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8/11/2004 6:09:38 AM

Dear Mods, we love you, so we are going to shape up.

Many people nowaday on the bungie forums, just dont respect our wonderful moderators. Our mods do many a thing for us. They keep our forums free of spam and many other things. Our mods will hear us when we are in trouble, or being flamed, they stop it. I always imagine Maka flying in with a cape to stop the evil doers--- i mean spammers. (Shishka i always imagined as a ninja, Stosh as a marine with an itchy trigger finger, yoozel as a smart 6 year old with super powers,, and Goweb to be like master hand from Super Smash brothers... dont ask why...AND, i cant forget Achronos [who is not really a mod] who i always veiwed as God). One of the best parts about the mods is their tolerance. People will spam and spam, and they will always be polite. I dont know how they resist jumping through the computer screen and beating the living -blam!- out of the disrespectful ingrates who make their jobs a hastle. They always keep cool. That, and they usually have a great sense of humor. _____________________________________________ Now here is the part where all the members of the website who are not moderators can kick in and help. [b]1.[/b] You can stop spamming. It's not that hard, really. i know that it is fun, and you may like to joke around with the mods, but they dont like it, and it's making them do more work then they have to. [b]2.[/b] When you post, think twice before you click submit (especially in new mombasa). Please, if you are going to make a topic that really isn't doind much, dont submit it. Also, when you double check, make sure it is in the right forum. Save the mods some work. [b]3.[/b] Make sure a topic hasn't already been posted before you post a new thread. [b]4.[/b] Dont flame a moderator for locking your thread. There is a reason for it, whether it has gotten out of hand, already been discussed, inappropriate, spam, or just dumb. They probably locked it because they had to. If you have a problem with a Mod, PM the mod. Dont make a whole new thread saying "MODS SUCK!!!". [b]5.[/b] Be nice and friendly to the mods, they are good people. [b]6.[/b] Dont write in caps lock to get attention. It just makes you look dumb. And for the love of god, do not write in bright colors. It not only annoys the Mods, but it gives everyone a migrane. _____________________________________________ thank you for reading, and maybe we can make these forums a better place for the mods, and less strenuous. I may have left out a few things to help the mods. if i have, please do tell me, and i will put it up. -[i]Deidg[/i] P.S.: sorry if this is in the wrong forum. that would be strangely ironic... [Edited on 8/10/2004 11:54:18 PM]

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