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4/22/2006 10:19:34 PM

Of Shadow and Darkness: Chapter 7

[url=] Prologue[/url] [url=] Chapter One[/url] [url=] Chapter Two[/url] [url=] Chapter Three[/url] [url=] Chapter Four[/url] [url=] Chapter Five[/url] [url=] Chapter Six[/url] [b]\\//][][[/b] GameJunkieJim grasped a wrist four times the size of his own, and squeezed. A hand jerked open, a blade dropped, and a virus suddenly found its own sword embedded in its chest. GameJunkieJim pulled the sword out of the warrior's crumpled mountain of flesh, and hefted the massive blade in one hand. The other swung his Ban Hammer into motion, while the nearest skull failed to stop it. It was easy, the only thing he had to avoid hitting was Achronos. Since he was surrounded by Warrior-Viruses, this seemed a small worry. Achronos, standing almost as tall as a warrior virus, hefted a flechette cannon in one hand, and a diamond Ban Hammer in the other. The flechette cannon coughed, and five viruses mingled as a cloud of black flesh. The hammer arced through the air, and a virus shattered like glass. GameJunkieJim slashed a blade away, and crushed the arm holding another. His new blade danced around him, deflecting attacks, while his hammer returned them. He seemed to blur as he moved. Achronos stood his ground, seeming to move slowly, ponderously. No matter which way the Warrior-Viruses tried to attack him, they could not get inside his Ban-Hammer's reach. The shimmering hammer always happened to occupy the same location as a Virus, and that Virus always died. The more wary Warriors stayed out of reach of both Moderators. The more wary Warriors were shredded by the massive cannon Achronos wielded like a toy, or picked off by the members behind him. Over seventy members had made it to the Septagon before the Virus attacked. Nearly fifty of them were still fighting the Virus. * * * * * ObbiQuiet sent three bullets through the Warrior Viruses neck, then tracked towards the next monster. His rifle left three holes in the black plate armor, and the new Virus fell forwards, one blade cleaving the coblestones, and the other clattering to the ground. As she loosed three more rounds into the mass of Warriors, he breathed, "[i]Nine[/i]." And dropped the clip from his rifle. Sliding the next one into place, she heard the click, and cocked the weapon. Another Virus died. Eight more piles of black flesh soon dripped putrid darkness on the cobblestones. ObbiQuiet dropped the clip out of his rifle, but the next Virus was too close her to reload. The lumbering Warrior brought both blades down onto ObbiQuiet as he blocked them with the rifle. The impact drove her to the ground. The crack to his head sent her vision wavering, and ObbiQuiet suddenly saw four blades swinging down on him again. She rolled to the side as the blades sent cobblestones and sparks flying. As his vision snapped back into focus, he pushed herself up and rammed the bayonet up, between the Viruses armor, and into its stomach. The Virus, blades raised over its head for a third blow, screamed and lost its grip. The blades fell from its hands, and its body buckled forwards. Pulling the rifle away from the dark mound, ObbiQuiet rammed his last clip home, and spun to face the next Virus. As it raised its blades, ObbiQuiet pulled the trigger. * * * * * Shai Hulud saw ObbiQuiet raise his rifle, and focused on two gouges in its side, where the blades had been deflected. He tried to yell a warning as ObbiQuiet pulled the trigger. The rifle blew apart in her face, and jerked his arm around, bending it in the wrong places. Shai Hulud ran towards the Virus, rasing his claymore as the black blades scissored through ObbiQuiet's body. * * * * * As Achronos brought his hammer down, once more connecting to a Virus, he saw a nightmare. He stared in horror as it approached. Another hammer. Black and red, and dripping blood. He hadn't known that dmbfan09 was dead. * * * * * [i]The Virus was nearing its final objective. It had a key, and it had a weapon, and they were both one and the same. It only had to reach the lock.[/i] * * * * * LordCrotchpants saw the line ahead of him falter, and stop. He could see the walls of the Septagon ahead, rising over the nearby threads. MinkOWar, Halifax, and Furiah broke away from the group ahead, and disappeared into the alleys. Understanding, and dread, started to trickle into his mind even before Shishka turned around. The moderator's voice carried all the way to the back of the group. "Search for survivors!" [Edited on 4/22/2006]
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