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4/2/2011 6:39:29 PM

Panzie saves the flood. Pt-7(crimson hall)

[url=]Previous chapter[/url] Joker stood at the entrance to the Crimson hallway. The blood red walls gave him a shiver. Earlier, while they were setting up their ambush, a large wall of furry abominations stormed out of the door, and assaulted them. Joker's squad repelled the assault, but two of his men had been bitten badly. The others suffered only minor wounds. The small army of furries had run away, probably to find other exits. Suddenly, a large explosion rocked from deep inside the hallway. The explosion startled Joker, but he didn't let his comrades see it. With a leap, he vaulted over a make-shift defensive barricade. Chilling sounds blared through the hall, A rage filled battle cry, The deadly sound of an oversize cougar, Loud slamming sounds, and lots roaring. A golden sound of pure beauty erupted, and ended the fray of noise. One of Joker's allies shifted. A giant roar erupted from the hall and a loud pounding could be heard. Out of the doorway stepped a small child, a furry, But far too small to have made that sound. Joker looked deeper into the hall. His eyes widened. Burning his way through the hall in large bounding strides, panzie was wrapped in an aura of bright rainbow. Somehow they emanated a pure kind of strength. Before he could order for his squad to fire, something in panzie's arms stopped him. He smacked down the barrel of his closest comrades gun. In panzie's arms, a small frail woman was bleeding profusely. Blood drenched down panzie's armor. "Hold fire, don't hit the girl!" he yelled before anyone could squeeze off a shot. Panzie didn't slow down. Just before getting to the line of ramshackle defensive set ups, he jumped over them and slammed through a wall behind. Joker turned to chase him, but panzie was already gone. Joker looked into the Crimson hallway. "We've lost him for now", He said, cursing under his breath. Joker checked his shotgun. One of his comrades spoke up. It was Reaper. "Should we check for clues in there?" he said, pointing down the crimson hall, then scratching the shallow bite mark on his arm. Joker mulled the idea through his mind, then agreed. "Form up, were checking whatever is down that hall." he said, then motioned for all of them to follow. The group shuffled down the hallway with weapons at the ready, most were armor piercing DMR's, which were very limited in cqc. Joker jumped a little inside with each open doorway. As the group passed by one, a slobbering rabbit woman jumped out and savagely kicked one of Joker's squad members. the entire squad oppened fire into her. Leaving her the rabbit equivalent of swiss cheese. With only a few more incursions, the group finally made their way to a pair of blown in doors, Furries scattered the ground in front of it. One, a small child, Had it's face completely smashed in. [i]Whay monster would slaughter inoccents like this, then again, what monster would create these abominations in the first place[/i], he thought to himself. A quick look into the room revealed a burning hulk of fur and muscle Panzie must have killed. In the corner, a datapad with "Seneka" Stenciled on the back sat in a pool of warm, dark blood. Blood dripped from the datapad's plastic casing as Joker picked it up and turned it on. Sadly, the device was strongly encrypted, and would require time to examine. Reaper coughed. Joker turned to him then saw a shadow move across the room. He pushed Reaper aside and faced the threat. Out of the shadows, Duardo stood behind a small squad of wolf and fox furries. Each one held a blow gun. With a pthoooth, they sent a wave of thick tipped syringe darts at the squad. Three of the six squad members fell under the volley of deadly darts. Reaper was the first one, and the hardest hit. Nearly eight syringes filled his body with a creamy brown liquid. Joker watched from behind a dart covered desk as half his squad writhed on the floor. As the pinging of deflected darts subsided, he jumped out to deliver a powerful shotgun blast at his adversaries. They had already left. He looked at his squad members on the floor. One of his remaining ones reached a hand down to pull up his downed teamate. With a wet ripping sound, erupted from him. A large scorpion tail burst through and stabbed the helping teammate. killing him with it's powerful poison. All three of the downed squadmembers transformed before his eyes. The one who killed his team mate ripped apart and formed into a tan armored insect, a large scorpion stinger swung menacingly behind him. the second began filling out, until his muscles were huge, and his face was the shape of a powerful tusked boar. Reaper, turned to a large cockroach-like creature, several arms grew from his abdomen and swung like razor sharp spikes. Joker looked at his last remaining squad member, A young woman who the squad affectionately called "8". Both took no time in running as fast as their legs could take them. Slamming into his back, the boar squadmate knocked him against a wall. Turning to it just in time to see it begin another charge, 8 jumped on it's back and stabbed it repeatedly in the side. The deep slashes did little against the thick, dark hide. The boar man grabbed her and threw her on the ground. He then picked her up and threw her against his knee, breaking her back. Joker roared. Full of anger, he fired an ineffective shotgun blast into the boar's chest, stunning him. Then pulled a Incendiary grenade from his belt, jammed it into the monster's mouth and turned to run. 8 reached for Joker's hand, and he picked her up, her feelingless legs flopped behind like jello. With all of his speed, he ran from the inevitable explosion. With a ear shattering koopah, the boar's head exploded in a shower of red, white, and pink. then he toppled to the ground. Running, Joker slowly became slower and slower until he was pulling something. Looking behind him, Joker realized the scorpion had shot 8 with a thick gooey stream of golden green liquid. It was pulling her toward it. Reaper was running toward them, his deadly secondary blade arms swinging viscerally. Knowing she had doomed Joker, 8 let go, and began pulling toward the two bulky insects. Joker turned to pick her back up, but he was cut off by reaper, and his swinging scyth arms. Behind it, 8 saluted Joker, then turned to the scorpion-man and pulled out an assault rifle. Joker, cursed himself then continued running. Reaper's pounding footsteps eventually subsided. The sound of assault rifle fire still echoed through the hall. Joker continued running until he was at the entrance to the crimson hall, he stopped to catch his breath. The gunfire had long since stopped. Between his haggard intakes of oxygen, Joker felt pain and sorrow at the loss of his entire squad. Guilt burned through him like an angry fire, every thought was filled with hate and bitterness. He would never trust bungie again. Fishing out the datapad, he made himself a promise to figure out what was in it, and why bungie wanted it kept secret. Joker turned to the first hallway of the building, then started out. Suddenly, Reaper burst from an air vent above and pinned Joker to the ground. He stabbed his scyth arms through Joker's left arm and right leg, pinning him there. Reaper edged his still human face toward Joker and let out an evil hiss. He opened his mouth to reveal rows of insect mandibles, a large spike glistened with juices as it prepared to stab into joker. "-blam!- YOU, you mother -blam!-", he screamed as he pulled his m6c magnum from his hip holster and jammed it into Reaper's maw. With a strong defiant battle cry, he unloaded his firearm into Reaper's "mouth". Bits of bug juice dripped down from the mushy, pulverized face of what had once been Joker's youngest squad member. Above him, the dying body twitched, and released Joker from it's death grip. Joker rolled the spasming body off of him, then started limping toward the open door of the facility, Dawn's early bluish light filtered into the facility, setting a gastly tinge to Joker, as he stood at the doorway. Blood streamed from his wounds. Summoning up his strenght, Joker left the facility at a limp.
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