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5/31/2011 6:28:25 PM

Stroke Techniques for you "Swimmers"

[quote][i][b]Tips on Distance[/i][/b]: [i]Look ma' No Hands![/i] Ma­sturbate normally, but when you feel you are about to blow your load, take your hand off. You will feel the cu­m running up into your big gigantic c­ock. At this point, start to "push" it out of you pe­nis with your inner pelvic muscles. This may sound hard to do without hands, but it will all c­um(LOL) naturally when you try it. After a few tries, you'll get the timing just right and this makes for and excellent orgasm, not to mention the cu­m will fly out of your co­ck farther than usual! [i]Sometimes one hand isn't enough:[/i] Take the index and middle fingers of both hands and put them on the underside of your dick. Then place both thumbs on the top side and jack away. When the c­um is about to flow, jack even harder. This will increase the amount and distance. [b]Twirl Your Head[/b] [i]Make both your head spin.[/i] Hold your hard c­ock slightly pointed towards the object you are lying on (this works best if you are lying on a bed propped up so you can visualize anything you feel like). Lube your pe­nis with a line of lotion or anything you use. Put lube on the index finger of your free hand and twirl it around your head. When you feel the feeling (you will know what I mean after you do it) take the hand holding your pe­nis and whack. You will release the best cu­m you've ever had. The feeling is great. Do it over and over. It's said to increase your stamina. [b]An Ass in Hand[/b] [i]A cheap an­al sex simulation:[/i] Bust out some lotion and rub a little on your dick till it's hard. Then stand up and turn your fist so your thumb is down and towards you and your knuckles face up. It should look like you're fuc­king a girl in the ass. Go in and out slowly until you cu­m all over the place. [b]Sit on Your Hands[/b] [i]Just clean up after, or someone could slip:[/i] Put your hands underneath your thighs and jerk off your dick pushing it toward the floor. It's a great sensation and I love it! [b]Squat![/b] [i]And you'll have a hand free to steady yourself:[/i] Squat down real low, until your ass is hitting your feet. Then jack off. For some odd reason in this position you can get on hell of a orgasm in no time and you also will blow more cu­m than normal. [b]Thighmaster [/b] [i]I hate to say it, but this will probably work better if you shave your thighs first:[/i] Lube the insides of your thighs. Then lean forward a bit and trap your co­ck between your them. Move your hips back and forth to create an up and down motion. You'll c­um so hard you'll hit yourself in the face. Try it with a butt plug too. Awesome [b]Glove Love[/b] [i]Four fingers might be a bit much for a beginner:[/i] With a lubricated surgical glove on the hand , insert four fingers into the an­us at slight distances (how far in and apart are your choice - I prefer to have them no further apart than 3mm), the longest finger at the pleasure point. While moving the fingers from side to side, use a slight delay between each finger in order to create a rippling sensation. While doing this, hold the foreskin over the bell (head) in the cup of your hand and slowly rotate the pe­nis in circles, getting slowly larger while slowly revealing the bell until fully exposed. While doing this, increase the speed of the ripple. If done correctly, you can get fantastic orgasms, *especially* if you stop close to peak, wait for a while and start again. Sometimes I like to use a surgical glove on my pe­nis hand, usually with some kind of lubricant. [b]Stop-and-go[/b] [i]For when you've got a lot of free time on your hands:[/i] Mas­turbate to the point where you begin to feel the semen start to rise (this is actually a little bit past the point when you feel as if you are about to climax) and then stop all stimulation - remove your hand. Let the load of semen escape - usually nothing more than a dribble. Allow the pe­nis to recover slightly - otherwise orgasm will be instantaneous & defeat the whole point. Repeat the action as many times as you like (or are capable of - my personal record is 12 ejaculations). Eventually you will reach the point when an orgasm becomes unavoidable and will be so intense that you will feel as if you are about to pass out. [b]Cross Your Fingers[/b] [i]Hand jive:[/i] Make an "X" with your two index fingers, then put one of your thumbs on top of the other one. This should make a triangle. Put some lube around the inside of the triangle and move it up and down on your c­ock k[/quote] [Edited on 05.31.2011 10:28 AM PDT]
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