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4/2/2011 3:44:38 AM

Panzie saves the flood. Pt-6(Furries)

[url=]Previous chapter[/url] Panzie looked around. What he had believed to be a factory, was in fact closer to a med clinic. The walls were a dull whitewash, lacking any kind of reference point to judge distance. Despite having cleaned the blood from her pants, Rogue still had a dark crimson stain across her waist and legs. Panzie mused on turning it into a dirty joke, but decided against it. Rogue led the way through the abandoned facility as they jogged through the clinic at a fast pace. The lack of guards or personnel surprised panzie, and gave him a slight itch in the back of the head. "Empty tonight" Rogue said quietly. "Must be the lat hour", panzie said, then checked his new datapad. 2:00 pm. The pair made their way to a staircase that led to What a sign on the wall called "Testing grounds". Above the staircase, two guards watched with iron hard eyes. Nothing would be slipping past these two. Panzie and Rogue hid behind a cleaning cart. With a rustle, Rogue pulled a small pistol from her pack, then requisitioned a suppressor from a different pocket. "I like to keep this for long range encounters" She said as she attached the piece to the pistol. "too right", panzie said, catching the veiled reference. Rogue rolled out from behind the cart and fired her pistol at the guards. The closest guard fell with a hole in his throat. The second didn't have time to react before he was hit in the chest and head. The pair of infiltrators checked for more hostiles, but finding nothing, made their way to the door. Blood oozed from the two bodies on the floor. One twitched and moaned. After a couple seconds, the guard fell silent. Panzie Looked at the door. It would take a few minutes to open it silently. The pair started working. Outside, a Dark figure crumbled some dry earth in his hands. A squad of mis-matched figures surrounded him, awaiting the results. "He's inside" The man said, standing up. Not the joker was a dark haired man of average height and wore square wire-rim glasses. An assault shotgun strapped to his back shifted as he turned toward the facility. Normally he would fight bungie in most of their endeavors, but today was much different. This "panzie" as he was called, had killed thousands of floodians in the last week. Two of whom had been in his squad. Joker clenched his fist in a white knuckle grip. Panzie would have to pay for what he had done. With that, he motioned for his squad to go inside. With a light push, Rogue opened the door to a larger hallway with dark crimson walls. The hallway was much darker and evil than the bright, antiseptic smelling one they had just came from. A redish tint seemed to emenate from the flourescent lights that filled the top center of this hallway. Bungie promotional signs cast a navy blue on the otherwise crimson environment. Rogue and Panzie walked down this hall more slowly than the last, the dark colors would hide an enemy well. With a start, Rogue held her hand up in a fist, signaling Panzie to stop. Seconds passed as the pair listened for what had alerted rogue. Within a minute of stopping, a dull muffed scream echoed through the hall. The duo jogged as quickly as possible to the source. As they rounded a corner, a tough plexiglass window shook, The screaming emanated from behind it. With a burst of speed, panzie charged to the window and looked inside. What he saw disgusted him. Inside of what was apparently a test room, stood a man. A grotesque hard body perched on top and waved pincers from what Panzie could only describe as a mouth. Broken bits of concrete wall marked where the man had slammed the creature into them, likely in an attempt to remove it. Panzie reached for the knob to unlock it, but realized what he expected to be a deadly crab like creature, was in fact, the man's head. With a curdling scream, the creature slammed itself against the plexiglass. Each hit knocked the monster back with no effect. The creature smacked the window again before realizing it was a fruitless endeavor. The creature stepped back and stared at the pair through the glass. With a scream, it brandished one of its disgusting half-claws. The creature slammed its meaty tan claw at the widow, but it hit and rebounded with no effect. Panzie and rogue stepped away from the monster and continued down the hall. Several windowed rooms held similar examples of scientific monstrosity. In one room, a woman with bunny ears and appendages rocked on the ground with foam coming from her contorted mouth. Several needles covered the floor around her. In another, a reptilian man swung carelessly on a noose fashioned from security camera wiring. Rogue spoke up, trying to keep her eyes from the macabre images in each room. "What the hell is this?" "It looks like their experimenting with the furry virus,"Panzie said, looking into each room with interest. The pair passed by a jackal-child eating on a semi-human corpse. Rogue shivered. "Why would they do something this horrible?" She asked, now fighting off the urge to vomit with each window pass. The subjects in each were getting worse. "They could be looking for a cure," He said "Or a bio weapon" "Maybe their just -blam!- insane", Rogue said, a small slip of bitter anger emerging. The pair rounded a corner and were greeted by an end of the window rooms. Ahead, a large door with "laboratory" painted above loomed. "We can probably find some information there", Rogue said coldly. Panzie agreed. The pair increased their speed toward the door. Reaching it. They discovered that this door was locked with a hefty, expensive-looking code lock. Rogue kneeled and examined the lock. "This one is going to be a tough one.", She said, pulling a codebreaker from her backpack. She plugged the codebreaker into the control box and pushed a button. After five seconds of hard running, the powerful encryption program in the lock realized it was being had. Instantly, the lock activated the base security system. A loud warning horn blared a loud booeeep. Behind them, the sounds of doors flying open and animalistic screams started closing in. "Blow the damn door", Panzie yelled before he realized Rogue was already working on it. "Thirty seconds" she said, as she typed in her datapad and fished out large explosives. Down the hall, a small army of furries charged toward the two intruders. Inhuman and human cries alike shattered the once quiet hallway. Panzie kicked a tall fox-like man in the chest. The unfortunate man flew into the wall of his comrades and was stomped below. Rage and anger burned in their eyes as they swarmed panzie. Furry and scale covered bodies flew as panzie kicked and punched against the surrounding furries, trying to keep them from rogue. The jackal-child from earlier tried to bite panzie in the leg, but was met with a brutal kick that smashed in his slobbering insane eyes, killing him. The lab-made monsters threw themselves at Panzie, some of their thick, sharp claws left deep scratches in his armor. One woman, the size and strength of a lion, pounced on panzie and began slashing at his head. A punch to the face and knee to the stomach launcher her off. Now panzie desperately fought them from on the ground. With a flash, Rogue pounced over the growling, slashing mass of furries, an explosion knocked them from panzie. Panzie got to his feet. Rogue was swinging a ninjahto and beheading any who hadn't been killed by the blast. She finished and looked at a Small young girl with cat ears, eyes, and a long bushy tail. The girl was in tears. Rogue raised her sword for another cut, but panzie held it back. "We need to keep moving.", he said, obviously trying to make rogue stop. [Edited on 04.01.2011 8:03 PM PDT]
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