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10/26/2010 4:02:16 PM

Grenade Launcher 101

By now we all know how awesome the Grenade Launcher is and how much butt it kicks. Yep, it kicks a whole bunch of butt, but today I'll show you how unfrigginbelievably useful our beloved ProPipe can be if you know how to use it properly. To aid me in my quest of informing you, I have prepared a little fotostory. Imagine this scenario: [url=]You are being shot by an enemy sniper and pushed back into cover.[/url] If you peek out for too long, the enemy will take off your hat with ease. Seems like a desperate situation and guess what, your trusty Grenade Launcher is the desperate measure! [url=]Seek out your enemy[/url], pop out of your cover and [url=]shoot a Grenade right in his direction.[/url] Remember, you want to hold the trigger down to perform a perfectly timed detonation right under his family jewels. The only problem is, you can't really see where your grenade is because you are behind cover and can't peek out. You probably know by now that the ProPipe has this very handy feature of letting you know the [url=]distance between you and your grenade.[/url]But how do you know when it is in the vicinity of your enemy? Let's have a look at the display that is attached to the side of the ProPipe. It shows you the distance and status of your primed grenade. Ok, so as we have seen before, while the grenade is [url=]airborne[/url] the display will show you [url=]distance and status.[/url] [url=]When the grenade approaches a player[/url] (friendly or foe), the display will give you [url=]additional information about the amount of entities inside the blast radius.[/url] Notice the skull with the x1 next to it? That's the signal for you to [url=]let go of the trigger[/url] and [url=]blast your enemy into nirvana.[/url] Mission accomplished :D But wait, that's not it! There are more possible applications for this feature. You could plant a grenade near a lift to observe player movement and warn your team about any incoming hostiles. I bet there are way more uses for this and I would like to hear them from you. Give me your ProPipe tactics! [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] BravoZulu That EMP blast the grenade gives off? Same as any other EMP hit, it kills a vehicle's mobility instantly. Great for bringing down Falcons and Banshees to jacking level as well as disabling Ghosts, Wraiths and any other ground-based vehicle. Take care, as the vehicle can still fire.[/quote] [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] scmitar1 [url=]Be careful, because I think dead bodies count as entities.[/url][/quote] [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] Lacrimor I'd recommend aiming where they're going to be, because you have to [u]compensate for the time it takes for the Grenade to travel.[/u] Also, it's clearly noted in the Reach manual that this is a [u]medium/long range weapon,[/u] (not quite as long range as a Sniper Rifle though) therefore you can use the emp the same way you use the plasma pistol. I wouldnt reccomend that because ammo is rare, and it's a lot more fun taking out groups of enemies. Sword Base is fantastic for this weapon, aiming at walls, bouncing them around corners is just awesome-brings back memories of the Magsec handgun from Perfect Dark. Oh yeah and you can hold the charge for the grenade, effectively turning it into a proximity mine. I don't use that though because the Reload time for this weapon is pretty long and my "mines" usually get destroyed by grenades, however I can see some fantastic scenarios of using this in Infection or CTF![/quote] [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] Llionboy4 you forgot the main thing, bounce a shot if they are close, only aim high if desperate or aiming at an opponent who is running for their lives(a bounce will slow the grenade and it won't catch them). if you do it right, people get pissed.[/quote] [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] ATuin Minor When fighting characters like jackals, try to aim the grenade in primary mode so it air bursts behind them, nullifying their shields. [/quote] [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] MATCLAN Regular detonations pack more of a punch than manual detonations but are obviously less of a utility. But if you want to destroy vehicles use the EMP first to stun them then unload with the regular grenades for more damage. Also use the normal grenades for groups of enemies as the blast radius is bigger.[/quote] [b]Mythbusting evolved[/b] [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] danoob You might want to see [url=]this[/url], and research on it a bit. I have yet to test it out for myself, but with a better explanation the Pro Pipe might impossibly prove even [i]more[/i] useful![/quote] I tried this and it didn't work. Here are pictures: [url=]I aim at my enemy and the reticle is red.[/url] [url=]He starts moving slowly, but steadily.[/url] [url=]I shoot while the crosshair is still red.[/url] [url=]The grenade travels and I keep my reticule on the opponent.[/url] [url=]The grenade misses even though I kept the reticle on my enemy and it was red throughout the entire process.[/url] I tried this several times over different distances and with both firing modes. I also tried to track land vehicles aswell as airborne targets. It never worked Myth busted. ...for now. Feel free to test this yourself. UPDATE: [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] CabbagesnKings Actually, that thing on Halopedia was partly right; there is a tracking system, but only for the Falcon-mounted grenade launcher. As far as the individual launcher goes, your information is spot-on. Good stuff.[/quote] tl;dr There's a skull icon in the Grenade Launcher's display that shows the amount of players in the blast radius. [Edited on 05.27.2011 10:03 AM PDT]
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