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10/17/2010 5:18:25 PM

How to TROLL Halo REACH? Things to avoid doing.

No matter what I do in matchmaking, I always end up pissing somebody off. Whether it is because I use the tank on boneyard or use armor lock. Somebody once reported me for using the rocket launcher while crouching. My rep has gone from 67% avoided to 90% avoided ever since I bought the game. I do not want this to happen to anybody else, so I am going to list the things that piss people off according to my observations. That way, you can avoid doing the following stuff that WILL get you banned: 1.Use armor lock at all. It pisses everybody off and people will report you for using it. 2. Pick up the sniper rifle. If anybody picks up the sniper rifle, they will be betrayed. If you boot the betrayer, you will be reported. 3. Drive the warthog into the water/off the cliff. For some reason this always pisses people off. 4. Use the falcon on The Spire. The other team WILL call you names and report you. 5. Win a game in halo. You should never ever do this as you will be reported by everybody. 6. Use the shotgun in infection. 7. Use the plasma pistol to stop a vehicle. 8. Playing the game. 9. Not playing the game. 10. Stealing somebody's kill. While this is very lulzy, microsoft will ban you after about 5000 people report you for "cheating" 11. Play with little kids. Should you encounter a kid in matchmaking, just mute him. If you beat his team, his mother will call the police and tell them that you are a hacker. If he is on your team, he will report you for sucking even if he has -14 points. (True story) 12. Using any weapons in the game. 13. Using the DMR 14. Not using the DMR 15. Using the female models. Eveybody knows that there are no women on xbox live. 16. Never use the BXR (BXB in older games) combo. According to bungie (specifically achronos), that is the same thing as modding. Apparently you have [url=]to mod to press to the b button, the x button, and the right trigger.[/url] 17. Never play with black or Latino players. You will inevitably be called a racist even if you say or do nothing. (Again, this is from experience.) 18.. Having fun. This is a big no-no and it is forbidden. Those are my observations so far. Feel free to add your own observations. Tell us what you notice piss people off. Or you can tell me about how awesome I am. This too. [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] UK Dark Wolf360 Also: [b] Never have a good connection. Never have a bad connection. Never use the hologram for a distraction. Never use sprint to move quickly. [/b][/quote] Lol wut? Who reported this topic? (besides that 1 guy on the second page) [Edited on 10.17.2010 11:56 AM PDT]
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