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4/9/2011 1:48:44 AM

Community Joe Interview - JPeloquin218

For the first ever Community Joe interview we interview JPeloquin218 who shares his love for forging, friends, and men. Totally in the good friendship way though, sicko. [b]Q: So, first off. Who are you and what do you do?[/b] A: I'm Josh, better known as [url=]JPeloquin218[/url] around these parts. I'm 16 years old and I'm currently in Highschool. I'm really involved in Custom Content and if I say so so my self, a pretty knowledgeable and talented forger. I also Administrate one of the largest Custom Content Communities [url=]Forever Forgers.[/url] As you can probably tell, I am really involved in Custom Content, but i am also as involved in the Bungie Community as well. [b]Q: Sounds like you're really into making things. So, what's the story behind that username of your's?[/b] A: My username...meh. Not something I'm proud of really. Just parts of my name put together. But the numbers "218" were something that have always been involved with me in some way. [b]Q: Oh, how mysterious. What does a mysterious guy like you aside from roam Bnet?[/b] A: Being someone who is really interested in Custom Content, I visit sites related to Content such as [url=][/url]. I also check out to visit a private group there called [url=]Satyros.[/url] I don't go off site too much because I have a lot of private groups to also give some attention to. [b]Q: Sounds like you keep yourself busy! What part of gaming do you like then?[/b] A; The fact that I'm good at most of them of course! Lol, seriously though, it is just a nice way to relax from what goes on in life. It keeps be busy and entertained! [b]Q: Who do you win with when you go online?[/b] A: Many kinds of people. Good friends from the Bungie Community that I have come to known and love, and some forgers from all around the Bungie/Halo Community. I have a wide variety of friends. [b]Q: Speaking of Bungie, what was the first Bungie game you picked up and how'd you get into it?[/b] A: The first title I played was Halo 2. Back in '05, I was a 10 year old kind going to my cousin's house. He said he got a new game called "Halo 2". I wanted to play because I heard good things about it. The first thing we played was a 1v1 Custom Game on Lockout. That game introduced me to a whole new meaning of gaming. Halo 2 was a revelation to me. I was amazed by how addicting this game was. Before I knew it, 5 hours had gone by and I went home. I would constantly go over my Cousins house to play Halo 2 with him. And in 2007 when Halo 3 came out, I saved up my money to buy and Xbox 360 along with Halo 3. Ever since then, I have been a loyal Halo fan. [b]Q: Nice, I suppose that's what brought you to Bnet. How do you feel about being active on the site?[/b] A: It's kind of hard to get away from this site. I always have a tab pulled up on my laptop. I have gotten to involved with stuff that it has become a major part of my life. [b]Q: And finally, shout-outs. Who would you like to share some love to?[/b] Of course, to some good friends Sworn Shadow, Elementwrath, Tom T, Godly_Perfection, Homeboyd903, HALO3syourdaddy, Insane54, superduper66, Xx Overkill VR, burritosenior, Paulie Walnuttz, and everyone else on my Friends list. Sorry I cannot list you all. Also a shout-out to all the members in [url=]Forever Forgers.[/url] You guys rock! _______________________________________________________ And that was our interview with Jpeloquin218, what a guy. Thanks to him for making the interview with him possible. Without him we would have never been able to interview him. Stay tuned another time of the next instalment of the Community Joe Interview. [Edited on 04.09.2011 12:42 AM PDT]

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