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3/18/2011 1:30:35 AM

The Arab Spring (Tunisia, Libya, Egypt,Yemen,Syria)UPDATE 433

This thread was started after the [url=]UNSC[/url] approved the no-flyzone over Libya, and mostly follows the events surrounding The Arab Spring that began in Tunisia, on the fateful day a man was denied his fruit cart, and spread across the Arab world in a push for democratic reform. [url=] AlJazeera LIVE[/url] [url=]Current LIVE Blog On Libya Courtesy of AlJazeera[/url] [url=]Current LIVE Blog on Yemen Courtesy of AlJazeera[/url] [url=]Current LIVE Blog on Syria Courtesy of AlJazeera[/url] [url=]BBC Africa[/url] [url=]BBC Middle East[/url] [url=]CBC World News[/url] [quote][/quote] As people seem to still be posting here, I will add this updates again as i see them rather than creating a new thread, if you guys keep posting i'll keep updating. [u]LIBYA[/u] Gaddafi is dead. He was captured after a NATO plane hit his convoy escaping Sirte after the rebels took it earlier today, heavily wounded, he was taken to a hospital in Misurata where he succumbed to his wounds. NATO has confirmed that they hit the convoy, but has not directly seen the body yet. it's worth noting that some other sources say he died under different circumstances, killed by NTC forces in Sirte when found, shot in the head, or shot in both legs and dieing of blood loss. All that is confirmed is he is dead and taken to a location in Misurata 17:01 10/21 [u]LIBYA[/u] The NTC is allowing for the UN to send a 3rd party investigative group to look into the circumstances of Gaddafi's death, after questions were raised by Russia suggesting Gaddafi was executed rather than killed in a crossfire during his trip to hospital in Misurata the NTC maintains he died in crossfire when a firefight broke out around the ambulance he was being carried in. 09:09 10/24 [u]TUNISIA[/u] Due to a massive voter turn out (more than 90% of the country) election results will be announced later today or early tomorrow, due to the extra time needed to count the votes. The Election committee did not expect such enthusiastic turnout and were caught unprepared. The views of the currently leading al Nahda party can be found [url=]here[/url]. They are pro-western, and follow a Malaysian/Turkish model for allowing Islam to exist but refusing to allow extremism in rule. [u]LIBYA[/u] The NTC has called for an investigation into how Gaddafi died, after allegations going both ways have emerged. The NTC also Announced Libya's formal Liberation yesterday, and said elections will happen in the next 6 to 8 months Gaddafi's second son Saadi, fled to Niger and has been arrested by authorities there. They will hand him over to the NTC. [u]EGYPT[/u] Parliamentary elections are to be held in a matter of weeks, and Presidential Elections to be held in early 2013. There is growing concern in the populous that the SCAF will only allow people to run who had connections to the Mubarak regime, resulting in no change. People are stirring and suggestions of armed revolution in the coming months are floating. [u]YEMEN[/u] The Yemeni government has accepted and agreed to a UNSC resolution that called for Saleh to step down in exchange for immunity, and that condemned the Government's crack down. The government said they would work with the UN on this matter. [u]Syria[/u] The US has withdrawn it's ambassador for security reasons and closed it's embassy in Syria, It is one of the last to do so from western nations. Thanks for paying attention to these major world events, a country's journey to freedom requires the support of the entire world, and even just paying attention helps. [quote][/quote] [Edited on 10.24.2011 8:09 AM PDT]
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