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5/22/2011 11:55:12 PM

The Reach forum and its opinions.

I created this thread today, in order to help the inhabitants of the Reach forum (that's you), develop a more intelligent, respectable, and not retarded opinion of the game we all love / hate (that's me) / are indifferent to. [quote][/quote] [b]Here are some examples of good and bad ways of stating your opinions:[/b] [quote][/quote] [quote][b](A1) Like the game - Non retarded opinion:[/b][/quote]I know this game has some issues that could definitely use some fixing, but I still think the game is lots of fun to play. [quote][b](A2) Like the game - Retarded opinion:[/b][/quote]This game is absolutely perfect. There is nothing wrong with it. You just hate it because you suck! Learn to counter Armor Lock and pace your shots. Adapt! [i]As a side note, I would like to point out that every word in the above opinion can be replaced with the word "derp" and still sound a goodly amount more intelligent than it previously did. Also note that the above opinion would most likely contain many grammatical errors.[/i] [quote][b](B1) Hate the game - Non inflammatory opinion:[/b][/quote]I really don't like how this game turned out. The gameplay is just too random and slow-paced to enjoy. I just don't find it enjoyable like I did past Halo games. [quote][b](B2) Hate the game - Inflammatory opinion:[/b][/quote]This game sucks! The only people who like this game are garbage Staff Captains from Halo 3 who couldn't use the BR to save their pathetic life! [i]As another side note, I would like to say that I personally find this opinion to bring in hilarious replies, even though it's not exactly the best way to have an intelligent conversation with someone. I also think that it's a fairly accurate opinion, I do however try and put it in a slightly less inflammatory manor though. Go ahead . . . call me biased. :P[/i] [quote][b]Conclusion:[/b][/quote]I personally am a B1, who respectfully disagrees with A1s. This is how I think this forum should operate. Respect each others opinions! Don't be an A2! B2s are hilarious, but yeah, I only recommend being a B2 to an A2 . . . the A2s deserve it. I would like to add that it is pretty entertaining watching A2s have a huge flamewar with B2s though. PS: If you're confused about what I'm talking about when I say A1, A2, etc, then please note the way it says A1, A2, etc, in front of each type of opinion. TL;DR: Lol, nope. [Edited on 05.23.2011 10:03 PM PDT]

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