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10/18/2010 2:21:20 AM

Dear Bungie, please have moistly in it.

Dear Bungie, When you are making your next game, can you please put me in it as one of the characters? I have been a fan of the Halo games since as early as I can remember and would really like to be in your game. I understand that maybe I can't be a Spartan as Spartans have to be stolen from their parents when they are very young and I wasn't, and I know I haven't been through Spartan training, which I hear is very difficult and takes years, I am very strong though. Even ask my friends. And wait until your hear this: I can even lift up a big table - with my eyes closed! I don't know that I would want to go through Spartan training (I don't even have that much time!) and I don't think I'm that strong, as Spartans can jump from orbit and not get hurt too badly, although I think they have to lock their armour to avoid damage, is this true? I'm thinking that it is because in Halo 3 at the start the marine says "His armour's all locked up. The gel layer could've taken most of the impact". See how big of a Halo fan I am? I remembered that and didn't even have to look it up or ask anyone. That's why I think I should be in your next game. So when you put me in your game, you need to make sure you find someone good to do my voice acting, so that I don't sound stupid like Kat. Kat is annoying. Sorry Bungie if you like her, but she is annoying and she died from one needle rifle shot. Speaking of that, did she not have her shields up or something? Because normally a needle rifle shot would be absorbed by their shields. I know I can't be a Spartan I, II or III because they've already been made and trained, but maybe you could make a Spartan IV program for me to be a part of? Maybe you could even make it so that they don't have to be stolen from their parents, then I really could be one! You could even maybe make them recruit from the past and take on kids from roughly 500 years ago, like me and my friends! We could be in a squad and be called "Rough Squad Alpha" or something like that. Do you like this idea, Bungie? If you don't I suppose you could make me a marine or something, but then you could definitely add my friends. Some of my friends have said they want to be marines in real life, so I'm sure being a marine in a game would be even easier! I'm quite clever sometimes, so I could maybe even be an A.I., except that I suppose I'm not artificial because my parents made me, but you could just pretend! It is a game, after all, and you guys are making it. Or, you will be, and maybe I can be in it. My name is Mark, so that you know what to call my character. I almost forgot about this, because I was so excited about the rest of this post, but I remembered. I'm quite short, but I'm growing all the time, as my mom says, so I should be big when I grow up. My shoe size is a 10. So please, Bungie, put me in your game. If you do, I will buy the game and my friends would see that I am in it. Maybe they would even buy it, too! Thank you for your time. PS: I got my English teacher to look over this for me, so she helped me with my spelling and grammar. If you could all say a big thanks to Mrs. Leary, that'd be really nice of you. Thanks. PPS: I finished my map on Guardian, but this post is not for a map, so I won't put it here. PPPS: Do you think Bungie should add me?

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