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9/20/2010 11:42:53 PM

Cops N Robbers Ultimate

Heres a new Cops N Robbers map i've created with a appropriate gamemode. Fans of the game in halo 3 will really enjoy this, i've put some hours into it and made it similiar to the halo 3 maps but better of course. To be honest I looked at the most downloaded Cops and Robbers and to put it bluntly it was terrible and the game varient wasn't even compatible with the map. This map features starting cell blocks for prisoners and for the warden or police, a little checkpoint/office. They can then go to the cafeteria for food or the toilets to poo. There is then a play area for the convicts that has a connecting teleporter to the spawn once they've had they're play time. Then there is the outside area, which has vehicles at the side that you can drive along side the prison with ramps and all that until you reach the armory. There you can break into either covenant or human weaponry vaults and even a power armor vault that has holograms and stuff like that. There is then a sniper outpost for the police if they have runners and this connects to the roof. Lastly there is a platform jumping area at the top which is hard to get to which leads to jetpacks, using these you can reach the final teleporter which takes you outside the prison, steal a falcon and fly away from the prison safely. I've put a few hours into this and I think it's quite good. To download go here, [url][/url] You can find the map and the game varient at my fileshare, if you want to change it so there are 2 police instead of 1 do so, I only set it as 1 because I was playing with a small group of friends, this is intentionally surpose to be 2. If you wan't a preview i've uploaded a video to youtube from bungie pro, just a little run through of what it looks like in forge, here check it out: [url][/url] Don't forget its called [b]Cops N Robbers Ultimate[/b], the game varient has the same name and its made by me Kurt011, if you'd like to raise awareness of good Cops N Robbers maps please recommend it to your friends. If you don't know how to play Cops and Robbers, basically its very light roleplay usually, 1/2 people are the cops or prison wardens and the rest are inmates, prisoners, convicts call them what you will. They have to obey the warden or he can choose to kill them. For example, if he tells you to get back and face the wall you would probably want to do it. To kill him you have to assassinate him or just hit him from behind, although if a few escaped and got in the armory, you could take him out with some of the weapons if you know what your doing, he has 1000% damage resistance, which is changable. This is best played with more players, the more the better, although all 16 can be abit hectic.
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