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5/5/2011 4:17:27 AM

PORTAL in Reach!! Rendered Video Proof! + NEW COMMUNITY MAP

[i]Note: Okay this has absolutely exploded. The video is all over the internet and is getting much more support than I could have imagined (Just search, with the quotes, "Portal: Reach" on Google and scroll through the results). I made a [url=]Facebook "Like" page[/url] for anyone who is interested, all updates will be posted there. Thank you guys so much.[/i] Today I have something wonderful for you gentelmen, indeed it may be the greatest thing that has ever happened to Reach, Halo, or video games in general. I have merged the incredible, created the impossible. [quote][b]Portal: Reach[/b][/quote] [b]Chamber A[/b] [i]Testing will begin shortly.[/i] [url=] Rendered Video[/url] - ([url=]YouTube[/url]) ([url=]Audio Swap w/ Portal Sounds![/url] Thanks to SergeantD) [b]Chamber B[/b] [i]Featuring the Weighted Companion Skull! And we get some revenge on a turret.[/i] [url=]Rendered Video[/url] - ([url=]YouTube[/url]) [b]Chamber C[/b] [i]Lasers, Lightbridges, and a glimpse into the future.[/i] [url=]Rendered Video[/url] [i](Thanks Adamcunn)[/i] - ([url=]YouTube[/url]) [b]Community Chambers[/b] - Iceyball989: [url=]Rendered Video[/url] - ([url=]YouTube[/url]) [b][url=]Facebook Page[/url] Everybody Like it! Tell your friends![/b] At 150 Likes B will be up for download, and at 400 C will also be. Beyond that I will decide a number for when a tutorial is released, probably with commentary. [quote][/quote] Screenshots: - [url=]The Portal Gun[/url] - [url=]Chamber A[/url] - [url=]Camera 235-A[/url] - [url=]Weighted Companion Skull[/url] Full File Set [url=]Includes all Vids, Screenshots, + One Map[/url] [quote][/quote] [b]:)[/b] This was a little project I had, involved lots of intense timing (I had my stopwatch out haha), and not-so-complex forging. I've got my flame suit on but I hope you all enjoy it. Comments please! I want to see what you guys thought of it, it didn't take too long at all to make and I have ideas for more "Chambers" and other Portal features as well. [quote][/quote] -Edit: Due to request, I put the full Film on my File Share, along with the map itself. The Film is the same thing with a couple seconds of the loadout screen and the end of the game. The gametype was just a variant of Slayer with minor tweaks. -Edit2: Ahhhh... after being at since 2007... I have finally made a hot topic that's actually worth something... a proud moment indeed. Thanks to all the amazing support guys! -And now it's at 100 replies and plenty of views and whatnot. Awesome. Don't know if you guys care but I think you'd like [url=]this video[/url], just a funny occurrence in Matchmaking. Good times. -Edit 2456421 Mr Sark just posted my video. Life complete. Thanks so much guys. -Edit 7342232 Chamber C was by far the hardest. IMO it was a tiny bit sloppy but that may be me being nitpicky. It took [url=]a couple attempts[/url]. [Edited on 05.20.2011 11:25 AM PDT]

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