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11/3/2010 3:55:01 PM

Credit/Double/Super Jackpot FAQs (w/ 3 Pictures + 3 Videos Posted)

[quote][/quote] [B]***UPDATE #3***[/B] If ANYONE gets a slot machine of exactly 4000 cR please try and get a picture of it for clarification. [B]PLEASE MAKE SURE TO POST YOUR GAME LINK WHEN YOU GOT THE CREDIT JACKPOT SO THAT WE CAN COMPARE AND ANALYZE GAMES TO POSSIBLY FIGURE OUT SOME OF THE THRESHOLDS.[/B] [B]***END UPDATE***[/B] [quote][/quote] It seems like there are a lot of questions being asked in regards to this, so hopefully we can get some answers and get them compiled here to alleviate some confusion. If you have the answers, additional questions, screenshots, etc. please share and I'll update as needed. [quote][b]Q: What is the difference between the Slot Machine and the Jackpot?[/b] A: There is no difference. [url=]Slot Machine and Jackpot are synonymous[/url], but a lot of people refer to the Jackpot as being above 7,777 cR and the Slot Machine being 3,000 cR or less.[/quote] [quote][b]Q: What is the Credit Jackpot and how many games do you need to play to get it?[/b] A: Credit Jackpots are for players who routinely finish their games. This is not an every game reward and seems to be random like the 777 on the Slot Machine. Since the update the new 777 cR is now 3,000 cR. So if you received either 777 cR or 3000 cR, these are NOT the Jackpots. There is no set number of games to play. There is some sort of threshold though it is not known.[/quote] [quote][b]Q: What is the Super Jackpot?[/b] A: The Super Jackpot is the same as a normal Credit Jackpot (7,777 cR), but you have a [url=]50 times greater chance of winning it[/url] during that date range/playlist. However, the odds are now [url=]approximately 100 times greater of winning the Super Jackpot. Additionally, you also have a much smaller chance of winning the Super Jackpot outside of the specified playlist.[/url][/quote] [quote][b]Q: When can you earn the Super Jackpot?[/b] A: Only during specified times as indicated by Bungie. Super Jackpot weekends began on 29-Apr-2011. They range from Friday afternoons to Sunday midnight. Each weekend is a specific playlist that has recently went through gameplay updates.[/quote] [quote][b]Q: What is the Double Jackpot?[/b] A: The Double Jackpot is available in certain playlists at certain times. You have a very likely chance to win double what the slot machine value should be. For example, a 743 cR slot machine would result in a 1,486 cR slot machine.[/quote] [quote][b]Q: Is the Credit Jackpot permanent or temporary?[/b] A: Currently, it is assumed that this is a permenant bonus to help people get to higher ranks quicker and an incentive for people not to quit out of their games. [/quote] [quote][b]Q: Why are we just now hearing about it rather than when the game was first released?[/b] A: When we met the 117M Challenge requirement, the Rank Caps were lifted and Bungie introduced this new reward as part of that package. [/quote] [quote][b]Q: What are the thresholds for getting the Jackpot?[/b] A: [b]This is not fully known.[/b] [b][u]Thresholds for Jackpot[/u][/b] - [b]Winning is NOT required[/b] (I received my Jackpot tieing for 3rd in a Living Dead Infection match on Sword Base with 7 kills.) - (POTENTIAL THRESHOLD) Having a small amount of credits saved up. There was a comment about being broke and spending credits, so maybe having under a certain amount makes it more likely. [/quote] [quote][b]Q: Do Jackpot winnings count against the daily credit cap?[/b] A: [url=]No. Any winnings from the Jackpot are not counted toward the daily credit cap.[/url][/quote] [quote][b]Q: Do I have to be a specific rank to receive the Jackpot?[/b] A: No. So far numerous ranks and grades have received the Jackpot. At this time it is not believed to be rank dependent, but your Game Completion credits are based partially on rank. For a complete breakdown of cR per rank, please see the [url=]Rank Multiplier Thread[/url][/quote] [quote][b]Q: Is the Slot Machine the same as the Credit Jackpot?[/b] A: When you hit the Credit Jackpot the credits are displayed in the same category as the Slot Machine winnings. [/quote] [quote][b]Q: "I've gotten 5000+ cR in games before the rank cap was lifted, are you sure this was just introduced?"[/b] A: Yes. More than likely you received additional large credits from completing a challenge and/or ranking up a commendation to Gold or Onyx. These additional credits are [B]NOT[/B] part of the Credit Jackpot. [/quote] [quote][b]Q: Where does the Credit Jackpot appear on the credit report at the end of the game? Is there another category for Credit Jackpot?[/b] A: There is [B]NOT[/B] a Jackpot Category. The jackpot will be factored into the Slot Machine credits. [/quote] [quote][b]Q: Does quitting a game jeopardize the Credit Jackpot chance if I quit out of Score Attack?[/b] A: ([i]pending[/i]). This is not currently known. Although not confirmed, one person claimed to have got the Jackpot in a Gruntpocalypse game. Score Attack has no other players, hence quitting affects no one but yourself. Quitting may, in fact, not have any impact other than you don't get it for that game. For instance, the % chance could be the following: 2-digit slot machine: 90% 3-digit slot machine: 9% 4-digit slot machine: 1% A new theory could be that as you complete consecutive games, your 4-digit slot machine chance increases by, for example, 0.25%. So game 1 you have a 1.00% chance, game 2 you have a 1.25% chance, game 3 1.50%, etc. I doubt we will get confirmation or a solid answer unless Bungie steps in on this one. [/quote] [quote][b]Q: If I get booted out of a game does this jeopardize the Credit Jackpot chance?[/b] A: ([i]pending[/i]). This is not currently known. If anyone gets booted out of a game and hits the Jackpot a few games later please post it. [/quote] [quote][b]Q: How many credits do you get from hitting the Credit Jackpot?[/b] A: Cases have claimed between 7,777 cR -10,777 cR with specific cases of 8239 cR, 8128 cR, 8125 cR, 7873 cR, 7870 cR, and 7869 cR. It is believed that every Jackpot is a combination of the normal slot everyone else receives plus the Jackpot 7,777 cR. So this could mean that your Slot Machine total could range from 7,777 cR to 10,777 cR (7,777 cR Jackpot + 3,000 cR Slot). If you have received 3,000 cR on the slot machine, this is NOT the Jackpot, but the highest slot machine total that EVERYONE receives in the game. Jackpot / Slot Breakdowns for Reports Above: 7869 cR = 7,777 cR (Jackpot) + 92 cR (Slot Everyone Receives) 7870 cR = 7,777 cR (Jackpot) + 93 cR (Slot Everyone Receives) 8239 cR = 7,777 cR (Jackpot) + 462 cR (Slot Everyone Receives) 8513 cR = 7,777 cR (Jackpot) + 736 cR (Slot Everyone Receives) Please remember that a lot of the initial Jackpot postings were based on when the slot machine payouts were typically between 0-100 cR, occasionally 3 digits, and rarely 777 cR. After January 2011, now the slot machine payouts are typically between 100-999 cR and rarely 3000 cR. [/quote] [quote][b]Q: Is there is picture of someone getting the Credit Jackpot so I know what it looks like when I get it and not something else?[/b] A: [B]Yes.[/B] [url=]Thee Elf - Jackpot #1 (7,777 cR [Jackpot] + 93 cR [normal slot] = 7,870 cR)[/url] [url=]Thee Elf - Jackpot #2 (7,777 cR [Jackpot] + 679 cR [normal slot] = 8,456 cR)[/url] [url=]HC Doodle - Jackpot #1 (7,777 cR [Jackpot] + 76 cR [normal slot] = 7,853 cR) (VIDEO)[/url] [url=]Hey Fitzy - Jackpot #2 (7,777 cR [Jackpot] + 210 cR [normal slot] = 7,987 cR)[/url] [/quote] [quote][b]Q: Can you get this Credit Jackpot in any mode (Campaign, Matchmaking, or Firefight) or is it only certain game modes?[/b] A: [B](ANSWER/SCREENSHOT NEEDED)[/B] ([i]pending[/i]). I believe this will have to be a game that involves multiple players in some sort of matchmaking game since it is an incentive for players who complete games without quitting routinely. So I imagine any mode with a Slot Machine bonus could be a possibility. More than likely Campaign or Customs/ Customs Firefight will not get the Credit Jackpot since they do not have a Slot Machine bonus. Confirmed game modes w/ Credit Jackpot [b][u]MatchMaking[/b][/u] - The Arena - Big Team Battle - Invasion - Living Dead - Multi-Team - Team Slayer - Team Snipers - Team SWAT - Grifball - Noble Map Pack - Defiant Map Pack - Action Sack - Community BTB [b][u]FireFight[/b][/u] - FireFight Limited - FireFight Arcade - Score Attack *NOTE* As it stands now, it appears you can obtain the Jackpot in ALL game modes that have a Slot Machine category. [/quote] If you can think of any other questions related to this, please post them and I will update the OP with the question and hopefully an answer. Thanks to everyone that has contributed thus far!!! [Edited on 07.01.2011 7:52 AM PDT]
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