliver of red. Ponyville burned brightly into the night sky sending whispy fingers of redish light to streak high into the air. Kezia could almost make out ponies screaming as they were burned alive in the inferno of houses. He sniffed, then recoiled. The air was full of the smell of fire and death, as well as the smell of bad grease, oil, metal, and other stinking items needed for an army. A nearby rustle forced Kezia to jerk to attention. He pulled on his right hoof, but it was a useless gesture. His front and back legs were safely secured to adjoining wooden posts planted squarely in the ground on either side of him. As were several ponies tied in a similar manner in a row . He recognized one as pinky. But he frowned, at least three of the other seven ponies hung limply with bloody wounds and blank stares. From the bushes, a pair of bungie soldiers or "blues" as they had been unaffectionate named by pony prisoners, emerged with a dead pony in tow. Flutershy dragged lifelessly behind them with a smashed skull. Kezia didn't want to imagine what they had done to her before they eventually killed her. A tear dripped from his red-rimmed, bloodshot eyes. Kezia watched the blues in morbid curiosity, trying to discover what they had planned for Fluttershy. The pair gathered up nearby branches and leaves for a fire, then set about making one with their standard issue fire knives. A few minutes of blowing and moving of branches and a small bonfire crackled happily in the center of the clearing. He realized he could be seen from the fire. One of the blues saw him and spoke to his friend. "Scorpio, who put that blue pony over there?" "I don't know, it's probably one of those ponies they think is the leader." He chuckled "I just know they are fun as hell to beat." Scorpio stood and strutted to Kezia for dramatic effect, then pulled a magnum from it's holster and repeatedly beat kezia in the head and abdomen with it. It would have left bruises, had there not been several hundred down his already beaten body. Scorpio laughed and sat down beside his friend. Kezia's eye was swollen from the beating, but he could still see what they were doing with fluttershy's corpse. The blues took turns holding the body while the other used an incredibly sharp knife to skin her and cut her meat into edible chunks, then threw them into a pot for cooking. When Kezia's former friend was nothing but a bloody, meaty pile of inedible bones and intestines, Scorpio threw the body into the woods nearby. "So why did we destroy this village anywayApart from this delicious meat." The unamed blue used a stick to stir the fresh pony stew. "General bobcast said something about a "foothold" or something. Scorpio replied. The unamed blue spoke up again after minutes of silence. "I heard they allowed some of the humans we found to go. Still, they were fun while they lasted. Did you get a turn with the redhead? Sled I think she was called." "All nigh long" The two blues fist bumped bromantically then simply stared at the stew with smiles on their faces. After that, the pair went silent as they waited for the meat to boil. More than once Kezia could hear one of the blue's stomachs growl in anticipation over the crackling of the fire and boiling of the soup. Eventually the pot began to boil over and the blue's pulled strips of meat and hapilly tore at them like hungry animals. The pair continued eating until the pot was nearly empty, save for Fluttershy's eyes and some smaller chunks of meat. "hey watch this" Scorpio nudged his friend, then used a stick to pull a piece of meat from the soup. He let the meat cool for a few seconds, then carried it to Kezia. Scorpio deposited the grey-brown meat into his hands and smacked Kezia with the stick. He grabbed Kezia's mouth and forced it open, then dramatically inched it closer. Kezia looked at the meat in horror as he realized it was Fluttershy's heart. Cooked and steaming toward his mouth. He moaned in weak protest and tried desperately to jerk from scorpio's grasp, but he barely had the strength to breath, let alone resist. He forced the wet-smelling grey heart into Kezia's open mouth, then forced his mouth to close on the morsel. The other blue was scanning the treeline. "Scorpio did you hear something?" The very texture of the meat screamed wrongness in kezia's taste buds. He tried desperately to spit out the heart of his comrade, but Scorpio forced his mouth to chew the stewed pony flesh. After he was certain it had been chewed completely, scorpio held Kezia's mouth closed tight. "Now swallow." Kezia shook his head as best he could. "I SAID SWALLOW DAMMIT" Scorpio smacked the pony hard, then yelled again. "you are going to eat it or I am going to kill you." Kezia's mouth dripped with pony meat-filled vomit. The green-orange mixture stank of a putridity that made him vomit even more of the liquid into his mouth. He hung his head in dripping silence save for the drops of vomit pattering on the leaf strewn forest floor below. Scorpio was fed up. With a light clip, Scorpio brought his magnum to bear pointed directly at Kezia's forehead. Kezia looked up with hatred in his eyes, then spit out the meat. "1" Scorpio began counting up to three before he would fire. Kezia's brow glistened with sweat, but the steel in his eyes remained through all the hurt betrayal and anger. "Tw" As he uttered the second number, a magical horn erupted from his chest, skewering him in place and making him drop his magnum. Behind him, the other blue unsheathed his sword and roared in defiance. But as he did a hoof stomped him in the head from behind, knocking him out cold. Scorpio dropped to his knees in front of kezia and the horn disappeared from his chest, behind him stood Twilight sparkle with a dripping wet horn and light pony armor. "Dash, untie those other ponies. Hurry up, baconlove's distraction is about to start." Kezia was only partially aware of what they were doing, but as soon as he was cut free of her restraining posts he realized how long he had been hanging. The muscles in his shoulders simply couldn't move through the torturous pain they were burning with, but twilight hung him over her back and sped away as a loud explosion echoed across the hills. Scorpio lay on the ground bleeding and staring at the sky while his eyes glazed over and he slept for eternity. Twilight was followed by several town guard ponies and rainbow dash above, each pony was carrying another pony, dead or otherwise. Far off into the distance, the din was resounding and loud. As the enterouge exited into a clearing Kezia finally saw what was making the commotion. On top of a nearby hill, surrounded by the milling of troops and more campsites than stars in the sky stood bacon love, Hero of the ponies. Gouts of flame erupted from his mouth and barreled into blues left and right, but for each that fell another scored a stab with a spear, sword, or even a rifle, but the horse fought with demonic rage and fire in it's heart. It kicked a burning man and he flew at least twenty feet. Unfortunately, after minutes of fighting the never-ending mass the pony kneeled to the enemy troopers, still fighting. Kezia and the ponies entered another patch of trees before the final blow was struck, but the mortal scream could be heard for hundreds of miles. It's rage transferred into him. Kezia formulated a hatred on the spot. This would not go unanswered. This was only the beginning. [Edited on 06.26.2011 7:29 AM PDT]
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