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8/7/2004 4:14:55 AM

Starting from Scratch

I was trying to figure out what board to place this thread under and I figured the Flood is as good as any. If not, sorry! Well, I've been interested in started a Halo club at my college for some time now. This club will be a branch off of our already large Gaming club and offer on campus LANs about once a week. While I'm sure there are enough students to maintain this club once it is started, some problems arise that I am still trying to work out and would like any ideas or comments you folks have to offer. The first and most demanding problem is.. Space. Our Memorial Union is a decent sized building with a whole second floor dedicated to clubs. While I think there is a room I can "rent" out once a week for this club, there comes the problem of finding TVs/Xboxs/Halo copies and housing them all together so we don't burn the building down. I have been to LANs before and we have had enough TVs so that the most people on an X-box is 3. I have played with 4-way split screens and its not very enjoyable. My Ideal would be for there to be the most of 2 people a TV but that right there is a large quantity. Especially if the club gets more popular and gets more members. The second challenge is... Funding. I believe if a club has 10 or so members it can ask for funding from the school. I do not know how much this amount is yet but I'm sure it's not a ton. Not enough to buy the X-boxes I need. This money would go towards less expensive necessities such as Link cables, power cords, food, and fans. Another way to get funding is to ask for membership, not exactly a tempting thought in my mind. If it comes to that, what do you think a decent price would be? Next up is... Promotion. I don't want to bite off more than I can chew at the very beginning and will try to organize a nice, faithful knit that will be regulars. Once these obstacles that I have mentioned above are overcome, or dealt with enough, I would like to promote this club to more people. More people = More funding. Flyers and sign-up sheets at the Gaming Club are obvious but maybe more hands on demonstrations would be welcomed. Last year a group of people set up a TV at the entrance of the Union and offered "Halo for Charity" at a dollar a game, winner stays in. Things like this would be a great way to attract new and old Halo players alike. Are there anymore ideas that you could suggest that would help get people interested in a Halo club? Thanks all for reading this and giving your thoughts. Also, let me know how the LANs you have been to function with people over 8.

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