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1/3/2006 12:06:44 AM

Part 11: Rise of the Mods

The Mods led the charge, Shishka shouting at the head, "Round them up! Catch every Spammer you can find! We are going to cleanse the Flood! We will be the Flood United!" Pistol smiled, "F U?" Shishka growled, "Shut up Pistol." The crowd let out a cheer and rushed through the streets. The sounds of battle and the screams of Spammers filled the air. --------- Texas Ben looked at his group, pacing back and forth. "Twitch has failed. We will be next if we don't stand together and fight. Gather everyone into the plaza. There we will make our stand. Use the sewers to pass uninterrupted." --------- MCs Brother led his group along a dark passage in the sewers. "Hold," he help up his hand, "Someone is coming." They heard footsteps coming from all over. "It must be Ben's men." A man ran past, not noticing the group, so intent was he on his mission. Several more ran by, heading in the same direction. MCs Brother pointed to Casey, "Take Crapdance and follow them." Casey nodded, "Come on Crap. We'll call ourselves the Black Mesa." MCs Brother nodded, Crapdance rolled his eyes. "The rest of you," MCs Brother continued, "Wait here with me. When they return, we will set our trap." "We need a name!" Ender Prime yelled. The rest of the group joined in, agreeing with Ender. "Alright." MCs Brother thought it over, "Rock Hall. We will certainly rock the Flood." The group let out another cheer, quickly silenced b MCs Brother, afraid they would be heard. ---------- Halifax looked around for anything he could use to cut the ropes. But the room was bare and he couldn't find anything. Suddenly, the door burst open. Halifax cringed, thinking it was MCs Brother, come back to tourcher him. It was Ninja Biscuits. Halifax breathed a sigh of relief and then looked at him suspiciously, "What are you hiding for? I never suspected you to be a Spammer." Ninja looked at Halifax with surprise, "I am not a Spammer. And why are you tied up?" Halifax sighed, "MCs Brother. He's behind all this. Now why are you here?" "It's Ben. He's leading his group, Fire and Ice through the Forum. They are gathering at the plaza and crushing anyone who get's in their way." "I see." Halifax said thoughtfully. He looked up sharply, "Will you get me out of these ropes?" Ninja peered suspiciously at Halifax, "I never liked you Halifax. Always so cocky, so full of yourself. I think this might be good for you." "What?" Halifax yelled in disbelief. "A little humility never hurt anybody." Ninja said with a smile. "People are going to die out there and you want me to sit here just so you can...teach me a lesson? Are you insane?" "I'm not insane. When an oppurtunity to teach arises, I take it. Besides, what do you hope to do out there." "More than you can imagine I assure you." "Well, it seems like you are getting a little cocky again. Perhaps I should just leave." Ninja turned to the door. "Ninja...I swear, if you don't let me out I'll---" "What? What will you do Halifax?" Ninja faced him and laughed. Suddenly the door banged open, knocking Ninja to the ground. Ninja turned quickly and leaped back to his feet. A Spammer had entered the room. He waved his knife menacingly. "I thought someone might be hiding in here." He said with a sneer. "And you are unarmed and helpless." "I'm unarmed." Ninja agreed, "But far from helpless." He snapped his foot out, knocking the knife high into the air. The Spammer managed to keep a hold of it, even when Ninja punched him in the face. The Spammer brought it down as he stepped back, slicing Ninja on the forearm. Ninja yelped and jumped back as the Spammer swung his knife wildly. He grabbed the Spammer by the arm and twisted it. The Spammer gasped and wriggled but couldn't break free. Ninja smashed his hand down on the Spammer's elbow, breaking it. As the Spammer fell to the ground in pain, Ninja grabbed him by the neck and twisted. He grunted with satisfaction when he heard the snap and let the body drop to the floor. Halifax couldn't help but gaze in awe. "I didn't know you were a fighter." "They don't call me Ninja Biscuits for nothing." He said witih a laugh. "No, and they won't be calling you for any reason once I'm finished." Came a voice from behind. Texas Ben stepped through the doorway with several Spammers behind him. "I hope you have enjoyed your time here, because I'm about to cut this little reunion short." He motioned his men forward and they leaped in. Ninja burst into a flurry of motion. He jumped to the side and kicked off the wall, flipping over one Spammer. As he landed, he planted a knife firmly in the back of another and smashed the palm of his other hand into another Spammer's nose. More Spammers were coming in and Ninja Biscuit knew he couldn't beat them. They crowded around him and backed him into a corner. Halifax watched the display, helpless to do anything. He noticed a movement at the door and glanced over. He nearly yelled out in surprise before Psyched clamped a hand over his mouth. "Come on," he said quietly, "Let's get you out of here." He cut the ropes and both of them turned to leave when they saw another user enter the room. "Hello Spammers. Why don't you meet my little friends." He reached into the inside of his trench coat and snapped his arm out. Three knives went flying. All three struck home, killing a Spammer. He laughed loudly, "Allow me to introduce myself now that you have met my accomplices!" He launched another flurry of knives. "I am Millions Knives! Fight me!" Psyched pulled Halifax out the door. "What's wrong with you?" He asked. "You've seen good fighters before." Halifax nodded, "But I've never left one behind." Psyched sighed, "You are needed elsewhere. You know that." "I know." Halifax agreed, "I just wish I could help them." "You will." Psyched replied. ---------- Pink and Kilroy dodged in and out of houses as they tried to lose Dragon's minions. They rushed through the back door of the house and cme into the room where Ninja and Millions were fighting off a horde of Spammers. "Time to turn around!" Kilroy yelled. PInk nodded and turned to go but stopped when he saw Dragon's group crowding in through the doorway. "Let's fight our way through the Spammers. " He said, "They will be distracted and easier to get through." Kilroy nodded his agreement and they charged in, sabers drawn. "Keep low!" Kilroy shouted and his point was taken as a knife flew past Pink's ear. They crouched the ground, stabbing out with their swords at anyone who got in the way. They reached the door way and jumped out. Kilroy was instantly up running but Pink stopped. "We need to help them." He said. "Are you insane?" Kilroy yelled. "We're free! Let's get back and help the others!" "No." Pink was resolute in his decision and walked back to the house, "These two need us." Kilroy sighed, "Alright. But if we get killed, I swear I'll make sure you don't go to Heaven." Pink smiled, "Deal."
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