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1/12/2011 12:24:21 AM

A accidental conversation of a peculiar nature

I got a random text message from a number I didn't recognise on saturday, I figured I'll have some fun with this person. 555-WETIP: Yoo Me: Hello Me: By the way, who is this? 555-WETIP: This is taylor, I may have texted the wrong number, sorry. Me: Maybe, or maybe fate has intended for us to meet, that it was not by chance but by destiny that you mistyped the number of the intended recepient. Taylor: Yeah i did. Lol. So wait...who are you? Me: When I was a young child, a prophet approached me and said on the 11th year of the 21st century I will receive a text message from a brave warrior by the name of taylor saying "Yoo". He said this warrior will protect me from a 30ft tall demon that can breathe fire and shoot laser beams from it's -blam!-. And that after a glorious battle between the warrior and the demon, I am to become emperor of the new world government. He described this warrior as very powerful, with a scar over his/her left eye caused by The Last Albino Panther. Do you happen to possess such a scar? Taylor: Uhhh?...I put my hair over my eye alot? Does that help...Who are you and whats your name?!?!?! Me: My name is Charles Joseph Hesse the fifth. My father is Charles Joseph Hesse the fourth, son of Charles Joseph Hesse the third. I am but a farmhand amongst the Highland Village. Do you happen to possess a sword? Taylor: I do not... Me: Well, you'll need to forge one. Traditional steel won't harm the demon, so it'll have to be crafted from dragon bones. Fortunately this is mating season for them this time of year. Whelps are generally more vulnurable, while their bones are more dense. Unfortunately, few blacksmiths are capable of forging with dragonbone. I happen to know of one that can, but acquiring his assistance may be difficult because he is dead. So we'll have to travel to the underworld and make a deal with the devil in exchance for his aid. Do you happen to know a mage? Taylor: Nope. You're a weirdo bye. Me: ...But the prophecy!!! Taylor: I don't care...You're acting weird...And like you act like one of those dungeons and dragons geeks. Byee Me: And to think you call yourself a warrior. Taylor: Yep. [Edited on 01.11.2011 5:57 PM PST by Captain K Mart]
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