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If I missed anything let me know, ect ect. [b]Does Halo 2 Vista work with Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit?[/b] Yes and no. Some people have issues, some people run the game fine. The only way to know is to try yourself. [b]Can I play the game on Windows XP?[/b] You can play single-player using a couple of modded files. Look for them. It's completely impossible to play multiplayer on XP, though. There's a reason it says "Requires Windows Vista" on the box. Even if it's not a good one, it's still a reason. [b]Can I use my Xbox LIVE Gamertag? Can I get Achievements/Gamerscore that count toward my Xbox LIVE Gamertag's Achievements/Gamerscore?[/b] Yes. Just enter your Gamertag/email/password when prompted to log into LIVE. [b]Will the game work on my computer/laptop?[/b] If you have to ask this question, the answer is most likely a no. [url=]The minimum system requirements can be found here[/url]. Read that and compare it to your system's specs. [b]My laptop has a Nvidia GT 540M graphics and I can't run the game.[/b] Known issue. H2V's coding completely disregards this graphics chip and assumes you're running integrated graphics. I've only heard one person manage to get it to work with a 540M; The rest never got it working. If a definite solution is discovered, it'll be posted here. [b]I tried to update Live, but it just keeps updating and then restarting, or it never updates at all.[/b] Download the up-to-date Games for Windows LIVE client at [url][/url]. [b]Can I use my wired Xbox 360 controller with Halo 2 Vista?[/b] Yes. The full functionality of the Xbox controller is there if you use the wired Xbox 360 controller. [b]Can I use a wireless Xbox 360 controller?[/b] Yes, with all of its functionality, but you'll need a wireless adapter for your PC. [url=]Here's what you're looking for.[/url] This will allow you to connect up to four wireless Xbox 360 controllers to your PC. [b]Can I use a wireless Xbox 360 controller with a charge pack if I plug the charge pack into my PC's USB drive?[/b] No. The wireless controller still relies on wireless communication to relay input. The charge pack only juices up the battery. You still need a wireless receiver. [b]What about another controller that's not an Xbox 360 controller?[/b] That becomes a little more tricky. You lose the aim assist, and you also have to configure it manually. [b]When I try to play multiplayer, no games show up on this list.[/b] Leave the game running for about 10 minutes. Screw around in a game by yourself, play some single-player, whatever. It might work after that. This was presumed fixed before, but recent updates to GfWL may have brought this problem back. [b]Where can I download Halo 2 Vista?[/b] Legally, nowhere. It's been speculated that it will hit the GfWL Marketplace eventually, but so far, that hasn't happened. Illegally, well, you're on your own. [b]My mouse doesn't feel like it usually does with PC games.[/b] Try limiting the framerate using an external program or your video card driver's control panel. That works for some people. [b]This game runs really slow, but I run very recent hardware and play games that are way more demanding than Halo 2 should be! What am I doing wrong?[/b] Nothing. Halo 2 Vista is extremely unoptimized. There's not really any way to fix that. [b]Can I run the game on a Mac?[/b] Yes. Dual-booting, Bootcamp, or emulation should work. The former two are more likely to work than emulation. [b]Can I use my Halo 2 Vista CD key for the Halo 2 nameplate in Halo Reach?[/b] No. Playing H2V will not unlock that nameplate. You have to have played the Xbox version of Halo 2 before LIVE was shut down for old Xbox games in order to get that nameplate. That's the only way. [b]How do I install downloaded maps?[/b] Extract/unzip the maps from the zip file you downloaded, and place the files into [i]C:\Users\\Documents\My Games\Halo 2\Maps[/i]. [b]Can multiple people play online using the same CD key?[/b] No. [b]I tried to install the game for the 6th time, but got a "CD key usage exceeded" error! What gives?[/b] You can only install the game using a single CD key 5 separate times. After that, the key becomes unusable. [b]Why can't anybody join my games?[/b] Forward ports 80 and 3074 on your router and/or firewall. If you don't know how, Google "port forwarding". [b]Are the button combos (BXR, BXB, ect) still in the game?[/b] Technically yes, though some people have been claiming they're harder to do. [b]Does the game have co-op?[/b] No. Not in any way, shape, or form. [b]Does the game have an anti-cheat system?[/b] Nope. [b]Can I manage my dedicated server from inside the game?[/b] Nope. [b]How is the population for Halo 2 Vista?[/b] Small. As of late 2008, the player count has never broken 100 at any given time. [b]Does voice chat work?[/b] No. The most recent update for GfWL broke it. Don't hold your breath for a fix. [Edited on 02.01.2012 2:53 AM PST]
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