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6/20/2011 4:01:11 AM

Flood I'm writting a story(.rate it plz)!!!!

[B]***DOOLF***[/B] This is an action adventure story That I'm writing with floodians in it.(Imagine it as an Anime) [b]Protagonist[/b]: the Han ,Thel Vaddam, DeNiz, Bosco, and Panzie. [b] Antagonist[/b] dmbfan09, desimbodied soul, John cena, bronies, and dinkleburg.(timmy's dad too). more might come along in the story. [b]CHAPTER 1: IT ALL STARTS WITH A DIRTY DIAPER[/b] the Han was walking in the woods, then all of the sudden dmbfan09, a ninja, jumps out of nowhere and hits Han with the hammer of exile(aka banhammer), and knocks Han unconscious. Two hours later, the Han wakes up with nothing to see other than desimbodied soul. Soul informs Han that he was exiled form the local community for 7 days. soul claims he ,"spammed the community". Frustrated with his unlogical ban, han round- house- kicked the messenger. However, it was just a hologram, and Han's kick went right through him.Confused with the ninja's choice Han seeked answers, so he travels to HCFS for answers. the Han soon travels off in the sunset. [B]CHAPTER 2: Rolling Hander [/B] The next day in Han's Journey through the land of the flood, he encountered a stranger. he was being chased by a strange group of ponies. Han then throws a smoke bomb at the ponies,to distract them. Han asked the random stranger,"what is going on". The stranger replied," I don't know, it seems as if the ponies want something". Han asked for stranger's name. he replied," Thel Vaddam, but you can call me Thel."Both of them had noticed that the strange ponies had left. Curious of their disappearance, Han and Thel walk to the spot they last encountered them." it seems that one had dropped their wallet, Thel said". the ID of said Pony was, "daft_punk". the wallet Han and Thel found also left an address.han also noticed that the adress is in the same route he's taking to HFCS!. [B] CHAPTER 3:A BALLAD OF BRONIES.[/b] 2 days later in our heroes quest they found the weird address. It was a ranch surrounded by mystical rainbows. As both of our heroes walk a polite,yet very annoying, man greets them. " HI!! I'm Dinkleburg.", the man said. The han and Thel tell'em about heir story. Dinkleburg claims that Daft would never do that.Eventually,after convinsizing Han and Thel was welcomed in by the man. they walk though the Kitchen, living room, and into the ranch area. Han and Thel was amazed by all the ponies they saw. Soon after they come across Daft. Thel yelled in a scolding voice," WHAT THE -blam!-???!! YOU WANT SOME COME GET SOME!!", Thel then rushes towards Daft. Daft then laughs and kicks Thel in the balls. Thel falls, and daft explains," you won't get away with your dastardly deeds!! She will never come back because of you, EVER!!". Han stares at the pony and asked," who is she?". Daft replied," the girl of whom was killed in my dreams." Han then replied," All over a dream?", Daft claims that it was no dream it was a vision, and that Thel killed the Pony he's in love with.. soon after the conversation between the two, Thel stood up and punched Daft in the face. Daft then retaliates with two missed kicks. Thel then pulls out his samurai sword. He gathers up Energy,closes his eyes, and Rushes towards Daft. Then.... All of the Sudden.... everything stops. As Thel opens his eyes; the girl of Daft's Dream, Pride, was stabbed through the chest with the sword. Daft then falls to his Knees and asked "why.......?" [B]CH.4: DWELLING UPON MISHAP[/B] as Daft cried Pride whispers her last words." I....Love y-". before she can say the last word she falls to the ground. In Daft's Despair, Han looks at the scene and thinks to him self," woah she must of really loved him". Daft begins to glow red and summons fire out of the ground while Screaming," YOU WILL PAY!!!!" Daft then throw streams of fire at Thel and Han. Both manage to Dodge the flames. Han thens pulls out his Chinese sword, and rushes at Daft. Slashing his sword at the speed of sound Daft blocks all his shots with is flamming inferno tail. Back and forth they exchange blows for 5 minutes. Han does a barrel roll and shoots beaming burst of energy out of the palms of his hands and hits the Pony. as he stands back up; he can hear a voice."Daft Don't hurt them. Let them enjoy the magic of life. They're are pure in heart,plus Han is...the,Pride stuttered." "The what Pride what!!!?, Daft Exclaimed.""The One....,pride said as she begins to sparkle and fades away". Daft then ends his rampant and falls to the ground. Han asked Daft, the sadden pony," What the -blam!- was she babbling about?" Daft then states," you are the one chosen by the prophecy to kill the demon, Desimbodied soul." Han looks in astonishment. "He's real?", han asked. Daft said,"yes". Daft then welcomed Han and Thel to rest the night at the ranch, to get them ready for their journey in the morning. So our heroes sleep while daft explains to Dinkleburg that he is,"the one". Dinkleburg then leaves the room and calls a phone and states" i found him." ch. 5 coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Edited on 06.24.2011 1:51 PM PDT]
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