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4/7/2011 2:12:55 PM

FAQ on Bungie's new IP, PS3, 343 Industries and the future of Halo

[quote]Introduction[/quote] Hello! I have noticed that on several forums including the Reach, Universe, and Flood forums, that several members of the community have been up in arms about Bungie [url=]Hiring for the PS3[/url]. I have created this thread in the hopes that it grows, and from now on whenever a new thread about the hiring or fate of the IP or the PS3, this thread will be linked to cover all their concerns. [quote]History: The new IP and the PS3 hiring[/quote] On April 29, 2010, [url=]Bungie studios and Activision Blizzard announced an exclusive, 10 year partnership[/url]. Fall 2010, Bungie announced they were [url=]hiring for the PS3.[/url] On July 23, 2009, it was made official that Microsoft Games had forged a new publisher called 343 Industries, and that 343 would eventually [url=]take the reigns of Halo from Bungie[/url]. February 1, 2010: [url][/url] [quote]FAQ: Bungie-Activision partnership[/quote] [b]Q: What does this mean for Bungie?[/b] [b]A:[/b] Bungie studios are still and independent developer. Activision has limited say into what Bungie studios creates as games. The 10-year partnership does not mean that Activision has taken over Bungie. [b]Q: Does the 'partnership' bear similar to Microsofts acquiring of Bungie?[/b] [b]A:[/b] No. Microsoft became Bungie's parent company and overseer when they [url=]acquired Bungie in 2000[/url]. This Bungie-Activision partnership does not mean that Activision has taken over Bungie, or vice versa. [b]Q: Okay, so then what does it mean?[/b] [b]A:[/b] It means that Bungie games, for the next 10 years, will be published by Activision. Much how an author {Bungie) will write a book (make a game), and go to a publisher (Activision). This partnership tells us that Bungie's games will, for the next 10 years, be published by Activision exclusively. [b]Q: The Activision partnership was created in 2010. Why didn't it have any bearing on Halo: Reach?[/b] [b]A:[/b] Because Microsoft owns all copyrights to Halo, not Bungie and not Activision. More on this later. [quote]FAQ: Bungie is hiring for the PS3[/quote] [b]Q: Why is Bungie hiring for the PS3?[/b] [b]A:[/b] Play Station 3, like the Xbox360, is an extremely popular gaming station enjoyed all over the world. Bungie wants more people to buy, play, and enjoy their games. And now that Microsoft no longer holds any bearing over Bungie, they no longer have to make Xbox or Xbox360 games exclusively. They're hiring because they need people who know how to work a PS3! [b]Q: Why is Bungie leaving Xbox?[/b] [b]A:[/b] They're not. Bungie's next game is going to be multi-platform, which means it will be released non exclusive for any gaming system. Bungie's next game will be released for the Xbox360, Play Station 3, and possibly the PC. [b]Q: Will Bungie ever make a PS3-only game?[/b] [b]A: [/b] That is [i]highly[/i] unlikely. Activision does not bear exclusive to any console, so the notion that Bungie would is, at this moment, a ludicrous statement. [quote]FAQ on Bungie's new IP[/quote] [b]Q: What the hell is an IP?[/b] [b]A: [/b]Basically, Bungie's new game. Intellectual property, often referred as an IP, is a term referring to a number of distinct types of creations of the mind for which a set of exclusive rights are recognized. [b]Q: What will Bungie's new IP be?[/b] [b]A:[/b] We don't know yet. Most information is either a hypothesis or not solid. We know it will be a game. As of now, our closest hint is Bungie Aerospace. [b]Q: What is Bungie Aerospace?[/b] [b]A:[/b] [url][/url] That is all we have as of now. It is officially by Bungie, and for now it is uncertain if Aerospace will be Bungie's next game, or if the website is just a promotion tool. [b]Q: Per Audacia Ad Astra? What?[/b] [b]A:[/b] It's slogan, [i]Per Audacia Ad Astra[/i], is Latin. Direct Latin translation is shaky, but basically it says [i]"To the stars through audacity"[/i]. [b]Q: Will Bungie's next game be a Halo game?[/b] [b]A:[/b] No. Bungie is no longer making any Halo games. Halo is Microsoft's IP, not Bungie's. Therefore, Bungie can't make a Halo game even if they wanted to. [quote]FAQ on 343 Industries and the future of Halo[/quote] [b]Q: What is 343 Industries?[/b] [b]A:[/b] 343 Industries is a developer owned by Microsoft studios that has been created exclusively for releasing Halo content. Halo now as its own official site ru by 343, [url][/url]. [b]Q: Are they making a new Halo game?[/b] [b]A:[/b] Eventually, yes. But for now, 343i seems quite content with creating new content such as books, animated series', and DLC for Halo: Reach. Their is no official timeframe for when we should expect a new Halo game. [b]Q: What about Bnet? All the stats for my Halo prowess?[/b] [b]A:[/b] Currently, and for the foreseeable future, Bungie will continue to house stats and files for Halo: Reach, Halo ODST, and Halo 3. They will also continue to update and maintain Halo: Reach with playlist updates, as well as moderate the game. But at this moment, that's it. Eventually, (this could be years from now, there is no official timeframe) Halo will be [b]entirely[/b] in the hands on 343i. It will be a slow transition at a snails pace. You won't log onto Bnet one day to see all your stats gone. [quote]Conclusion[/quote] I hope this FAQ proved useful. If not, I would greatly appreciate feedback. And if it did help you or you didn't need this thread's help, please, help me add to it! Let's make this the biggest hub for the subject! Let's come together as a community, and help each other! Thank you for the support! [i]- MegaMuffin16[/i] [Edited on 04.17.2011 5:24 AM PDT]

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