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3/24/2011 7:23:32 AM

The Armory Man Easter Egg!

[quote][url=][u][b][i]Join AMEE Now![/i][/b][/u][/url][/quote] As many of you know Bungie has been good at hiding easter eggs and it is rumored that there are still more out there. Many people try to find clues in all places to find it and many believe there is an easter egg hidden within the armory. As many others have, I believed that Bungie left a clue, something obvious that we are just missing. Well i think i got it. Has anyone even thought to consider this... Every time you go to change your armor or download a file or look at challenges theres one thing that shows up as soon as you press start, the armory. Well has anyone noticed the picture just before entering the armory of a Spartan wearing these armory pieces: [quote][url=][b]Full Armor As Of Now.[/b][/url] -Helmet: [url=][b]JFO(HUL-1)[/b][/url] -Left Shoulder: [url=][b]EVA[/b][/url] -Right Shoulder: [url=][b]Commando[/b][/url] -Chest: [url=][b]Collar/Breacher[/b][/url] -Wrist: [url=][b]Tactical/TACPAD[/b][/url] -Utility: [url=][b]Tactical/Trauma Kit[/b][/url] -Visor Color: [url=][b]Silver[/b][/url] -Knee Guards: [url=][b]Unknown[/b][/url] -Armor Effect: [url=][b]Unknown (Not Available)[/b][/url] -Firefight Voice: [url=][b]Unknown (Not Available)[/b][/url] -Primary Color: [url=][b]Brown[/b][/url] -Secondary Color: [url=][b]Coral[/b][/url] -Elite Armor: [url=][b]Ranger[/b][/url] [/quote] [quote][b][u]Use the Armory Man as your main Spartan Armor! Also identify yourself with this thread by changing your service tag to AMEE (Armory Man Easter Egg)[/u][/b][/quote] *If you see any mistakes post and i will update it Lets try to get the whole picture As of now i do not have JFO so i can not test it out but maybe if someone is wearing this armor we can find something, possibly paying close attention to details while in theathre mode. Please Discuss and add any other ideas. [quote][url=http://empty][u]Edit 1:[/u][/url] It turns out this might be the spartan shown when a new season of the arena releases so lets try to see if it gives us a bigger/better picture of the armory man * I have bought the JFO Helmet and have gotten my spartan close to the actual thing I am just missing Commando Right Shoulder and the helmet HUL[/quote] [quote][url=http://empty][u]Edit 2:[/u][/url] - I have confirmed that the colors are steel and coral as, if you put those colors on then switch to a ranger elite check out the player tab it will be exactly the same color and looks the same. * It may not be Steel, I have reviewed and it seems brown also looks the same in both the Spartan and Elite armor. Everyone start comparing the colors and try to find the right one So they are linked, lets find the rest of the armor. If anyone hd tv maybe you can see the picture clearer and look under the words armory to find the wrist and utility and knees[/quote] [quote][url=http://empty][u]Edit 3:[/u][/url] First possible major breakthrough: I have a theory that if you play through the campaign on heroic (the way Halo is meant to be played) with certain skulls on (maybe just the iwhbyd as it was the "big one" in Halo 3) as each member of Noble team in order of each members number, Noble 6 being all default, and then add another playthrough as "Noble 7" (the mystery Spartan in the menu picture) with his armor, that something big will unlock. 7 playthoughs as 7 different Noble members to unlock the ultimate easter egg. Lets work together to keep finding clues.[/quote] [quote][url=http://empty][u]Edit 4:[/u][/url] Well I am have a new theory (well its really just adding on to the previous edit). As you may have noticed Bungie has stressed that "Noble Actual" is a complete campaign mission in itself (stating that "Noble Actual" is he first level of the game), but why? They could have easily made it the opening cutscene to the level "Winter Contingency", as they have done with previous games, but instead they made it a campaign level. * On a related note, isn't the famous "Noble 7" figurine, Noble Actual (D. Holland)? I believe it is so here is what i propose: If we play "Noble Actual" as Noble Actual, and play throughout the rest of the Campaign as Noble 6 (The Armory Man), and then in the missions in which a Noble member dies you play as that Noble (I know that 2 Nobles died in the mission "Pillar of Autumn" but so maybe paying in co-op, player 1 as Carter and player 2 as Emile), and then maybe after that playthrough (on Heroic) we can unlock actual(un-intended pun) gameplay in the mission "Noble Acual". Lets get the exact armor that Noble Actual has.[/quote] [quote][url=http://empty][u]Edit 5:[/u][/url] [u]Campaign:[/u] I was recently (just minutes ago), playing Winter Contingency on Legendary with Mythic, IWHBYD, and Grunt Birthday Party on. There wereent any problems during the game except some lags and I saw my first bob (but i missed it with my truck my friend killed it), and at the end of the game, the screen faded but then something happened, Suddenly a blue screen appeared with a blue circle in the center. Now it looked kind of like when an iPod Touch is cracked on the inside but somehow different. I do not really know how to explain it. Anyways, It was weird and the page stayed like that fo a few seconds and then went back to normal. At first I thought my xbox had somehow broken but then my friends said they also saw it. During the playthrough we basically rushed through it killing only a handful of covenant and beating the level in only 16:42. I think it may be connected to the easter egg, maybe when i rushed through some type of "lock" (like a disc lock that flaming head/recon had?) wasnt able to load therefore creating a lag that opened that blue screen at the end of the game. In my opinion this proves something is hidden in the campign that we cant see yet. *I am currently reviewing the game video to see if I can see the screen again in the video but I highly doubt it. [u]Firefight:[/u] Nothing major but I noticed, as I was playing firefight on Unearthed, that when the bonus round started after the time ran out the game went on, I also noticed, after being overun by elites with snipers, spartan lasers, and fuel rods (I died Kat style lol needle to the head), that you can go into free view mode like in theathre while the game is still going on. If I'm not mistaken this is new in Unearthed (I do not really play Firefight that much) so maybe it is there so we can look around and find something, a minor easter egg or a clue to something bigger. Either way just in case it is of any use, I was playing on Firefight Arcade.[/quote] * I just finished checking the video and the blue screen does show up! I uploaded the picture and video onto my file share. * Here is the screenshot: [url=]Weird Blue Screen[/url] [url=]Weird Blue Screen 2[/url] Also the video: [url=]Full Game Video (its at the very last few seconds)[/url] [quote][url=http://empty][u]Edit 6:[/u][/url] I found something interesting while playing in campaign co-op just now It is a simple way to be able to play/walk around the area in which the scientist is found dead (the area where you are attacked by Elite Zealots), it is very simple. It has to be in co op with at least 2 players. Once you are in that small room just before you find the dead body go to the wall at the end, theres a fence there. Get your friend to stand on the wall then simply hop on him and then crouch hop over the fence and you can go anywhere except directly up to the scientists dead body. If you want to get your friend over just get both of you up to the wall and (the person in the area) melee your friend to death, from there he will spawn in with you. Maybe we can do this in several areas in the game and find hints, clues, easter eggs. Lets do our best to search all corners of Reach. I think we should be more concerned with the mission New Alexandria as it is the biggest map ever made by Bungie[/quote] [Edited on 04.17.2011 9:57 PM PDT]
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