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5/7/2011 6:45:32 PM

Panzie saves the flood. Pt-12(ponyville)

Bit of a short chapter this time. I could have injected a bit of action, but this isn't a a Sturday morning cartoon requiring action 24/7 Panzie stretched and relaxed against a large slab of limestone, ahead of him the campfire shone dimly in the morning light. Rouge paced back and forth trying to discern what Panzie had told her. she threw her hands in the air and began to speak. "What the hell could over 9 be?" She asked in frustration. TU's cryptic last words had been bothering both of them the entire night. Puddles of water remained as proof of the cold, wet night. "I know who would be able to figure it out, but we can't go there" Panzie said finally, he had been silent the entire night. His mind had been preoccupied with the thoughts of mangled bodies lying haphazardly across the holy stone temple of keetchenate still filled his skull with their screams and burning shadows. "What are you on about?" Rouge said, giving her thoughts a moment to rest. The pulsing glow of the fire embers played a red air through the small clearing, and gave Rogue's light grey snout a reddish tinge. Her wet teeth glistened in its light. "We may have to go back to the flood" Panzie said cautiously. "NO" She said, then threw a rock at panzie. It bounced off his armor without his acknowledgement. "Do you have any idea what they do to.." She looked at herself. "To a monster like me" She said. Panzie jerked up to quell the tears beginning to slide from her eyes. He hadn't realized how different it must be for her, Rouge's life would never be the same after her brush with seneka. A hint of sadness mixed in his voice as he spoke. "It will be okay." he lifted up her snout to look in her wet eyes."You're a strong woman and I know you can make the best of it. I've already seen you do more than most women would have the stomach for." He smiled under his helmet. Rouge glared at panzie through wet eyes and hit him with a giant haymaker. His helmet was jerked to the side ever so slightly. "Don't tell me what I can and can't do you knuckle dragging -blam!-" She said, banishing the tears with a swift rub of her eyes. When she finished, she began to speak. "Both bungie and the flood are after us, Going right to them doesn't seem like a smart thing to do." She said. "I know a few ways" Panzie said. He tilted his head back in thought. "Yes, I have a plan" "You'll excuse me if I don't trust you after the whole "ruin my life thing" She said, using actual air quotes. "we have to see harlow..." He said. "ARE YOU INSANE!" Rogue yelled,"He likely wants our heads on a pike. If we go to him it will surely be suicide!" "We have to, If flood doesn't know what is going on, we're alone in this war." He replied in a hushed tone, then stood up. "We have to try." Rouge cursed herself on the inside. Dammit the dense bastard was right. They would be found eventually if they didn't get the flood on their side. She looked at panzie. He would also figure out what she had done if she didn't keep a lid on her stupid anger. She exaggerated a sigh, then spoke. "I suppose you're right." Panzie's stomach grumbled, he realized he hadn't eaten since the morning of the bombing. "First we find something to eat." Foregoing the stealth of the forest around them, Panzie and rogue took a small dirt road. Dense foliage on either side would be easy to ambush from, so they were taking a risk. Rogue groaned and complained about the man's infuriating hunger. She winced slightly as she remembered her last meal, then gave up her anger so the man could find a damn cheeseburger and they could continue their business. Ahead, a few plumes of smoke proved the presence of a nearby village. The village still dripped with the night's thunderstorm, but it was obvious the road in the center of town had long since been beaten into a dusty stretch. Panzie and rogue approached it, and were surprised by the lack of people in it. Rather, the town was filled with colorful horses. They spoke to each other, laughed, and even played. A rather blue one shuffled by pulling a cart of feed. When the "townspeople" took notice of the mismatched pair, they stared at them with confused eyes. A small pony ran past and into a building at the end of the street. Seconds passed and the door swung open to reveal a blue pony with bright goggles. It galloped to them then stood. he didn't stand more than five feet tall. In perfect floodian, the pony began to speak. "Welcome to friendship is magic, the home of all pony kind. My name is Kezia, may I ask why you are entering our remote metropolis?" Panzie looked past the pony and saw that the "metropolis" was more of a small town from an old western flick, dust blew between a livery and jailhouse. "Just trying to get some grub, he said casually" "We have grain and.." the pony looked at panzie. "er um...All we have that your kind eats is apples. Do you like apples?" "Sure do," Panzie said without hesitation. food was food. "Then you'll want to go to the saloon. we serve mostly apples and apple cider there." panzie thanked the pony then walked toward the saloon with Rouge in tow. "WAIT! Kezia said before he was out of earshot. "we don't allow furries in our town" Rouge continued walking until she realized he was talking about her. She turned in a fury. got within an inch of the pony's face. "WHY THE HELL NOT?" She roared at him. Her eyes threatened to kill him with the malice they contained. Kezia began to stammer. " don't want to get confused with being furries. we...we are not furries." "It's okay, she's with me." panzie butted in. "No NO NO" kezia said firmly. "The last ones we let in murderes citizens and convinced the flood we were furries. it WILL NOT happen again." Panzie sympathized with the pony, but he had to stand by his friend. he caught himself mid thought, realizing he had called the purely professional relationship a friendship. he shook himself and returned to the conversation at hand. "Don't tear him a new one rouge. I think I know a way to convince him we are friends of the ponies." Panzie whistled loudly, seconds passed and a tumultuous roar echoed in the distance. Within minutes Baconlove was galloping on the dusty earth that the town sat upon. He skidded to a halt in front of panzie and kezia, taking no mind of the blue pony nearly three feet shorter than him. "Oh wow, I didn't know you knew baconlove." He said embarrassed. "Please do whatever you please" Panzie turned and pulled baconlove to the stables, rouge stood in front of kezia and pointed toward both her eyes, then at kezia. She slowly backed away before turning to follow panzie. The Saloon was a dusty establishment with ponies lounging happily as they drank alcohol laden apple cider. Panzie sipped some through a small slit in his helmet letting the cool sweet liquid slide down his throat, a bit of a bite announced a high alcohol content.Rogue sat next to him, declining to sip the sweet liquid. The bar-keep handed panzie a large bag of dehydrated apples and panzie accepted it graciously, then stuffed them into his pocket. Rogue looked at panzie as he sipped his cider. As much as she hated the guy for turning her into an abomination, she had to admit she liked the guy. He never talked to much, and he could more than back up the little that he said. She still wondered what the guy looked like under that helmet of his, but she could tell it would have to wait. "HEY ihs that a frrei ieh see?" A rather drunk pony yelled loudly. "weh don't tayk to kindley to the furries round heeer." rogue ignored it adn the yelling pony quickly subsided. He was now playing poker and complaining about the lack of uno cards. panzie turned his attention back to his cider. "So what do you think all of this means?" He asked, staring into his light brown beverage. Rogue looked at him for a second, but couldn't discern any facial features through his thick unbreakable helmet. "I honestly have no idea." She replied. "Bungie has been living in harmony with its people for a very long time. We need to figure our why it is happening." Panzie nodded in acknowledgment and took another sip of cider. "then we must speak to harlow, regardless of the consequences." panzie said, drooping his shoulders noticeably. The pair continued sipping until the dried apples were finished. Panzie packaged the dried chunks into a small bag and gave them to rogue. He had a feeling she wouldn't want to eat them. With yawn, panzie stood and headed outside. It was time to go. Putting his two fingers together, panzie called baconlove from the stables, then waited for Rogue to leap up. as she mounted the pony, panzie jumped atop and the group headed toward the flood without incident.
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