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Surf a Flood of random discussion.

4/27/2011 6:48:42 PM

The flood library V3

First things first: THIS IS NOT FOR DISCUSSING THE FICTIONAL FACTION/ORGANISM/IDEA OF THE FLOOD FROM HALO ,OTHER THAN BY ASSOCIATION. Thread updated: 07/09/12 The flood library is where you can find many works of fiction and art relating to the Flood forum, Bungie Stuff, or just plain random material. This is user submitted, and is designed so that members works are not lost. Post your writing excellence today! P.S. Thanks to Squirrel dude and chi chi for your work with the previous flood libraries. Without your hours of hard work, none of this would be possible. Useful readings: [url=]How to write a story.[/url] This Library Sections: Section A: The Fiction Section: Forum Fiction and other works by Floodian Authors are here. It is made up of the Following Posts. Section B contains Articles, as well as other material that does not fit into section A. It is located just below section A. [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] squirrel dude Can't get enough forum fiction? For more stories by your favorite Floodian authors, check out the [url=]Writer's Corner,[/url] or one of the other groups dedicated to bringing together the aspiring authors of this website. They work to improve their craft, and you reap the benefits of better reading material. I give this system [url=]two thumbs up.[/url] Support forum fiction today![/quote] [u]Section A[/u] [b]Anonymous Users[/b] [u]Under The Bunker[/u] [url=]Prologue[/url], [url=]1[/url], [url=]2[/url], [url=]3[/url], [url=]4[/url], [url=]5[/url], [url=]6[/url], [url=]7[/url] [b]Multi-author Stories[/b] [u]Beneath The Flood[/u] - Halifax/Bacon Greese1521 [url=]Chapter 1[/url], [url=]2[/url], [url=]3[/url] [url=]The Misadventures of Captain MacMillan.[/url] - Rare Spartan/Uberdog [url=]The Flood are Spreading[/url](Authors in thread) [b]Angry Brute[/b] [url=[Suppressing humanity[/url] [u]Clinical Trials[/u] [url=]Chapters 1-14[/url], [url=]15-25[/url] [u]State of Emergency[/u] [url=]Chapters 1-8[/url] [u]Two Days: A Story of Redemption[/u] [url=]Chapters 1-4[/url],[url=]5-8[/url] [url=]Coming out[/url] [url=] You are seven.[/url] [b]Anonymous Dark[/b] [url=]Prisoners[/url] [b]bacon greese1521[/b] [url=] Black Shoes[/url] Ground Zero [url=]Part 1[/url] [b]being2nosey[/b] [url=]I Am a Forum Frequenter[/url] [url=]I Suppose[/url] [url=]Poem about a friend[/url] [b]BigHugeCookie[/b] [url=]Bungie: The Seven Apocalypse[/url] [b]buffalo wing[/b] [url=]The Seven Years War[/url] [u]The Epic Rescue of Chadwick the Clover[/u] [url=]1[/url], [url=]3[/url] [b]Bucket of win[/b] [url=]Bucket's first girl thread[/url] [b]Camoflaged[/b] [url=]Fall of Men[/url] [url=]Book 1[/url] [b]Casey[/b] [url=]Jumpin' on the Bandwagon[/url] [b]ChaotiXHellfirE[/b] [url=]Halo A Tale of Two Swords[/url] [b]Chi Chi[/b](The Original LIbrarian) [u]War and Spam[/u] Links removed on authors request. [b]Clark 714[/b] [url=]The Chronicles of Sergeant Clark[/url] [url=]Sniper[/url] [b]Coffey4780[/b] [url=]Pezz The Great Dispenser of Justice[/url] [b]Cold Blood Killa[/b] [url=]The Great Forum War - Buster's Awakening[/url] Colonel Corbec(Greatness) [url=]Spartan 3[/url] [url=]The Flood 1[/url] [u]The Flood Series[/u] [url=]The Flood 2[/url] | [url=]Rewritten[/url] [url=]The Flood 3[/url] [url=]The Flood 4: Parallel Worlds[/url] [url=]The Flood 5: Liberty Lost[/url] [url=]The Flood 6: Death Games[/url] [url=]The Flood 7: The Emperor's Death Game[/url] [url=]Through Hell for Hitler[/url] [url=]War of the Matches[/url] [b]Commmander Locks[/b] [u]Attack of The New Mombassians[/u] [url=]1[/url], [url=]2[/url], [url=]3[/url], [url=]4[/url], [url=]5[/url], [url=]6[/url] [url=]Chaos Century[/url] [url=]Flood Surgeons[/url] [b]DARICEDESERTER[/b] [url=]Lost in the wilderness[/url] [b]DarkMasterDF[/b] [url=]Who ate all the pie, an insane short story[/url] [b]DarkWavex9[/b] [url=]War of the elementals[/url] [b]Douglas Brown[/b] [url=]Definitive Maka'[/url] [url=]Mods[/url] [url=]Oddyssey of Crappy[/url] [url=]So you want to become a mod.[/url] [url=]Too Much Bungie[/url] [url=]Unbearable light of Lifelessness[/url] [b]Eight Oh 8 State[/b] [url=]Story from 9th grade[/url] [url=]Story of a girl...[/url] [b]Elementrunner[/b] [url=]Bear hunt[/url] [url=]The shack[/url] [b]Emperor Gillard[/b] [url=]Why did the chicken cross the road?[/url] [b]Feral Rabbits[/b] [url=]Scary Story[/url](The Floods first erotic novel?) [b]Flood 101[/b] [url=]S.O.S.[/url] [b]The Floridiot[/b] [url=]Vader v Chief[/url] [b]Game Fan[/b] [url=]When Destiny Interferes with Reality[/url] [b]Game Junkie Jim[/b] [url=]Tale of the Grunt[/url] [b]Gamerz Property[/b] [url=]Lone Wolf[/url] [b]Gara_of_Sand[/b] [url=]The Paraelix Configuration[/url] [url=]Aethilfirth[/url] [b]Garshne[/b] [url=]Unnamed wa story[/url] [b]GeneralJohn1031[/b] [url=]The Great Forum War[/url] [Edited on 07.09.2012 5:37 AM PDT]

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