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5/15/2011 5:07:06 AM

Panzie saves the flood. Pt-15(OVER 9000)

[url=]All previous chapters[/url] Rogue looked around her. The creeping shadows of deep afternoon told her it was nearly nighttime. The surrounding foliage was dense and strange, probably from a remote section of the continent. With a thump, Gamerz fell through the portal. Rogue watched as each of her squad members pounced through. Elementwrath seemed to be the squad's heavy weapons specialist, his equipment consisted of a heavy armored chestplate, a small magnum, several grenades, a grenade launcher, and two packs of plastic explosives wrapped in a shiny seran wrap. Afroman was obviously the team's sniping specialist, his armor was almost nonexistent, and his only armament was a highly modified DMR with a silencer and powerful scope, as well as adequate ammunition.His amazing afro supplied the squad with more than enough funk. silent scorpio served a medic role. His armor was moderately thick, but his only armaments were a small m6g and Bass guitar. Erunner, the last member of the squad, was armed with normal equipment for soldiers, he seemed to be less seasoned than the rest of the squad. "Form up" Gamerz said The squad checked the surrounding erea, then filed beside gamerz. She had a stick pointed into the ground with a small mockup of the facility scrratched in the dirt. Rogue and Joker pulled out their pistols and continued scanning the forest around them while the group of infiltrators planned. "Well this is just great" Joker whispered to rogue." We get left out of the plan and used as canon fodder." Rogue nodded. "bastards" She said angrily under her breath. Joker chuckled slightly. "You should probably see about getting that anger under control." He said. rogue turned to him and tried to size him up. The man was a bit short, but he was far from ugly. He also wore scars across his face. She gave up and turned to the group. they were finishing up. "OKay. Afroman, elementwrath, and silent scorpio will take this entrance" Gamerz said pointing at a sewage runoff. "The furry and I will take this entrance to the east. Errunner and Joker will take the furthest to the west." She finished, marking each movement with a scratch in the dirt. Gamerz looked at Erruner and threw him Joker's remote. "Do me proud rookie." She said, resulting in a grin form erunner. "Radio silence for the rest of teh mission. This is an infiltration only mission. Get in, get out only." She said, pulling out a magnum and doing a quick weapons check. "Move out." The squad split into its designated fire teams and each headed for their designated entrance. For rogue, the going was both slow and aggravating. The light [i]squish[/i] that emerged from each footfall had her in a constant state of alert when paired by the low visibility and tight conditions of the jungle. it was also incredibly humid. Ahead, Gamerz was sweating profusely. Suddenly, Gamerz held up a hand and the pair dropped onto one knee, weapons trained ahead. A pair of bootsteps ahead became closer and louder as they stomped the soggy, nutrient-rich soil. it was a pair of Bungie elite troopers, both stood nearly ten feet tall and had the giveaway armor and split mouths. The pair waited for the soldiers to leave, then proceeded onward. As slow as the going was, Gamerz and Rogue eventually made it to the edge of a large clearing. In the center, the facility stood ominously in the soft near-darkness of twilight. Smokestacks puked black, carcinogen laden puffs from their tall maws, blotting out the sun slightly and making the troopers along the thick stone walls look even more menacing. A good fifteen yards separated the pair from the facility and the small drainage opening ahead. Gamerz and Rogue sat quietly in the darkening woodland until only a sliver of light burned a bit of silver on the horizon, then ran to the walls before the nighttime lights came on. As the hit the wall, lights flashed on and the entire woodline was bathed in a swath of bright dooming light. Gamerz knew if her squad hadn't already made it in, they wouldn't be able to without alerting one of the hawk-eyed guards. Like a pair of cats in the night, Gamerz and Rogue entered the sewers of the facility. Meanwhile, Panzie sat in his pitch black cell in the floodian castle. He pulled even harder against the steel restraining bolt, and it bent slightly, but the material of the door wouldn't allow the door to be pulled further off its hinges. It would have to do. suddenly, a blinding light bathed the room and cells. The door to the dungeon slammed open to reveal harlow being escorted by a pair of guards. he stood in front of the cage and admired panzie's work. "Ha, Don't you know that door was blessed by the greatest musicians in the flooo? Not even you could break it." He said, gloating. Panzie did a little chuckle of his own. Harlow stopped laughing and adopted a quizzical expression. "What do you..' his eyes widened as panzie lodged his ak-47 clip between the door and its hinge. harlow jumped out of the way as the clip started to glow a blinding white and let out a high pitched whine. A small explosion rocket the dungeon an dthe door fell from it's hinges. Panzie stepped through and gripped harlow by the chest, holding him in the air. "Where is she?" he asked as forcefully as possible. Harlow spit in panzie's face, but it hit the visor on his helmet and slid down harmlessly and without insult. Panzie pulled harlow back and slammed him against the wall, probably breaking a few ribs. "I'll ask again. WHERE.IS.SHE" He said, nearly shouting the last words. Harlow coughed, then slowly raised his hand and pushed the botton for the portal. it opened in a shimmering green puddle, ready to be jumped into. panzie looked at harlow one more time. "learn a little trust" he said, then stepped through the portal. Joker checked a corner, then waved for Erunner to take a bit of nearby cover. If he had to gain intel for his freedom, then he was glad to do it. it was easy work anyway. Another turn in the sticky, wet sewers was met with again, nothing. Juice boxes, old condoms, dried up hot-dogs, ancient bags of extemely ruffle chips, and more than a few new mombasians littered the greenish tinted water nearby. Joker truly didn't want to fall into it. Ahead, a light shone through a manhole. Joker decided it would be a great way to get their bearings. As silently as he could manage, Joker peeked his head through. The facility appeared to be both a small city and a manufacturing town. Smokestacks rose darkly into the black-filled sky, towering over small bordellos and apartments. From some signs, he could tell they were getting close to the main facility. Joker jumped back into the hole and turned to Erunner. "We're getting close, don't do anything stupid." Erunner was told to command this guy, but he was already proving himself superior to erunner. He decided he would let Joker direct this part of the mission. The pair of men continued down the sewers, trying to avoid smells, and the occasional unlucky patrolman on a punishmentary assignment. Eventually, they made it to the facility, and slowly exited the sewer. They were in a back alley, unseen by any bungie soldiers. Joker gave Erunner the signal to follow, and the pair used shadows to sneak to the back door of the building. its immense stature convinced Erunner, this was Over 9000. Afroman stepped lightly through the basement of the over 9000 facility. His companions elementwrath and silent scorpio watched his back, weapons trained on various entrances. Ahead, an elevator shone with a gold light bulb at the top. it seemed to be the only way to go up in this facility. the three filed in, and rode it up its empty shaft in echoing slowness. Suddenly a voice that struck fear in every floodian in the facility erupted from a vast system of speakers. The strong, evil voice of Achronos blared. "Hello workers. I thank you for your great contributions to this momentous occasion. The orbital shoop da whoop lazer is now operational. Your months of hard work and dedication have created a hand of the bungie overlords, something that will smite the dirty, putrid streets of the flood once and for all. Thank you, good night." His voice quieted on the radio, and a robotic, male voice started a countdown. they were about to launch a superweapon. [Edited on 05.14.2011 9:15 PM PDT]
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