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3/23/2011 6:37:15 PM

Panzie saves the flood. Pt-3(investigation)

[url=]Link to previous chapter.[/url] Panzie awoke to a somber day. Outside the window, Raindrops filled the air as if even the heavens were crying. yesterday, thousands died in the explosion that destroyed the main floodian forum. Panzie got up from bed and leaned over, noticing dried blood and soot covering his armor. The rain outside fell in sheets, filling the room with noise. Panzie let out a sigh, then got up. The light clink of his armor echoed through the cold room, but panzie ignored it. He steeled himself. Today he would have a lot of work to do. Panzie walked over to his closet and opened it. Inside, a rack held several weapons. One, the magazine to an ak-47. Dents covered it and scratches crisscrossed it. Beside it, lying upright, what looked like a bazooka from ww2. Somehow a silencer was suspended on the end. Finally a banjo with flame decals floated almost two feet above the closet floor. The instrument seemed to drip "rainbow juice" which fell upon the floor and evaporated. Panzie looked at each one with pride, then strapped all of them on. The launcher via a strap, the clip via a small magazine holster, and the banjo simply stayed on his back with no support. Slowly panzie walked toward the door to his single bedroom mansion, then exploded out the door. With a swiftness few floodians could comprehend, Panzie made his way to the scene of the attack. Heavy rain buffeted him, leaving trails of water across his visor, and cleaning his armor. Taking long jump-like strides that propelled him to the disaster site like a stern faced gazelle. Rounding the corner of a tall skyscraper dubbed "Cheerios central." He saw the wreckage further off down the road. Around the crater lay downed buildings, upturned earth and cars that had been thrown. A few bodies still lined the streets, but recovery teams were slowly picking all of them up cursing at the horrid rain. On what was once a hill overlooking the forum, Several official looking floodians were looking at things set up on a table. Panzie set toward them to see if they could give him a glean into what could have happened. As he entered the small tent-like room, several heavily armed guards swarmed to block his path. One of them, a mustachioed man with a bungie insignia on his arm badgered him. "Authorized flood only sir, Harlow isn't allowing anyone in." He said, obviously throwing his weight into the words, which there was a lot of. Panzie simply pushed the man down as he puffed up his chest, then stepped over him. The man's fellow guards pointed their weapons at him and started shouting. Through the tent flap, Harlow and Recon appeared, holstering miniatur Ion cannons. Both of them looked at panzie like he was an idiot, then harlow began to speak, "Panzie you are the worst assassin I have ever seen. Prepare to die." Then he began to charge his weapon. Recon put his hand on the top of Harlow's cannon for a second, "How about we not jump to conclusions here eh?" "We have reason to believe that you are responsible for this act of terrorism, You will be tried in a Bungie court" Lightning flashed outside the tent. "You may be found inocent, and in which case you will be released, as per bungie forum law. Before Recon could continue, Panzie spoke in a deep and powerful, yet kind voice. "To be honest, I don't care. All I want is too see if you have any leads I may follow. These monsters need to pay for what they have done." Panzie seemed to think for a second. "What makes you think it was me?" He said in his most diplomatic way. Harlow and Recon looked at panzie for a couple of seconds. Harlow began to speak, "We...we sent an investigation team into the heart of the ruins to find evidence. All they found was This." With that, he help up a phial of what appeared to be a rainbow of color trapped in a bottle, the rainbow material had the consistency of blood. "You are the only floodian we have on file with blood similar to this. It is also very resistant to damage, another trait we have found is singular to you." Recon said, the information adding to his case and thus, his ego. "now if you will just come with me." Panzie chuckled. "If you think you can, then do it. but in the meantime, I have a lead to follow." With that, panzie turned and headed for the door. "stop him" Recon said to the guards. Before they could react, Panzie kicked on of the tent's support beams and the tent fell in behind him, now a glistening wet, writhing mass of tarp. Panzie took off at a fast jog, before recon or Harlow could follow. His footsteps accompanied by the occasional splash. Somehow, a group who would never attack the flood, was the first on his mental list.
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