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1/10/2006 11:40:40 PM

Part 12: Rise of the Mods

[url=] Part 11 [/url] Millions Knvies and Ninja Biscuit joined up in the middle of the room. The stood back to back and turned in circles, keeping the Spammers back. Two men jumped forward and Millions nearly struck when Ninja stopped him. "Wait!" He shouted, "These are our friends." Pink smiled as he struck a Spammer down. "Thanks for remembering me Ninja." "How could I forget you Pink?" Pink and Kilroy joined up with the other two quickly. The Spammers held back even more, there numbers were few and Texas Ben had fled the scene. "Come on!" One of them shouted. "We outnumber them 3 to 1!" Taking heart at the shout, the Spammers surged forward. "Charge out through the back door." Pink whispered to the others. "Don't wait to finish your kills, just run." They nodded and as the Spammers closed in, Pink shouted, "Now!" The first row of Spammers didn't know what was happening before they were cut down. The rest was chaos. --------- Texas Ben ran back to the meeting place and stopped when he heard the thundering of footsteps. He slowly turned the corner and smiled when he saw who was waiting. "King, my old friend." King smiled, "It's nice to see you again Ben. I have reinforcements for you." He guestured back and Ben saw hundreds of Spammers crowding in the street. "So I see." Ben said with an impressed smile. "I thought Recon killed you." King shook his head with a frown, "He hurt me, but it takes a lot more than a bump on the head to kill the King." "Indeed." Texas Ben started walking and KingCream fell in line beside him. The rest of the group came in behind them. "What do you call them?" King smiled, "The Black Chapter." Ben nodded grimly, "A fitting name." "Leave Recon to me." "Of course." ---------- Ninja, Millions, Pink and Kilroy burst out of the group and rushed to the back door. They stopped when they saw a group of men waiting for them. Kilroy turned around but the Spammers were running in right behind them. They too stopped when they saw the group standing on the other side of the room. "You thought you could escape me so easily Pink?" Pink let out a breath he had been holding since they entered the room. "Dragon Eyes." Dragon shoved through the men and fixed Pink with a glare as cold as steel, "You left me Pink. You betrayed me!" She walked closer. Pink took a step back. "I gave you a chance to be with me! I gave you the opportunity to have power! We could have been together at the head of the Flood!" "It's not right." Pink said. He had backed into a wall but he didn't lower his gaze or even twitch when she brought her blade up. "No Forum should be controlled by those who don't deserve the power. You could destroy the Flood! I thought you loved the Flood!" "I thought you loved me!" Dragon screamed back at him. "I thought this is what you wanted! Don't you see? I did this for you! I don't want to destroy the Flood. Heck, I don't even want to destroy the Mods. I just want to prove that a regular member like me can make the place better." Pink shook his head, "The Flood didn't need improvement until all this crap started. You're only making it worse! Don't you understand? The people who could help the Forum, regular people like me and you, are helping the Mods." He walked up closer to her, ignoring the sword she held, and stroked her cheek. "I thought you were a good person. I thought you knew and respected the Mods and what they did. But now, I feel like you are a completely new person." Dragon stared at him as tears formed in her eyes. Pink walked past without another word. "Pink!" She shouted, "I only did this for you!" She dropped her head into her hands as the door shut, "It was for you." She whispered, "And now you're gone." She steeled her gaze and looked up at her men. "Kill the Spammers." The men looked at each other confused and then one managed to blurt out, "B-But, what about the plan?" "Forget the plan!" She shouted. "This is the new plan. We break the Spammers and save the Flood. Got it?" "Yes mam." They mumbled. ------ Shishka led the Flood United straight towards the plaza. He stopped them a few blocks before the reached the point. "Pistol, sneak up ahead and tell us what traps they have and how many Spammers are waiting." Pistol nodded and ran off. Steel sat down on a bench next to Ares and looked at him with love-filled eyes. "You saved my life. I wish I could repay you." Ares smiled, "I hope you never have the need to Steel." He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Steel chuckled, "Is that it?" Ares shrugged, "I guess...why?" Steel gave him an innocent look, "I dunno. I just thought I meant more to you." Ares held up his hands defensively, "Hey, I don't want to make you think I'm coming on too strong." Steel laughed, "Oh please." Then she looked at him slyly, "You've never kissed anyone before have you?" Ares looked around quickly to see if anyone was listening and then sighed, "No." "Good." Steel replied, leaning forward, "That means I can teach you." They were stopped when they heard Pistol come running down the street. He burst around the corner and stopped with a skid right in front of Shishka. "Sir, they have hundreds of Spammers in the Plaza and hundreds more in the streets surrounding it. I couldn't get close enough to see anything more because the crowds were so thick." Shishka pursed his lips, "We don't have the man power to fight that many Spammers." He beckoned for Recon and Yoozel to come talk to him. Yoozel looked around thoughtfully, "I'm sure they will have a few surprises." The other two nodded in agreement and he continued, "So we need a surprise or two of our own." "Like what?" Recon asked. "The sewers." Yoozel said confidently. "What?" Shishka asked, raising his voice. He looked around and dropped it back to a low whisper, "Are you crazy?" Yoozel backed up from Shishka's overpowering stare but he didn't relent, "It worked when we fought Twitch, and now we have even more man power. It's the only thing we can do." Recon nodded, "It is a good idea, but it isn't the only thing we can do." -------- Halifax gathered his group together. "Thank you for coming." He said, looking at each of them, "I hope you all know what you are getting yourselves into." "You think we would let you do this alone?" Fiurha asked with a smile. Halifax looked at her gratefully, "I know. But still, I want you to know that they have many Spammers. Probably thousands against a couple hundred of ours. I don't mean to scare you but-" "Ha! I am the Lord Deimos! I don't get scared." Halifax laughed, "Call youself whatever you want, but I'm still calling you Hitokiri. And your hand is still ugly." He winked at Hitokiri and then turned back to the group. "You all know what you need to do right? ChiChi? Gnome? Buffalo?" They all nodded. "Good, then let's get moving." -------- Banshee Barron watched as the Mods discussed amongst themselves. He heard what Pistol had said and he knew they would likely not get out of this alive. "I swear Halifax," He whispered to himself, "if I ever get out of this alive, I'll kill you." "Invite me along when you go mate." Came a voice beside him. Banshee jumped and turned. "Sir Fragula!" "And I'm jolly glad to see you too Barron!" Sir Fragula said with a smile. Banshee laughed, "Well, you certainly do bring a bit of light on such a dark day." Sir Fragula looked up at the sky, "Well, technically it's night. And it's bloody dark too." He turned back to Banshee with a serious expression, "We're in this together." "Together." Banshee agreed. "To the very end." "To the very end." The Barron concluded. [Edited on 1/10/2006]
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