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10/30/2010 1:38:45 AM

The Official Flyable Pelican & Phantom Thread! *TUTORIAL*

Below you will find a tutorial on how to fly the Pelican and Phantom on the level New Alexandria. Tutorial created by NS5 X. [quote][/quote] This easteregg is actually very simple to do, below is a short tutorial I made which explains what to do... [u][b]Single Player Tutorial:[/b][/u] Step 1) [quote] -You need to start the level New Alexandria from the beginning on ANY difficulty, and complete the level up until the part where you have to defend the ONI Tower near the end of the mission. -You will need a Jetpack, you can get one from Club Errera when you destroy the Jammer there, or behind the Jammer in the Hospital. Here is a short video showing the location of the Jetpacks at Club Errera: [url][/url] [Make sure you don't die or you'll loose the Jetpack] [/quote] Step 2) [quote] -Once you have destroyed all the jammers, have a Jetpack, and told to defend ONI Tower (the final mission objective), you need to fly over to Club Errera in a Falcon. Now, watch this video and do what I do in the video: (There is a text-summary below if you can't view the video) Video: [url][/url] YouTube Video: [url][/url] ^Both links lead to the same video^ [/quote] Step 3) *Optional* [quote] If you want AI Marines to fire the nose-gun on the Pelican or Phantom, follow this step... -Before you fly through the [url=]hole-building[/url], drop the marines off that are in your Falcon on a rooftop. Now fly through the hole-building. Once you have your Pelican/Phantom, return and land on the rooftop and the Marines will automatically get in. Marines can control the Pelican & Phantoms nose-turrets, and sit in the back of the Pelican. -If you want your friend to control the main gun on the Pelican, have them crouch on the right-hand side of the cockpit whilst holding X. To sit in the cargo bay, they need to stand next to the rear door and hold X. -Friends cannot control the Phantoms nose-turret but they can go on the side-turrets. [/quote] [quote][/quote] [u][b]Summary of the Video[/b][/u] Requirements: -Jetpack -Falcon -Destroyed all Jammers and are told to defend/evacuate ONI Tower 1) Go to Club Errera, and notice [url=]this building[/url]. Fly around to the [url=]right hand-side of the building[/url], fly towards the nook in the wall you see in the right-hand side of the image. 2) Land the Falcon so that [url=]both propellers are resting on the small ledge[/url], then exit the Falcon and immediately hold the Jetpack button and fly onto the ledge. Once your Jetpack has recharged, jetpack up to the [url=]switch[/url] and Press X to activate it. Fly back down to the ledge, and get in your Falcon. 3) Now fly to the [url=]building with a hole through it[/url], and fly through the top half of the hole. If you are in a Falcon you will get a Pelican, if you're in a Banshee you will get a Phantom. [quote][/quote] [u][b]FAQ:[/b][/u] [quote] [b]Q: What happens if I exit a Pelican/Phantom?[/b] A: If you get out the Pelican, it dissapears, you cannot exit the Phantom unless you commit suicide by flying low. [/quote] [quote] [b]Q: Do the nose-turrets on the Pelican/Phantom work?[/b] A: Yes. However you can't fly and shoot. You need to get an AI Marine or a team-mate to shoot: [u]Marines[/u]: Drop some marines off on a rooftop from your Falcon, then return in a Pelican/Phamtom and land on the rooftop, the marines will automatically get in the Pelican/Phantom, 1 Marine controls the nose-turret, other marines will sit in the cargo bay of the Pelican. [u]Team-mates:[/u] Your team-mates can control the Pelican's nose-turret, but not the Phantoms. To control the Pelicans turret, they need to crouch on the right-hand side of the exterior cockpit, whilst holding X. [/quote] [quote] [b]Q: I'm controlling the Pelican's main gun, but all I can see is blackness[/b] A: The blackness you're seeing is the inside of the turret, but there is a solution - have the pilot land of a rooftop, so that the nose-turret is touching the floor, then have the person in the turret to shoot the floor a few times. The turret should become invisible and give the shooter a 360-degree view. [/quote] [quote] [b]Q: Can my friends control the side-turrets on the Phantom?[/b] A: Yes, but be careful, the Phantom doesn't collide with buildings, so if you go through a building they might die. [/quote] [quote] [b]Q: How do I get a Banshee?[/b] A: Land on a rooftop and wait for one to come close to you, Jetpack to it and Hijack it. [/quote] [quote] [b]Q: Can I do this with other people?[/b] A: Yep, you can do it in co-op campaign. Each player can get their own Pelican/Phantom if they fly through the hole after somebody activates the switch. [/quote] [quote] [b]Q: Where can I fly?[/b] A: When you activate the switch, all the level boundaries get removed, so you can fly pretty much anywhere you want, except low-down in the fog, this will still kill you. [/quote] [quote][/quote] The following controls are intended for the "Default" button layout. [b][u]Pelican Controls[/u][/b] [u]Left Thumbstick[/u] - Movement [u]Right Thumbstick[/u] - Rotation [u]Left Bumper[/u] - Descent [u]Right Bumper[/u] - Ascend [u]Left Trigger[/u] - None [u]Right Trigger[/u] - None [u]X[/u] - Exit vehicle [b][u]Phantom Controls[/u][/b] [u]Left Thumbstick[/u] - Movement [u]Right Thumbstick[/u] - Rotation [u]Left Bumper[/u] - Descent [u]Right Bumper[/u] - Ascend [u]Left Trigger[/u] - Boost [u]Right Trigger[/u] - None [u]X[/u] - None [quote][/quote] If you have any questions post them here, I'll do my best to answer all of them. Also, what do you think of these vehicles? Would you like them to be in future DLC Maps? Leave a comment saying what you think, if it gets enough attention it might actually happen :] [Edited on 10.31.2011 4:32 PM PDT]
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