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5/24/2011 6:25:58 PM

Panzie saves the flood. Pt-16(Recon)

[url=]all previous chapters[/url] Errunner rolled into a corner and trained his rifle into the hallway, it was empty. An explosion rocked the facility and he nearly lost his footing. They had been shaking the facility since he and Joker destroyed the Missile. He hurried the length of the hallway in a vain effort to find gamerz, she was likely dead. He cringed, doubt forced him to entertain the thought of everyone being transformed into one of the hideous monsters that had attacked them in the Pod room. He shivered. Joker's sacrifice had ensured mission success, despite his being in an enslavement collar, truly a testament to the man's strength and loyalty to the flood. Erunner rounded another corner, it was empty and a swirling breeze inside moaned remorsefully. A sudden explosion caught him off guard. He stumbled and slid into a wall, but regained his balance just as quickly. Ahead, a heavy steel door glinted with the pulsing light of an alarm above it, the dark concrete-esque material hallway stretched in contorted shadow with each conveyance of light. Erruner checked the lock on the door. He sucked in breath and readied himself for a fight. He raised his boot and kicked open the door. The door slammed against the wall as it opened sending a jolt through Erunner, fortunately, the room was empty. He exhaled a breath of relief and continued searching for a way to re-group. Meanwhile, Qbix was having a great time. Much deeper in the god forsaken missile facility, Qbix de-activated his light saber. Below him, three floodian special operatives lay in chunks or were folded into nicely crushed piles of bloody putty. Qbix cracked a grin. He loved his job. A cursory check of his data pad announced Achronos was in a room with a single floodian. Qbix laughed, Achronos must be incredibly bored. He shifted his concentration back to the data pad. A loud beep announced more intruders had been identified. Two- on one of the higher levels of the building. A huge grin spread across his persona. It was time to have a little more fun. Rogue felt her way through a pitch black hallway in a fruitless attempt to find a light switch. Debris littering the floor made her stumble on occasion, but her eyes were becoming more accustomed to the darkness and she managed to avoid some of the more obvious chunks of concrete-like plaster. She felt a hard edge on the wall. A bit of groping and she realized it was a corner. She edged around to the sight of a small slit of dull light filtering from beneath an average wooden door. She inched closer. Her foot hit a large chunk and nearly caused her to drop gamerz. She kicked the stupid piece of plaster out of her way, it few into a wall and broke into small cheap bits. Ahead, the door gleamed with brilliance compared to the darkness in the hall. A bit of reflection echoed from the brass doorknob. Rogue freed her hand from holding gamerz and gripped it with iron tightness. Neither on of them were in any condition for a fight, Only luck would save them from now on. Several explosions above indicated panzie had finally started the fight. Rogue knew he would die, but a small bit of something inside her screamed that he would live. After she got Gamerz out, she would come back for the body and bury it. It was the least she could do. The knob turned smoothly and a click announced the door could be pushed open. Rogue put her hand back on gamerz then pushed through the door. The room was obviously the mess hall of the facility. Dinner had just been served but nobody was there. Hundreds of plates of food sat comfortably and conformably in their designated places ready to be eaten. A sort of dry paste seemed to be the meaty section of today's diet. She wiped her finger through it and tasted it. Tasted like waffles. "don't you think it's a bit rude to eat from someone else's plate" A cryptic, but honest voice said. The sound echoed through the room and reverberated its peal ten-fold. Rogue turned with a panicked start. Behind her, a medium sized man leaned casually against a wall. His helmet, uniform and pleasant features indicated it was a mod, and a master mod at that. Rogue realized it was recon number 54, and that she would likely die. Rogue set gamerz on a table gently, then pulled a knife from her bag. She roared a challenge at the mod. "now now, I'm not here to play fisticuffs" He said jokingly. He pulled a 1911 .45 pistol from his hip, then twirled it in his hand. A cloud of smoke poofed into existence, replacing him. Rogue jerked. An icy chill ran down her spine as Recon put his hand on her shoulder. He whispered into her ear. "take this note to harlow. He will know what to do with it." Rogue turned to look at the man. He had already disappeared from behind her and reappeared in his original reclined position at the wall. Rogue felt a bulge in her pocket. She slipped her hand into her jean pocket and pulled a small paper note out, It was old. The number of folds and wrinkles in it told of a paper that had passed through many hands. "So that's it then? No attack? No betrayal?" She said suspiciously. Recon smiled and shook his head. "If I wanted you dead we wouldn't be having this conversation." He shook a bit of dust from his salmon and brown colored ninja costume. Rogue opened her razor filled mouth to say something important, but an opening door silenced her. She ducked under a table while Recon conversed with his new, unknown comrade. Rogue inched closer to the booted feet of the man talking to recon. They were nice boots, ninja standard quality and light brown. Unfortunately for Rogue,, it was apparent that the man was obviously. Ready for a fight.. She couldn't make out what was being said through all the insults and yelling, but she could tell the new visitor was getting more irate as the conversation continued. In a fit of anger, Qbix kicked over a long table similar to the other twenty or so in the room. To his surprise, a floodian stared at him in fear and surprise. His anger at finding nothing to kill ended instantly. The hint of a smile edged across his face. "I always knew you would betray us. Now that I've discovered your little escapade, I believe it is time to kill you." he said. He turned his attention to recon. They stared at each other until each master mod felt they knew each other's stance and fighting style. They prepared to fight, recon to protect his precious flood and Qbix for his own murderous joy. Rogue sped away as quickly as she could with gamerz draped over her shoulder. [Edited on 05.24.2011 10:27 AM PDT]

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