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So, I've noticed that half of the threads on this board are things that have been asked a thousand times. So I'm making an up-to-date go-to thread. I know mods lurk around this board, so a sticky would be very helpful if it ever happens. If this gets stickied and I missed anything, lemme know and I'll add it. [b]Does Halo PC work with Windows 7 32/64-bit?[/b] Yes. Halo PC should work perfectly for any version of Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit. [b]Do people still play it online?[/b] Yes. Halo PC 1.09, as of June 2011, has 300 or more players online at any given time. [b]I get an error when I try to patch Halo PC. It's says I need to be an Administrator to patch the game, but I am an Administrator. What do I do?[/b] Right-click the shortcut you use to run or patch the game and click "Run as Administrator". [b]Can I use a controller with Halo PC? Can I use an Xbox 360 controller?[/b] Yes. However, Halo PC's control setup is entirely digital. As a result, analog sticks do not work as they did on the Xbox version. There is also no Xbox-like aim assist when using a controller. [b]Where can I download Halo PC?[/b] Legally, nowhere. No digital distribution services offer Halo PC. Illegally, well, you're on your own. [b]The game runs slow, but I run a recent nVidia card.[/b] Turn off Decals in the video options. [b]The game doesn't display the camouflage effect correctly.[/b] Only certain video cards support that feature. If it's not working, yours isn't one of them. Try [url=]this fix from the Gearbox forum[/url] and see if it helps. (Thanks, Zetren) [b]There are no colors on the armor of Spartans, grunts, elites, ect.[/b] You're using an integrated card that doesn't support color. There was a patch, but nobody knows where to find it anymore. Upgrade your video hardware. [b]Where can I buy Halo Mac?[/b] Halo Mac is out of print. Copies on eBay usually run for about $100 dollars. [b]I don't wanna pay that much for a 7-year-old game! Can I run the PC version?[/b] Yes. Dual-booting or Bootcamp should work. Our resident Mac expert has stated that it doesn't work in Crossover Games or Wine. If you can get it to work in either of the two, feel free to post. (Thanks, Dirk_Gently) [b]How do I install maps for Halo Custom Edition?[/b] Unzip them and put the .map file in the maps folder of your Halo Custom Edition install path. This is usually [i]C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Games/Halo Custom Edition/Maps[/i]. [b]Where do I enter my CD-Key for the Halo Reach nameplate?[/b] Go to your profile here on, click the "Game Settings" tab, and click "Nameplates". [b]Can someone give me their code for the nameplate?[/b] No. As Tom T 117 said, asking for keys is not only extremely annoying, but banworthy. [b]Can multiple people play online using the same CD key?[/b] No. [b]What about LAN play?[/b] Same answer. No. Each player needs a different CD key. [b]Why can't anyone join my game/server?[/b] That's most likely a port forwarding problem. Forward ports 80, 2302, and 2303 on your router for both TCP and UDP. If you don't know how to do that, Google it "port forwarding" and read up. [b]I shoot people with the pistol/sniper rifle, but my opponents don't die! Hax?[/b] No, latency. Halo PC's netcode took a dive when MS mandated a rewrite of the netcode to support 56k connections. You have to aim in front of your targets based on your ping to the server. A ping of around 60 is usually a head's length or so. Work with it. It's called "finding your lead". You have to do this with ANYTHING that you want to hit your target; rockets, shotgun blasts, even melee attacks. [b]I could swear this game looked better on the Xbox. What happened to the shiny assault rifles and flag poles?[/b] Gearbox messed some of the shaders up in the port. Thankfully, the community fixed that. [url=]You can find that fix here[/url]. (Thanks, Zetren) [Edited on 06.02.2011 9:01 PM PDT]
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